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The Resilience and Reliability of Physical Servers in Modern Infrastructures

Physical servers serve as the sturdy foundation of traditional infrastructures. Unlike virtual servers that share resources, physical servers are independent machines equipped with CPUs, RAM, storage drives, and networking capabilities. This tangible nature grants businesses direct control over their hardware, resulting in exceptional performance, reliability, and security. Physical servers remain vital in industries that require strict compliance, customization, and maximum control over their IT infrastructure.

While virtualization and cloud computing have gained popularity, physical servers remain a reliable choice for organizations seeking robust performance and stability. By leveraging physical servers, businesses can optimize resource allocation, fine-tune configurations, and ensure consistent performance for demanding workloads. The direct control over hardware resources enables businesses to meet specific requirements and regulations, making physical servers indispensable for critical applications, databases, and services. With their tangible presence and dedicated resources, physical servers empower businesses with unparalleled performance and unwavering reliability in their IT operations.

Popular Physical servers brands in India



Dell EMC is a prominent player in the server market, offering a wide range of servers for different purposes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Flexible Configuration

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

HPE provides a comprehensive range of server solutions, from entry-level servers to high-performance systems, often catering to businesses of all sizes.

Seamless Integration


Cisco is a leading networking and server equipment manufacturer, known for its enterprise-level networking solutions and servers.



Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company, not primarily recognized as a major player in the server market, it has ventured into server solutions for small-scale business needs.



Supermicro is a well-known brand for high-performance server solutions, including rackmount, blade, and tower servers, as well as server motherboards and components.



While Asus is primarily known for its consumer electronics, it also offers server solutions designed for various business needs.


IBM (International Business Machines Corporation)

IBM has a history of providing enterprise-level servers for diverse needs, although the company’s focus has shifted towards cloud and AI solutions in recent years.



Lenovo offers servers for various applications, including data centers, cloud computing, and enterprise IT environments.



Fujitsu is known for its reliable and energy-efficient server solutions, catering to businesses’ needs for performance and scalability.

Most Powerful Physical Servers

Physical Server Empowerment

The most powerful physical servers boast cutting-edge processors with multiple cores and high clock speeds, enabling them to handle complex computational tasks with remarkable efficiency. These servers can execute a vast number of instructions per second, ensuring rapid data processing and application performance.

Massive Memory Capacity

Powerful physical servers come equipped with extensive RAM capacity, allowing them to store and access large datasets efficiently. This ample memory enables quick retrieval of frequently used data, reducing latency and enhancing overall system responsiveness.

Lightning Speed

These servers often feature advanced storage solutions, such as solid-state drives (SSDs) or high-performance hard disk drives (HDDs). With lightning-fast read and write speeds, these storage systems facilitate rapid data access and seamless application performance.

Scalability and Expansion Options

The most powerful physical servers offer scalable architecture, allowing organizations to expand their computing resources as their needs grow. These servers support additional CPUs, RAM modules, and storage devices, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing workloads.

Robust Networking Capabilities

Powerful physical servers are equipped with multiple high-speed network interfaces, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between the server and other networked devices. This facilitates efficient data streaming, network-intensive applications, and high-bandwidth operations.

Efficient Physical Server Cooling

To maintain optimal performance and prevent overheating, powerful physical servers incorporate sophisticated cooling systems, including fans, heat sinks, and advanced airflow management. Additionally, they often feature intelligent power management mechanisms to optimize energy consumption while delivering maximum performance.

Reliability and Redundancy Features

The most powerful physical servers are built with redundancy in mind, featuring redundant power supplies, RAID configurations for data redundancy, and advanced fault-tolerant designs. These features ensure high availability and minimize the risk of system failures or data loss.

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HP DL 360G10 Server
HP DL 380G10
  • Dual Processor
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • RAM: 128GB | 256GB | 512GB (DDR4)
  • 2U

Customization available

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HP DL 360G10 Server
HP DL 360G10
  • Dual Processor
  • Intel® Xeon® 26XX-V4 Family
  • RAM: 128GB | 256GB | 512GB (DDR4)
  • 8 Bay 1*2.5″ NVMe SSD
  • 1U

Customization available

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HP DL 360G10 Server
  • Dual Processor
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • RAM: 128GB | 256GB | 512GB (DDR4)
  • NVMe 4bay*2.5″ hot swap
  • 1U

Customization available

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HP DL 360G10 Server
  • Dual Processor
  • Intel® Xeon® 26XX-V4 Family
  • RAM: 128GB | 256GB | 512GB (DDR4)
  • HDD bay 8 x Hot-swap 2.5″ HDD
  • 1U

Customization available

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Features of Physical Server

Physical Dedicated Hardware

Physical servers consist of dedicated hardware components, including processors (CPUs), memory (RAM), storage devices, and network interfaces. These components are not shared with other virtual instances, providing exclusive access to resources.

Direct Hardware Control

Physical servers provide direct control over hardware, allowing for customization, configuration, and optimization to meet specific requirements. Organizations have the flexibility to choose the exact hardware components and specifications for their server, tailoring it to their needs.This level of control enables fine-tuning of performance, security, and resource allocation, optimizing server efficiency.It also grants organizations the ability to implement specialized security measures and protocols, ensuring data protection. Furthermore, physical servers offer scalability options, allowing for future expansion and growth as business needs evolve.

High Performance

Physical servers, by offering dedicated resources, typically deliver higher performance than virtual servers, making them ideal for resource-intensive applications and demanding workloads. With dedicated hardware, there is no resource sharing, ensuring that the server’s processing power, memory, and storage are solely dedicated to the specific application or workload. The absence of virtualization overhead allows physical servers to maximize performance and handle heavy computational tasks efficiently.

Data Security

Physical servers provide organizations with enhanced data security by enabling complete control over their infrastructure and data. As the data resides within the organization’s premises, it minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches from external entities. Organizations can implement rigorous security measures, including physical access controls, firewalls, and encryption, to protect sensitive data effectively. With physical servers, organizations can tailor security protocols to their specific requirements, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies.

Physical Server Powerhouses

Physical servers provide organizations with the flexibility to customize hardware configurations according to their specific needs and preferences. Organizations can select the desired CPU, RAM, storage capacity, and networking options, enabling them to create tailored solutions that align with their workload requirements. This customization empowers organizations to optimize performance, scalability, and resource allocation, ensuring efficient operations.

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    Basavalinga Ganesh

    18 Mar 2024

    HostingRaja’s physical servers are a game-changer! Their flexibility and performance have taken our business to new heights. They seamlessly adapt to our growing infrastructure needs, like an army of super-powered servers. With their reliability and support, we feel like we have trusty sidekicks, always standing tall in any challenge.

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    Mukesh Nani

    22 Feb 2024

    We are impressed with the level of data security HostingRaja’s physical servers provide. It’s reassuring to have complete control over our data and infrastructure.

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    20 Jan 2024

    HostingRaja’s physical server offers impressive performance in critical efficiently handles multiple programs and applications simultaneously.The powerful processor ensures fast and efficient task execution, even under heavy workloads. The optimized operating system provides a stable and secure environment for running programs and applications. HostingRaja’s physical server combines these performance features to deliver a powerful and reliable server solution, meeting the demanding needs of businesses and organizations.

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    29 Jan 2024

    I am thoroughly impressed with HostingRaja’s physical server performance. I am very happy with the performance of HostingRaja’s physical server. It has a lot of memory, so I can run many programs at the same time without them slowing down. The processor is also very powerful, so tasks are executed quickly, even when I am working on a lot of things at once. The network connection is also very good, so I can transfer data and collaborate with my team smoothly. The hard drive has a lot of storage space, so I can store all of my files and access them quickly.. Overall, HostingRaja’s physical server is a great product that meets all of my business needs.

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