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3 January 2018

Dear HostingRaja Team, I got the relevant help in 5 minutes
Regards Prompt Consultants

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Nitin Nagar

19 January 2017

I am truly satisfied with HostingRaja Service. They have given me a 99.99% Uptime at all times along with 24X7 Customer Support. I strongly recommend Hosting Raja for your entire Site.

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Vishal Ahmad

10 August 2016

Hosting Raja is providing excellent technical support. My website was facing an issue and their technical support team solved it in early in the morning within few minutes. Their technical support representatives showed a great level of patience as the fault was from my side.

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22 August 2013

Love Hostingraja, always the best choices and best products for the money. I explicitly use raja for all hosting needs. I have tried others, but nothing compares to the quality, and easily navigated back end platform that raja has to offer.

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What is unlimited hosting?

With HostingRaja, you can access to our unbelievably flexible subscription model. With our small-business based subscription model, your account is modeled to access the resources only when it becomes necessary. Through our server resource categorized subscription-model, you have the ability to subscribe to the excess server resources through a subscription model.

Here you can make custom-adjustment for your hosting model including various parameters. With us, you have access to manage and credit the different resources including unlimited bandwidth, emails, Databases, FTP accounts.

Along with these you get the assurance that your website will be functioning at its best speed and efficiency! With the HostingRaja unlimited resources, your website will be always functioning in its best efficiency. Through our efficient management of server resources, your website will always be accessible at the shortest time and space.

Unlimited Possibilities with Unlimited cPanel

Hosting unlimited websites is not an easy task, but when it comes to managing the websites through a cPanel it becomes much more simpler. You can host unlimited websites when you purchase an Unlimited cPanel. A cPanel helps your website to be more secure as it has pre installed tools which reduces the possibilities of attack from a third party.

Unlimited plan with the cpanel makes the perfect pair

Unlimited Cpanel refers to the service which is configured with the unlimited parameters and comes with the tool Cpanel. The unlimited and the CPanel make the perfect combination.Getting the both from the best provider company could be the key point to accomplish your intention.

You always get more benefit with unlimited cPanel

With unlimited, you get a benefit of having or utilising the unlimited cPanel tools like hosting unlimited accounts, creating unlimited emails, you can also add unlimited sub-domains and a lot more other features. As you are using unlimited plan you also unlimited disk space where you can utilise that. You can also make any changes in your account installing apps, taking backup of your data and a lot more other changes you can do.