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Boosting Remote Work with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) represents a cloud-based productivity package meticulously crafted to facilitate effortless remote work from any gadget. With its collaborative features and expansive toolset, Google Workspace enhances productivity and work efficiency. Whether you’re working from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can easily access and collaborate on files, documents, and projects.

This powerful suite empowers individuals and teams to work remotely with flexibility and convenience. It provides a seamless experience, allowing for real-time collaboration, file sharing, and communication. With Google Workspace, you can harness the full potential of remote work, boosting productivity and enabling efficient collaboration among team members. Experience the transformative power of Google Workspace for remote work and unlock new levels of productivity and collaboration in your work environment.

Advantages of buying Gsuite from HostingRaja

  • Seamless Integration with your website + Hosting + Domain
  • Support for all your IT needs in one place
  • 24/7 Support for Google Workspace
  • Attractive Price form HostingRaja
  • Work from Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Enforced SSL connections with G Suite
  • Professional Gmail for your business
  • Advanced adminstrator controls

Key Benefits Of Gsuite

Advanced admin controls

Advanced admin controls

Manage user accounts and enhance security with ease using the centralized admin console, allowing for seamless user addition/removal and advanced security features like two-step verification and single sign-on.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Opting for Google Workspacefor your business not only streamlines your IT infrastructure but also reduces costs. Additionally, G Suite ensures that all your applications and services are constantly updated,

Easy Sharing

Easy Sharing

Google Workspace streamlines invoicing and financial processes effortlessly, while enabling easy collaboration and sharing with your team or clients through Google apps.

Business Email

Business Email

A business email is an email address, where you can create and use your own business domain name. Before doing that you need to create the domain first and then create the mailbox to match.

Work Remotely

Work Remotely

BoostCollaboration Tools your team’s productivity and collaboration with G Suite’s powerful suite of tools. Streamline communication, organize projects, and access files from anywhere, anytime.

Better Security

Better Security

G Suite employs advanced security measures to ensure comprehensive data protection, addressing organizations’ prime concerns and guaranteeing the safety of all data at all costs

Cost effective

Cost Effective

G Suite offers cost-effective pricing and a comprehensive set of features, including customized email addresses for your employees, making it a valuable solution for businesses.

Easy Data Migration

Easy data migration

G Suite provides migration tools that facilitate the smooth transition of your business’s files and data to the G Suite platform, ensuring a seamless migration experience.

Google Workspace collaboration tools

G Suite offers a wide range of collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. These tools enable real-time editing and seamless collaboration among team members, improving productivity and efficiency.

Gsuite integrated communication

Hostingraja’s G Suite integration includes Google Meet for video conferencing and Google Chat for messaging. These integrated communication tools allow for seamless communication and easy collaboration within your organization.

Google Workspace Cloud storage

By integrating with G Suite, hostingraja provides you with ample cloud storage through Google Drive. This storage solution allows you to store, share, and access your files from any device, ensuring data availability and promoting collaboration.

Gsuite Mobile Apps

With hostingraja’s G Suite integration, you can leverage the power of Google Workspace’s mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps enable you to access and work on your emails, documents, and files while on the go, enhancing mobile productivity and flexibility.

Google Workspace centralized administration

Hostingraja’s G Suite integration offers centralized administration features, allowing you to easily manage user accounts, security policies, and other settings. This centralized administration simplifies IT management and enhances security within your organization.

Gsuite Custom Email Domains

By integrating with G Suite, hostingraja enables you to create custom email domains using your own business domain name. This feature allows you to have professional email addresses, enhancing your brand identity and professionalism.

Google Workspace enhanced data security

Hostingraja’s G Suite integration ensures the enhanced data security provided by Google Workspace. This includes features like two-factor authentication, data encryption, and advanced spam filtering, protecting your sensitive information and guarding against cyber threats.

Gsuite third-party integrations

Hostingraja’s G Suite integration allows for seamless integration with various third-party applications. This capability enables you to extend the functionality of Google Workspace by integrating with popular apps like Slack, Trello, and Asana, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Google Workspace scalability

With hostingraja’s G Suite integration, you can easily scale your Google Workspace account to meet the changing needs of your business. Whether you have a small team or a growing organization, hostingraja can accommodate your requirements without major infrastructure changes.

