Best Cloud/Backup Storage Solution in India @ Unbeatable Prices

  • Thousands of customers & partners across all verticals
  • Additional layers of security to the cloud storage.
  • Access files from anywhere through the internet connection.
  • 80% lesser cost than AWS, No egress charges
  • Synchronize/Backup with Windows Desktop/Laptop, Android, iPhone, Using APIs
  • Backup and Recovery, Archiving of data, Content Delivery
  • Indian Data Center, Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Choosing the Right Data Storage Solution for Your Needs

Explore the potential of cloud storage and backup solutions to enhance file sharing, collaboration, and data protection. Discover the advantages of convenient accessibility, scalability, redundancy, and automatic backups provided by top services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Delve into the role of backup storage options, such as external hard drives, NAS devices, and remote backup services, in safeguarding against hardware failures, accidental deletions, and malicious attacks, ensuring the integrity and safety of your data. Optimize your file management and security strategies with these SEO-friendly solutions.

The choice between cloud storage and backup storage depends on specific needs, including accessibility, scalability, data protection, and recovery requirements.

Automatic Cloud Storage synchronization with all OS Platforms

HostingRaja Cloud Storage on Windows
HostingRaja Cloud Storage on Linux
HostingRaja Cloud Storage on Android
HostingRaja Cloud Storage on IOS

Access HostingRaja Cloud from any device, any time – on the fly

Access from Any Device

Download the app for Android, iPhone, Windows or Linux Desktop and Synchronize the your critical data and access them from anywhere.

Access from Any Where

Access your data from office, home, or on travel across multiple devices. Our cloud storage is designed keeping your requirement in mind.

Work together with team

You can share the document with your team members, either read only or write access. Dont need to send mails with huge attachments.

Affordable for all your team

We provide the lowest price cloud storage in India which is affordable for all your team members.

Sync across all devices

You can synchronize your data across all devices such as Laptop, Desktop, Mobile phones.

Highly Secure & Firewall Protected

Your data is behind highly secured server & protected with Firewall and high end software security, If needed additional security can be added.

Cloud Storage – Plans

Cloud storage Personal Professional Enterprise Custom Storage
Storage Size 2000 GB 2500 GB 3000 GB Custom Size
Sync with all OS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access from anywhere Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access from Any Device Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secured & Easy sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shared link controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account transfer tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
Device approvals Yes Yes Yes Yes
File locking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organistion Room No No Yes Yes
File Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traffic and insights Yes Yes Yes Yes
File requests Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track users activity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admin console Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call support 24/7 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mark Events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invitation Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sign in as user Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Direct Connect Yes Yes Yes Yes
99.99% availability SLA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Cloud Facility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Highly Secured & Firewall Protected Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Your privacy and security is our priority.

Easily automated synchronization between any device
  • Automatically upload all your camera photos from mobile
  • Synchronize all your files and folders from laptop/computer (Linux or Windows)
  • Spreadsheet – Like Google WorkSpace, Office 365
  • Audio & Video player for all your multimedia files
  • More features such as tags, Comments, Search, Offline, Favorite, Restore
  • Download & Upload easily using any tools or bulk
  • All OS supported such as IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and WebDAV
  • Files automated tagging
What can you do with Hostingraja Cloud Storage?
Cloud Storage image 1
  • We make safe cloud storage superficial and suitable.
  • You can sync your data from any device with the help of a Backup solution.
  • File sharing and folder sharing can be managed and shared completely safely and securely.
  • Easily to collaborate, Edit, and share content anytime.
Cloud Storage image 1

File sharing & Collaboration

File sharing and collabratin
  • Protected file sharing with anyone inside and past your community.
  • Without worrying about size share files and folders.
  • In case of the wrong recipient cancel links and cancel shared links immediately.
  • Permission is required to allow editing, uploading, downloading, and unsharing.

Seamless software for all your devices

Cloud Storage software
  • Sync all your devices without any limits.
  • Sync all OS like IOS, Android Windows, Mac, Linux, and WebDAV
  • Converting documents to pdf, scanning documents, and creating voice memos is available.
  • Now upload the camera roll automatically.
Cloud Storage software

Extend functionality using apps

Extend functionality using apps image
  • You can extend the functionality with extra characteristics and features from the app store.
  • Calendar, contacts, mail, and many more.
  • KeePass management will help you manage all your passwords.
  • Video calls, collaboration, and productivity.

Protected, encryption-secured external storage

External storage securely encrypted

You can access your data wherever it is through the external storage feature provided. Access files stored with a vast variety of popular cloud service providers such as Google, Amazon, and many more, but you can also access them utilizing standard protocols such as Network file storage, File transfer protocol, and many more.

You can encode data from both local and remote storage with the help of the Encryption App. This allows you to protect data on the network beyond your server.

External storage securely encrypted

Automate tasks

Extend functionality using apps image

With the help of Automate tasks, you no longer have to do the repetitive task again and again. Hostingraja makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks. For example- by creating a new ticket from an email or form, and sending it manually every time could be boring and time-consuming so you could just let the automated task do it.

Easy user management

Easy user management

You can access your data wherever it is through the external storage feature provided. Access files stored with a vast variety of popular cloud service providers such as Google, Amazon, and many more, but you can also access them utilizing standard protocols such as Network file storage, File transfer protocol, and many more.

You can encode data from both local and remote storage with the help of the Encryption App. This allows you to protect data on the network beyond your server.

Easy user management


  • Zero adds and tiniest cookies
  • Zero-knowledge authentication
  • Personal data is not collected
  • External storage data encryption
End-to-end encryption


  • Two-factor authentication for cloud storage
  • Malware Protection
  • SSL channel protection
  • Remote wipe
  • Withdraw access from users and devices
  • