Best Business Email Hosting in India

  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • MobileAccess
  • Free Email Migration
  • Outlook, Thunderbird, windows mail Compitable
  • Unlimited Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP Access
  • Ample Stroge Space
  • Anti-phishing Measures
  • Email Monitoring & Threat Detection
  • AddvancedEncryption
  • Secure Email ArchivingLorme Ipsum
HostingRaja provides email solutions with a variety of options, including Horde, Roundcube, SquirrelMail and cPanel…

Communication and Security with HostingRaja’s Cutting-Edge Email Solutions

HostingRaja Email Solutions offers cutting-edge and highly efficient email management features, enabling seamless brand recognition and identification. With advanced capabilities like robust archiving, comprehensive security measures, and privacy protocols, it ensures the effective management of emails. Safeguarding against the increasing threats in the digital landscape, HostingRaja Email Solutions empowers businesses to swiftly search and retrieve email archives, even during planned or unexpected outages.

By selecting HostingRaja’s reliable email services, businesses can optimize their email communication and achieve optimal outcomes for their online presence. Despite the emergence of alternative communication channels, emails remain the preferred and indispensable mode of correspondence for organizations, making HostingRaja’s comprehensive email solutions a vital asset for businesses that send a significant volume of emails daily.

Microsoft 365 HostingRaja seamlessly facilitates the migration to Microsoft 365, unlocking the boundless capabilities of this robust productivity suite for businesses, while minimizing operational disturbances. By partnering with HostingRaja, businesses can fortify their critical data with enterprise-grade security features, robust data protection mechanisms, and dependable support, ensuring the utmost safeguarding of their valuable information.

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G-Suite Through HostingRaja’s innovative G Suite integration, businesses can effortlessly establish domain synchronization with Gmail, facilitating seamless and professional email communication while utilizing their own domain name for enhanced branding and identity. This integration ensures a cohesive and personalized email experience for businesses, strengthening their professional image and communication capabilities.

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Plans & Pricing

₹ 231 Save 40%
139 /mon
  • 50 Emall Accounts
  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure 256-blt Encryption
  • Weekly Backup
  • Malling Lists
₹ 331 Save 40%
199 /mon
  • 100 Emall Accounts
  • 100 GB Space
  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure 256-blt Encryption
  • Weekly Backup
  • Malling Lists
₹ 425 Save 40%
299 /mon
  • Unlimited Emall Accounts
  • Unlimited Space
  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure 256-blt Encryption
  • Weekly Backup
  • Malling Lists

Enhance Security with HostingRaja’s Advanced Email Services

In today’s digital landscape, email services have evolved to become more than just a means of communication. They have become a critical aspect of business operations, requiring advanced functionalities and robust features. HostingRaja’s email services offer a comprehensive suite of technical capabilities designed to optimize email management. With cutting-edge features such as advanced spam filtering, email archiving, and secure encryption protocols, HostingRaja ensures that businesses can effectively manage their email communications while protecting sensitive data from potential threats.

Additionally, HostingRaja’s email services provide seamless integration with popular email clients and mobile devices, allowing for efficient access and synchronization across multiple platforms. By leveraging HostingRaja’s technical expertise, businesses can enhance productivity, streamline communication, and maintain the security and integrity of their email communications.

The ever-increasing volume of emails being exchanged in the corporate world necessitates the need for efficient email services that go beyond basic functionalities. HostingRaja’s email services excel in delivering unique technical features tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. With advanced search and retrieval capabilities, businesses can quickly locate and access important emails, attachments, and conversations, saving valuable time and effort.

HostingRaja also offers powerful email filtering and categorization tools, enabling businesses to organize their inbox effectively and prioritize critical communications. Moreover, HostingRaja’s email services employ robust backup and disaster recovery mechanisms, ensuring that businesses can retrieve lost or deleted emails in the event of accidental deletion or system failures. By harnessing HostingRaja’s technical prowess in email services, businesses can optimize their communication workflows, improve productivity, and maintain a secure and reliable email environment.

Advanced Email Services

FeaturesCutting-Edge Features for Advanced Email Services and Solutions
  • Unlimited Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP access
  • Seamless Compatibility with Blackberry, iPhone & PDA devices
  • Effortless Integration with Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail
  • Advanced Virus and Spam Protection with Real-time Threat Detection
  • Unlimited Email Forwards and Aliases for Streamlined Communication
  • Robust Mailing Lists Management for Efficient Email Campaigns
  • SSL/TLS Encryption.
  • Autoresponders to incoming emails, providing timely acknowledgments and improved customer engagement.
  • Advanced Exploration and Refinement Proficiencies.
  • Seamless Synchronization across multiple devices
  • Large Attachment Support.
cpanel Additional Cutting-Edge Functionality in Email Services
  • Full HTML Email Support for Rich and Interactive Email Content
  • Online Address Book for Convenient Contact Management
  • Efficient Folder Management for Organizing and Categorizing Emails
  • Advanced Sorting and Searching Capabilities for Quick and Accurate Email Retrieval
  • Customizable email Templates
  • Email Analytics
  • Auto-configuration for popular email clients, simplifying the setup process
  • Customize email filtering rules
img1 Extra Features to Enhance Your Email Solutions for Optimal Performance
  • RSS & News Feed Compatibility with automated data syndication
  • Total Domain Name System (DNS) Control for enhanced network management
  • Vacation Auto-Responders for automatic email replies during absence
  • User-friendly Control Panel for intuitive and effortless operation
  • No upfront Setup Costs for cost-effective implementation
  • Round-the-clock Local support via Phone, Chat, Email, and Web channels
  • Continuous 24/7 Security Monitoring and Backup for enhanced data protection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Email Solutions:

Email hosting offers several benefits, including:

  • Professionalism: With email hosting, you can have a personalized email address that matches your domain, creating a more professional image.
  • Customization: Email hosting allows you to customize your email accounts and set up email aliases for different purposes.
  • Reliability: HostingRaja ensures reliable email delivery and uptime, minimizing the chances of email service disruptions.
  • Security: Email hosting services provide robust security measures, such as spam filtering and virus scanning, to protect your email accounts from threats.
  • Storage and Scalability: HostingRaja offers ample storage space for emails and attachments, and it can be easily scaled up as your needs grow.

At HostingRaja, we offer seamless email migration services to help you transition from your existing email provider. Our dedicated migration team takes a backup of your current server emails and restores them on our servers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free migration experience. Your email data is safe and no losses occur during the migration process.

POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are two different protocols used for retrieving emails from a mail server:

  • POP: POP downloads emails from the server to the user’s device and removes them from the server by default. It’s suitable for users who primarily access emails from a single device and don’t require synchronization across multiple devices.
  • IMAP: IMAP keeps emails stored on the server and synchronizes them across multiple devices. It allows users to access their emails from different devices while maintaining the same folder structure, read/unread status, and sent/received messages.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email authentication method used to prevent email spoofing and unauthorized use of a domain in email sending. By specifying authorized mail servers in the DNS records of a domain, receiving email servers can verify if the sender’s IP address is authorized to send emails on behalf of that domain. SPF improves email deliverability and reduces the chances of emails being marked as spam.

Email aliases are alternative email addresses that forward incoming emails to a specified recipient’s primary email address. They act as virtual email addresses that redirect messages to the desired destination. Email aliases are commonly used to create departmental email addresses (e.g., [email protected]) that forward emails to multiple team members or temporary email addresses for specific purposes (e.g., [email protected]). With email hosting, you can easily set up and manage aliases to streamline email communication and organization.

DKIM, short for DomainKeys Identified Mail, serves as an email verification technique. Its primary purpose is to empower the recipient's server to authenticate the legitimacy of an email. This is achieved through the inclusion of a digital signature within the email headers, a signature that's created using a private key linked to the sender's domain. For validation, the recipient's server relies on the public key readily available in the domain's DNS records. In essence, DKIM serves as a guardian against email impersonation, guaranteeing that the email indeed originates from the purported domain.

Email encryption is the process of encoding email messages to protect their contents from unauthorized access. It ensures that only the intended recipient can read the email by encrypting the message during transmission and securely storing it on the email server. Email encryption is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information sent via email, such as personal data, financial details, or confidential business communication. It helps prevent interception, eavesdropping, and unauthorized access to email contents.

Email quotas refer to the allocated storage limits for individual email accounts. It determines the maximum amount of disk space that a user can utilize for storing emails, attachments, and other data on the email server. Email quotas are set by the email hosting provider to ensure fair usage of server resources and prevent abuse. When an email account reaches its quota, the user may need to delete old emails or upgrade to a higher storage plan to continue receiving new emails.

Yes, email hosting supports popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others. You can configure your email client to connect to the email server using the appropriate email protocols (such as IMAP or POP) and the server settings provided by HostingRaja. This allows you to manage and access your email accounts directly from your preferred email client, offering a familiar interface and offline access to your emails and folders.

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    Ankit Choudary

    20 Mar 2024

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I have a different domain with another service provider, and I would like to transfer it to HostingRaja so that I can utilize your email solutions. Can you please guide me on how to transfer my domain and which email plan would offer more benefits? Also, do I need to have a domain name to purchase an email address from HostingRaja?

  • Profile

    Riya Singh

    12 Feb 2024

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I recently switched to HostingRaja for email hosting, and I’m extremely satisfied with their services. The email migration process was seamless, and I didn’t experience any data loss. The reliability and security of HostingRaja’s email hosting are impressive, with robust anti-spam and anti-virus filters. The storage capacity provided is ample for my needs, and the ability to customize email accounts and set up aliases has been a great feature. Overall, HostingRaja has exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend their email hosting services.

  • Profile

    John Jerald

    5 Apr 2024

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I’ve been using HostingRaja’s email hosting services for my business, and I must say they have been exceptional. The customer support team is always available and responsive, assisting me with any issues or queries promptly. The email platform is user-friendly, and the control panel makes it easy to manage my email accounts efficiently. The spam and virus protection measures are top-notch, ensuring that my emails are secure. I highly recommend HostingRaja for reliable and feature-rich email hosting.

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