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Quote Left HostingRaja’s Linux VPS Hosting has been my go-to for a year. Their responsive support team swiftly resolved a critical issue that affected my business. HostingRaja’s Linux VPS Hosting has been instrumental in my operations. Their support team’s efficiency in resolving issues has been commendable.- Raj

Quote Left HostingRaja’s highly secure and managed Linux VPS servers brought relief after a devastating website hack, saving me from significant losses. Their Linux VPS servers provided the much-needed peace of mind after a devastating website hack. Relief came in the form of HostingRaja’s Linux VPS server after a devastating website hack caused major problems.Abinesh Quote Right

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Empowering Business Growth with Linux VPS Hosting

Discover the ultimate solution for Linux VPS Hosting at HostingRaja, designed specifically for Linux users. Our meticulously engineered hosting services are lightning-quick, highly scalable, and fully-secured, delivering top-notch performance without breaking the bank. Benefit from our pocket-friendly Linux VPS plans, crafted to save you money while maintaining exceptional quality.

If our standard plans don’t quite fit your needs, worry not! We offer the flexibility to customize configurations according to your exact requirements. With HostingRaja, you can focus on your business’s growth while leaving the technicalities to us. Our dedicated team ensures your website is hosted with utmost care, ensuring seamless user experiences and blazing-fast loading speeds. Embrace the best-in-class Linux VPS India hosting experience and unlock unlimited potential for your online presence. Trust HostingRaja to propel your business to new heights, empowering your vision and success on the digital front.

Embracing the forefront of virtualization, our Linux servers utilize industry-leading virtualization platforms such as KVM and VMWare, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and flexibility for your operations.

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₹ 686
549 / mon
Save 20% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • Dual Core / 2CPU
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • DISK : 40 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 1 TB
  • Spamassassin with every VPS
  • Full root / ssh for VPS
  • Malware Injection Scan
  • PHP Vulnerability check VPS
  • Inbuild CSS/JS Optimizer
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • High Priority Support
Extreme VPS
₹ 2613
1699 / mon
Save 35% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • 4 Core
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • DISK : 120 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 4000 GB
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Varnish Server
  • FREE Website Optimization
  • Spamassassin Included
  • Full root / ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • High Priority Support
Premium Ecommerce
₹ 6152
3999 / mon
Save 30% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • 4 Core
  • RAM : 5 GB
  • DISK : 200 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 10000 GB
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Varnish Server
  • FREE Website Optimization
  • Spamassassin Included
  • Full root / ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • High Priority Support
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₹ 932
699 / mon
Save 25% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • DISK : 60 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 2 TB
  • Spamassassin Included
  • Full root / ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • Realtime PHP Vulnerability check VPS
  • Inbuild CSS/JS Optimizer
  • FREE SSL Certificate
₹ 1284
899 / mon
Save 30% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • 3 Core
  • RAM : 3 GB
  • DISK : 90 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 3 TB
  • Spamassassin Included
  • Full root / ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • Realtime PHP Vulnerability check VPS
  • Inbuild CSS/JS Optimizer
  • FREE SSL Certificate
Extreme Ecommerce
₹ 8460
5499 / mon
Save 35% (Hurry, First 10 customers)
  • 6 Core
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • DISK : 250 GB NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • Bandwidth : 20000 GB
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Varnish Server
  • FREE Website Optimization
  • Spamassassin Included
  • Full root/ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan

Enhanced Linux VPS Experience-Explore HostingRaja’s Extensive Range of Linux VPS Hosting Flavors

Empowering Your Business Worldwide

Effortless Growth and Security – Exploring the Advantages of Linux VPS Hosting

Enhanced Performance

Embrace the power of Linux VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Servers, designed to deliver exceptional performance. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are shared among multiple users, VPS web hosting allocates dedicated resources to your website. This ensures lightning-fast loading speeds, seamless user experiences, and reduced downtime.

Seamless Management

Our cheap VPS web hosting is accompanied by an intuitive control panel, making it easy for you to manage your server, even if you’re not a tech expert. With user-friendly control panels and management tools, Linux VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Servers streamline administrative tasks. Effortlessly monitor performance, track resource usage, and execute essential actions with simplicity and efficiency.

Easily Scalable

With Hosting Raja, upgrading your hosting VPS cheap plan is seamless. As your business expands, so can your hosting environment, with minimal disruption to your services. No need to worry about outgrowing your hosting environment; simply adjust it as your business demands change.

Complete Control and Flexibility

With Linux VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Servers, you have full root access, granting you complete control over your virtual environment. Customize and configure your server settings, software, and applications according to your unique requirements. This level of flexibility allows you to create a hosting environment tailored to your specific needs.


Protecting your data and ensuring a secure online presence are top priorities. Linux VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Servers provide robust security measures to safeguard your website from potential threats. Benefit from firewall protection, secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, and regular backups to keep your data safe.

