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In India, HostingRaja has earned the trust of over 150,000 customers thanks to managed services, 24/7 support, and advanced Windows VPS features like ASP.NET Core, MSSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB support. Our servers are fortified with Microsoft Defender for security and offer backup and restore options. We are a preferred choice in the tech community due to our quality support and use of top virtualization technologies like Hyper-V and VMWare.

NOTE: The price listed here are final for Windows VPS/Servers due to license cost of Windows OS.

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Fully managed Windows VPS performance-tuned Cloud Servers

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Windows VPS Plans

Plans & Pricing

₹ 2498
1640 / mon
  • 70 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
₹ 3570
2099 / mon
  • 90 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
₹ 4998
2440 / mon
  • 120 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 3 Core CPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth
₹ 7857
3119 / mon
  • 150 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4000 GB Bandwidth
Premium Ecommerce
₹ 6141
4299 / mon
  • 230 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 5 GB RAM
  • 10000 GB Bandwidth
Extreme Ecommerce
₹ 7998
5599 / mon
  • 280 GB Space NVMe Small SSD image for Premium hosting | HostingRaja India
  • 6 Core CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 20000 GB Bandwidth

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Get More Power with

Fully managed Windows VPS performance-tuned Cloud Servers

Unlock the full potential of our Windows VPS Hosting, featuring an array of exclusive offerings:

  • RDP/Administrator Access – Harness the power of multiple RDP sessions for seamless Windows server management.
  • Complimentary Windows SSL Certificates – Elevate your website’s security and search engine ranking with free SSL certificates for all your domains upon Plesk license acquisition.
  • Lightning-Fast Windows SEO Hosting – Accelerate your website’s performance with Indian IP addresses and top-tier Windows servers, ensuring rapid loading times and enhanced search engine visibility.
  • Framework Freedom – Enjoy compatibility with Crystal Report, MVC Project, Java, and all essential framework modules/plugins required to run your applications.
  • ASP.NET Versatility Flexibility is key, with support for multiple ASP.NET versions, including v2.x, 3.x, and 4.x, accommodating both modern and legacy applications.
  • Microsoft Defender Security – Safeguard your business with robust malware and virus protection through Microsoft Defender, a testament to our commitment to your security.
  • Scalable Resources – Tailor your Windows VPS resources – disk space, RAM, CPU – to your exact needs, anytime, without downtime.
  • Database Diversity – Seamlessly integrate with various database servers, including MSSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, all expertly managed under our care.
  • Backup and Recovery – Ensure business continuity with our reliable backup and restore options; don’t leave your server’s safety to chance.
  • Plesk Varieties – Choose from a range of Plesk editions, including Web Admin, Web Pro, and Web Host, to match your precise hosting requirements.
  • Elevate your website’s uptime with our Windows VPS solutions – Our versatile hosting plans cater to your unique business needs, and our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit. As your business thrives and evolves, our Windows VPS systems grow with you, ensuring your continued success.
Windows VPS Hosting Advantage

VPS Hosting for windows users

Our best Windows VPS Hosting is quickly engineered, fully secured, and highly scalable. Our Cheap Windows VPS plans are all prepared to save a lot of cash in your pocket. Likewise, if the plans set by us don’t meet your exact needs, then there are better deals that we can present you. Similarly, you can create your own configuration, your plans as per your needs. With HostingRaja, the word Cheap Windows VPS India can serve you with the finest quality ever.

Your business can really flourish under our Windows VPS server hosting systems. Host your site online, allowing us to do the work for you. No requirement for your staff to include dedicated web specialists. No Need to Invest in plenty of hardware and infrastructure that you just don’t need. With our fine home windows VPS India, we can appearance out in your necessities so you’ll be liberal to appearance out in your business.

Why should I choose windows VPS?

When you opt for Windows VPS you get advantage of a dedicated server (i.e. obtaining administrator-level pass to the server) and at lesser price you get the compatibility and comfort of Windows VPS server. Moreover, it allows you to run .asp on your websites easily.

Do you offer Control Panel with Windows VPS?

When you buy Windows VPS, we offer plesk control panel. For more details ==> please contact our support team.

Strengthening Windows VPS Server Security – Essential Measures and Advanced Tools

CSF Firewall
Windows auto Updates and Patching

Regular updates are essential practices for maintaining the security and stability of Windows Server environments. Updates help address security vulnerabilities, improve system performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest software and hardware.

imunify360 setup
Strong Authentication

Strong authentication, known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA), requires users to provide multiple forms of verification, adding an extra layer of protection beyond passwords. This safeguards against attacks like phishing, brute force, and credential stuffing.

php execution log
Windows Firewall Enabled

The Windows Firewall in Microsoft Windows OS is an essential built-in security feature that controls inbound and outbound network traffic, safeguarding against potential threats. It acts as a barrier against unauthorized access while enabling authorized communication effectively.