Get Google Workspace 24/7 support

Hostingraja offers 24/7 customer support for G Suite-related queries and technical issues. Their dedicated support team is available round the clock to assist you with any concerns or problems you may encounter with your G Suite (Google Workspace) integration.

By choosing hostingraja for G Suite (Google Workspace) integration, you can leverage these benefits to enhance collaboration, communication, data security, and productivity within your organization.

Google Workspace Features

Google Workspace Business (formerly Google G Suite) stands as a robust cloud-powered solution for collaboration and productivity, optimizing business operations effectively. With a user base exceeding 5 million active professionals, it’s tailor-made for your corporate environment. Secure your Google Workspace through Digisoft, a recognized Google Workspace partner providing comprehensive professional assistance throughout the setup process

Easy Collaboration With Google Docs

Google Docs facilitates seamless collaboration for teams, enabling them to work together on documents in real-time from any location. With its real-time editing and revision capabilities, multiple team members can collaborate, review, and manage documents simultaneously.

Merge Data On Sheets

Google Sheets provides the capability to merge data from different sources into a single sheet, allowing for streamlined data management and analysis. By combining data from multiple sheets or importing data from external sources, you can consolidate and organize information effectively, gaining insights and making informed decisions.

Extract Valuable Work Insights

With Google Workspace’s Work Insights feature, you can extract valuable insights into your team’s productivity and collaboration patterns. It provides data and analytics on usage, adoption, and engagement with tools like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet, helping you identify trends, optimize workflows, and drive greater efficiency within your organization.

Close Caption In Google Slides

Google Slides offers a Closed Caption feature that allows you to add captions to your presentation slides. By enabling closed captions, you can provide accessibility support for individuals with hearing impairments or those who prefer to read the content. This feature enhances inclusivity and ensures that your presentations can be understood by a wider audience.

Smart Compose On

Google Workspace’s Smart Compose feature, available in various applications like Gmail and Google Docs, offers intelligent text suggestions as you type. By turning on Smart Compose, you can benefit from AI-powered suggestions that help you write emails, documents, and other text-based content more quickly and efficiently. It saves time, reduces typing effort, and enhances overall productivity in your work.

Security And Compliance

Google Workspace prioritizes security and compliance to ensure the protection of user data. It implements advanced security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and robust access controls, to safeguard information from unauthorized access. Additionally, it complies with industry-leading standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, giving businesses peace of mind regarding data privacy and regulatory compliance.

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HostingRaja Gsuite FAQ’s

If your Google Workspace account is suspended, we are unable to proceed with the transfer. You will need to reactivate your account with your previous reseller before we can initiate the transfer process. Once your account is active, we can assist you in smoothly transferring yourG Suite account. to our services. Feel free to reach out to our support team for further guidance and assistance with the transfer process.You have to activate your account with your .

Yes, it is possible to transfer your G Suite account. To initiate the transfer, you need to log in as an admin and activate your account before you can start using it. Once the account is activated, you can proceed with the transfer process smoothly. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, our support team is available to guide you through the transfer process and ensure a seamless transition.

G Suite has evolved into Google Workspace, offering a more integrated experience across Google’s communication and collaboration tools. With the rebranding, Google Workspace aligns more closely with its product vision
Like G Suite,providing a comprehensive suite of productivity tools for seamless teamwork and enhanced productivity..

No, we do not activate your account for you. To activate your G Suite account, you can simply log in to the admin section at admin.google.com. From there, you can follow the necessary steps to activate your account and start using Google Workspace. (admin.google.com)

Yes, you can reuse your G Suite account by transferring it. To initiate the transfer, we will require a transfer token. Once you provide the transfer token, we can assist you in transferring your G Suite account to our platform. This allows you to continue using your existing account while benefiting from our services and support.

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime during the transfer process. Rest assured that we can transfer your G Suite account seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. Our experienced team will handle the transfer with care and precision, ensuring that your account is up and running on our platform in no time.