Expert Support

Even with complete control over your hosting environment, having expert support is invaluable. HostingRaja’s dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical queries or issues. Count on our knowledgeable experts to provide prompt and reliable support whenever you need it.: Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical inquiries or issues.


  • Reliable Uptime
  • Fast Loading Speeds
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Scalability Options
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Highly Configurable Server Options
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Wide Range of Hosting Solutions
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Uncover the Power of Linux VPS HOSTING India for Optimal Speed

CentOS Operating System:

CentOS is a renowned operating system renowned for its lightweight nature, exceptional speed, and unwavering reliability. With its emphasis on performance and stability while prioritizing robust security measures, CentOS stands as one of the top choices for enterprise-level operating systems. Affordable VPS hosting with CentOS, built on the foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offers a solid and dependable solution for your hosting needs. It combines the agility of a virtual private server with the rock-solid performance of CentOS, empowering your business with a secure and efficient hosting environment.

Ubuntu Operating System:

Ubuntu, a highly acclaimed web server operating system, offers a remarkable combination of user-friendliness and versatility. As an open-source software, Ubuntu presents an ideal choice for users seeking a flexible and reliable environment for their online projects. This operating system is known for its robust security measures and the ability to customize the software stack according to individual needs. With Ubuntu as the foundation of your VPS server hosting, you can experience a seamless and intuitive hosting experience while enjoying the freedom to tailor your server environment to suit your specific requirements.

Fedora Operating System:

Fedora, a leading choice for VPS server hosting, offers a compelling starting point with its simplicity, user-friendliness, and polished interface. Not only does Fedora provide a safe and efficient environment, but it also offers extensive configurability options to meet your unique hosting requirements. Built on the solid foundation of Red Hat and backed by its support, Fedora ensures a robust and well-maintained system for your VPS server. Experience the power of Fedora’s innovative features, active community, and continuous advancements, empowering your hosting endeavors with a refined and cutting-edge operating system.

Debian Operating System:

Debian, a renowned web server operating system, offers unparalleled stability and speed as its primary advantages. With support for numerous architectures, Debian delivers exceptional performance, efficient bug tracking mechanisms, and remarkable scalability. Upgrades are seamless, security measures are robust, and the packaging method is meticulously designed. Choosing Debian as your operating system for VPS server hosting guarantees a rock-solid foundation that ensures optimal performance, reliability, and security for your online projects. Experience the perfect blend of stability and velocity with Debian as your preferred web server OS.

SUSE Operating System:

SUSE, an exceptional open-source operating system, offers an unparalleled experience right from the start. As a major contributor to multiple influential projects, SUSE keeps you ahead of the curve with its rolling releases. This stable and results-oriented operating system is backed by a robust and extensive community, ensuring reliable support and continuous development. When it comes to VPS server hosting, SUSE empowers you with a platform that fosters innovation, stability, and seamless performance. Experience the benefits of SUSE as you embark on your VPS hosting journey, supported by a thriving community of like-minded individuals and organizations.

Strengthening VPS Linux Security – Essential Measures and Advanced Tools

Affordable pricing
CSF Firewall

ConfigServer Security & Firewall is a widely-used software firewall that provides security measures for Linux servers. It helps in managing and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic to enhance server security.

Reliability and Security
imunify360 setup(Based on client Requirement)

Imunify360 represents a holistic security package tailored to web server protection. It provides proactive defense against various types of attacks, including malware, viruses, and other web-based threats. Setting up Imunify360 involves configuring its features to ensure server protection.

Indian Datacenter
php execution log

OVIPanel offers a unique feature that permits you to enable PHP execution logging. If you’ve uploaded content, images, or videos in CSS with an .img extension that ends in .php, you have the option to enable it in the PHP execution log. This feature is designed to enhance security and protect against potential hacking attempts.

Secure Upload

Secure file upload refers to implementing measures to prevent malicious files from being uploaded to a website. This involves validating file types, scanning uploads for malware, and setting appropriate permissions to ensure that uploaded files cannot be executed as scripts.

High Performace
WAF (Apache mod security)

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security solution that sits between a web server and the internet, filtering and monitoring incoming web traffic to block potential threats and attacks. Apache mod_security is a popular module used to implement WAF rules for the Apache web server.

DDos Protection & Auto Scale
Security Log

A security log is a comprehensive record of security-related events, offering insights into system activities. The Security Log module highlights directories and files with 777 permissions, aiding in identifying potential vulnerabilities. This feature enhances overall server security and proactive risk mitigation.

DDos Protection & Auto Scale
maldet Scanner(panel)

Computer viruses, a type of malware, replicate by altering programs and inserting their code. They infect files, including the hard drive’s boot sector, potentially disrupting VPS and cloud servers. Regular virus scans are vital, and OVIPanel provides a scanner for mail and home directories with two scan options.