Secure Upload
Disable Unnecessary Services

Disabling unnecessary services is crucial for enhancing the security and performance of your computer or server. Unneeded services can introduce attack vectors and consume system resources, potentially leading to vulnerabilities and degraded performance.

WAF (Apache mod security)
Mod Security enabled

Install and configure ModSecurity to protect against common web application attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). While ModSecurity comes with a default set of rules, it can be customized to fit the specific security requirements of an application.

Security Log
Disabled SMB File sharing

Disabling SMB (Server Message Block) sharing enhances overall network security, especially if not needed for your network environment or if vulnerabilities exist. SMB is a protocol utilized for sharing files, printers, and resources between networked computers.

maldet Scanner(panel)
Antivirus windows defender

Windows Defender is the built-in antivirus and anti-malware solution provided by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. It offers real-time protection against various types of threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious software.

unblock Spam mail
unblock Spam mail

This module controls outgoing spam email from the server. The email account will get blocked if more than 40 emails have been sent within one hour from the individual email account. Admins can review and unblock messages to ensure important communications are not lost.

HostingRaja Customers Testimonials

HostingRaja Enterprise Vps Server FAQ’s

Windows VPS Hosting offers a balance between shared hosting (where resources are shared among multiple users) and dedicated servers (where users have exclusive access to all server resources), providing dedicated resources within a virtualized environment.

Benefits include dedicated resources, improved performance, scalability, flexibility, root access, compatibility with Windows-based applications and technologies, and the ability to customize server settings to meet specific requirements.

Yes, Windows VPS Hosting is well-suited for hosting websites. It provides a stable and customizable environment, supports popular web technologies such as ASP.NET and MSSQL databases, and allows for seamless integration with Windows-based web applications.

Absolutely! With administrative access, you can install and run any compatible software applications on your Windows VPS, including web servers, databases, content management systems, and more.

Backup procedures can vary between providers. Some Windows VPS Hosting providers offer automated backup solutions, while others may provide manual backup options or additional backup services for data protection.

Yes, Windows VPS Hosting allows for easy resource scalability. You can typically upgrade your CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth allocations as your needs grow, ensuring optimal performance and accommodating increased traffic or resource demands.

The level of technical support can vary between providers. Many Windows VPS Hosting providers offer 24/7 technical support, including assistance with server setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Yes, you can host multiple websites or applications on a Windows VPS. The server's resources can be allocated and divided among the hosted websites or applications as per your requirements.

Yes, Windows VPS Hosting typically provides Remote Desktop access, allowing you to connect to your VPS server remotely and manage it as if you were working on a local machine.

Reviews from WIndows VPS Server Customers

  • Profile

    Vasu sathish

    19 Mar 2024

    We have purchased VPS Server from Hosting Raja and when ever the resources goes high, they would send us the detailed report on the high usage of data being consumed and how it has to be managed and they would also give us extra RAM for a better price. Pricing is one of the best, support team works 24/7 can be reached anytime,and they have tried their best to give solution as soon as possible.

  • Profile

    Tejas Naik

    07 Feb 2024

    I wholeheartedly recommend this hosting provider for anyone in need of a Windows VPS server. The excellent server performance, reliable uptime, helpful support team, and valuable features make it a top choice. I’ve been more than satisfied with my decision, and I’m confident others will be too, sometimes the server goes down and when raised a ticket there will be an immediate solution from their support team.

  • Profile


    04 Jan 2024

    I really liked their service and support. The best supporting team in the industry, thanks for your immediate response and solved my problem.

  • Profile

    Ramith Devak

    22 Apr 2024

    Hostingraja is good for services. They offer a good price along with professional support team. Their team provides a good solution for each and every issue. It is almost a year with their services, I have faced some minor issues and that is quite common. My website has never faced ay downtime. Hostingraja services are reliable and inexpensive. I except the same services to be continued even in the future.

  • Profile

    Reena Kumari

    18 Mar 2024

    HostingRaja has been really good to me. I bought web space from them for one year and I got a domain free. You can call them and actually ask them doubts about stuff. Now with HostingRaja, their support team is always available to answer my questions. Great service. Keep it Going!!! trying Hostingraja, I have contacted many other providers because I was using a Linux server and now I wanted to move to a Windows server.But when I asked many providers said they cant migrated from Linux to windows. But then I found Hostingraja and their team has migrated all my data to the windows server without any loss. I’m very much thankful to their team and for their work. I’ll recommend it to everyone.

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