Absolutely! We are here to help you with the split delivery setup for your G Suite account. This process allows you to configure your email delivery so that some users receive emails in your current Google Workspace account while others receive emails in another email system. Our technical experts will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Yes certainly, data migration is possible. We will take care of this Data migration. Note: For this Data migration, you need to give your old email ids and passwords. In any case, give your control panel login details and allow us to change them. Assuming you need to do it without anyone else then refer to this URL: https://help.hostingraja.in/gsuite/g-suite-data-migration

If you're looking to transfer your G Suite account to HostingRaja, you'll need to perform an email account and data migration from your current G Suite provider to us. This procedure entails extracting your data from your current G Suite account and importing it into your new HostingRaja account. Our dedicated support team is here to guide and assist you throughout this migration process, ensuring a smooth transition for your email accounts from your previous G Suite provider to HostingRaja.

I apologize for any confusion caused. You are correct that it is not possible to directly transfer your G Suite account from one edition (such as Business) to another edition (such as Basic or Enterprise). Each edition of G Suite has its own set of features and limitations. If you wish to switch to a different edition, you would need to sign up for a new account under that specific edition and migrate your data and settings manually. Our support team can provide guidance and assistance throughout this process to ensure a smooth transition.

Access your email effortlessly on any Smartphone or Tablet, as Gmail’s interface is compatible with major Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Symbian. Stay connected and manage your emails seamlessly across different devices for enhanced productivity.

Certainly! With Google Workspace you have the ability to create mailing lists and manage your subscribers effectively. You can easily add or remove users, assign a moderator, restrict individuals from joining a list, and even control access for certain users. This allows you to have complete control over your mailing lists and ensures that only authorized individuals are part of them. Our support team is available to assist you in setting up and managing your mailing lists as per your requirements.

With Gmail’s vacation responder feature, you can inform people that you’re currently away and will get back to them at the right time. While the responder is active, Gmail automatically sends a reply to anyone who emails you, ensuring timely communication and managing expectations while you’re on vacation or unavailable.


Gmail is world’s major email solution provider which is powered with Google-powered search, custom email addresses, 30 GB of storage and many more features.


In Google Drive, you are permitted to store your data in the cloud, share them with everyone, and also you will be having access to them from anyplace.


With the help of calendar, you will be able to easily schedule the meetings at times that work for each and everyone, share calendars, get meeting reminders, and much more.


With Google Docs, you will be able to create, share and work on documents along with tables, images, drawings, equations, links and much more.


In Google Sheets, you can manage spreadsheet files faster with the help of click-to-edit charts and the discussion style comments.


Slides helps in creating the presentations together, embed the videos and much more, user dosent have to press the save button again.


With the help of Google Forms, you will be able to build a form with the straightforward forms editor and collect the data from clients or colleagues.


In Sites, you can share the workspaces for your team. It will be easy to build, simple to organize and very fast to share.


With the help of Hangout, you can message, phone and video call with 25 members at the same time. Get your work done faster at any time and anywhere conversations.


In Google Contacts, you can organize the contact details about the people you are communicating. And also real-time sync with the smartphones.


In Google Groups you can create the distribution/Mailing list. And also organize meetings, social events among members of a group or the external group, conferences etc.

Google Plus

Google Plus will allow you to create private and public social profile. The limited version of the company intranet. Audio/Video, text sharing and much more.

Reviews from G-Suite customers

  • Profile

    Ananda Rao

    28 Feb 2024

    I purchased G-Suite from Hosting Raja, where I had to reach out to them because I wanted to have both webmail and G-Suite for my mail services. They assisted me in enabling split end delivery, and now I can use both email services. It is always easy to approach them as they provide an immediate response from the team.

  • Profile

    Basavaraj Ashok

    11 Apr 2024

    I have hosted my server from other vendor and I have purhased G-suite from hostingraja suggested by a friend, so i had to migrate from webmail mails to G-SUITE and they have helped me out in transfering the data completely, without missing any of them.

  • Profile

    Vivekanand Jogad

    25 Mar 2024

    I recently acquired G-suite from Hostingraja and decided to check the reviews on various social platforms. After that, I needed to add users and effectively manage my multi-user account. Seeking assistance, I reached out to Hostingraja’s support team. To my satisfaction, I received a call from Pritesh from the support team, who kindly guided me through the process. I am grateful for the support I received in resolving my issue and for the valuable knowledge shared by the support team. I shifted my applications to Hostingraja auto scaling load balancing server, I am very much happy with the server performance and it is very much effective. My applications are performing very nicely.

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