DDos Protection & Auto Scale
unblock Spam mail

This feature, known as the ‘Outbound Spam Prevention,’ manages and regulates the server’s outbound spam emails. In cases where an individual email account sends more than 40 emails within a single hour, the system will temporarily block that account. Administrators retain the ability to review and unblock these messages, ensuring that crucial communications are not inadvertently disrupted.

DDos Protection & Auto Scale
phpmail log

PHP mail logs track the sending of emails from PHP scripts on a server. These logs can be helpful for diagnosing email-related issues, tracking the delivery status of sent emails, and identifying potential problems with the mail.

Boost Your Website Uptime with Budget Linux VPS Servers

In today’s digital landscape, maximizing website uptime is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Downtime can lead to lost opportunities, reduced revenue, and a negative impact on user experience. To ensure uninterrupted online presence and optimal performance, businesses are turning to reliable hosting solutions like Linux VPS servers. HostingRaja’s Linux VPS servers offer a powerful and secure hosting environment that guarantees high website uptime.

  • Lightning-Fast NVMe SSD Storage – Experience unparalleled speed and performance with NVMe SSD storage. Enjoy rapid data access and seamless operations, ensuring your website delivers content swiftly to visitors.
  • Reliable Hosting Solutions – HostingRaja’s Linux VPS servers offer a dependable solution for ensuring uninterrupted online presence and optimal performance. Their servers guarantee high uptime, providing a secure hosting environment.
  • Dedicated Resources – Unlike traditional shared hosting, HostingRaja’s Linux VPS servers allocate dedicated resources to users, ensuring smooth website operation even during peak traffic periods.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Support – HostingRaja’s expert team conducts proactive server monitoring, swiftly resolving issues and performing regular backups. This proactive approach enhances the stability and reliability of your website.
  • Customization Options – Linux VPS servers provide the flexibility to customize hosting environments according to specific needs. With full root access, users can install and configure software, applications, and security measures tailored to their requirements.
  • Empowerment and Control – The freedom offered by Linux VPS servers empowers users to optimize performance and maintain a robust online presence. This control ensures peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of the hosting service.
  • Cutting-Edge Intel Technology: – Harness the power of the latest Intel technology to fuel your website’s operations. Benefit from enhanced processing capabilities, improved efficiency, and advanced features to optimize performance.

Whether you want to buy VPS hosting, buy a virtual server, or explore specific configurations, our extensive range of VPS solutions means you’ll find the perfect fit for your project. Call us now!

HostingRaja Linux VPS Hosting FAQ’s

Unlike shared hosting, where resources are shared among multiple websites, Linux VPS Hosting provides dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring better performance and increased security.

Linux VPS Hosting offers benefits like enhanced performance, complete control and flexibility, scalability, robust security, and expert support. It is an ideal choice for businesses and websites with growing traffic and resource demands.

While some basic technical knowledge is helpful, many hosting providers, including HostingRaja, offer managed Linux VPS Hosting. This means their support team handles server management tasks, allowing you to focus on your website and business.

Yes, with root access to your Linux VPS, you can install and configure custom software, applications, and scripts to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, Linux VPS Hosting is known for its security. Linux operating systems are inherently secure, and hosting providers implement additional security measures like firewalls, SSL certificates, and regular backups to protect your data.

Absolutely! One of the key advantages of Linux VPS Hosting is its scalability. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your resources to accommodate changes in website traffic and demands.

Linux VPS Hosting generally outperforms shared hosting due to the dedicated resources allocated to each virtual server. It offers faster loading times and better site responsiveness.

Yes, most hosting providers, including HostingRaja, offer website migration services. Their support team can assist you in seamlessly transferring your website from your current hosting to a Linux VPS.

HostingRaja and other reputable providers offer 24/7 expert support for their Linux VPS Hosting customers. You can expect assistance with technical queries, troubleshooting, and server management tasks.

Reviews from Linux VPS Hosting Customers
  • Profile

    Devendra Naik

    21 Jan 2024
    HostingRaja’s Linux VPS Hosting is simply fantastic. The affordable pricing and top-notch performance are unbeatable. Their expert support team is always available to assist with any technical queries.
  • Profile

    Bheeshma Gowda

    30 Mar 2024
    I can’t thank HostingRaja enough for their highly secure and managed Linux VPS servers. After a devastating website hack, their servers saved me from significant losses. I now have peace of mind knowing my website is protected.
  • Profile

    Nirmal Kaur

    01 Apr 2024
    I am pleased with HostingRaja’s Premium Ecommerce VPS plan. The speed and performance are excellent, but I would appreciate more bandwidth for my growing online store.
  • Profile

    Darshan Thimmiah

    15 Apr 2024
    We have purchased VPS Server from HostingRaja and when ever the resources goes high, they would send us the detailed report on the high usage of data being consumed and how it has to be managed and they would also give us extra RAM for a better price. Pricing is one of the best, support team works 24/7 can be reached anytime,and they have tried their best to give solution as soon as possible.
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