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I have been working with various service providers for many customers all over the globe but honestly speaking hosting service providers support is always a question to ask. because whenever as a customer we need the service providers help most of the service providers wont be available. In this particular context i must say hostingraja is providing me on dot support whenever i need them for my customers. Its been a while and i always happy with these guys support services. overall a good company to work with in long time.

Technical support Awani provided a great solution and quick response for my queries. Cleared all my issues with great manner. Good service. Sure I recommend the hostingraja to friends and close circle. The server is user friendly . The server supports both .net and php. Easy to install wordpress website. Phpmyadmin also import huge file is also good. Thank you so much to give these much of services in an excellent price. Once again I thank for Awani for best support.

Got issues resolved very nicely by Vignesh and having very quick support reply for tech issues. Remote connection guidance to navigate to root issue was a nice idea to connect with users by HostingRaja. With really nice Manpower. Great to be a customer with Hostin Raja. Thanks Vignesh for Techincal Help. Thanks, HostingRaja Team.Thanks, HostingRaja Team.Thanks, HostingRaja Team.Thanks, HostingRaja Team.

I’m really wonder with the Hostingraja customer support service. i would like to highly recommended for domain & hosting for other peoples. i like to connect with hostingraja.
Maneesh, Bangalore

I like HostingRaja because it is simple. You can register without any fuzz and they will give you the service that they promise and that’s the best part. No Hidden costs, no too much smooth talk. What you see on the website is exactly what you get when you register with them.

I want to give a review on record for the excellent customer support you have given us always. Your service is above the rest such as courteous understanding demeanor, efficiency & expertise as well as prompt attention. We will surely recommend your services.
Prakash ChandraJoshi, New Delhi

Client Name: Shahique

Ticket id: 784032

Engineer Name: Awani Priya

Feedback: Wow!! I didn’t expect such a quick response from you guys. Good to know that HostingRaja is giving such an excellent service.

Rate: Awesome

Client Name: Rahul

Ticket id: 850196

Engineer Name: Awani Priya

Feedback:thank you for your support. Great to have a host like you.

Rate: Awesome

Client Name: Ansarul

Ticket id: 177058

Engineer Name: Vignesh R

Feedback:My experience with your team is so good that, I have recommended ten other people to your company. You guys are great..

Rate: Awesome

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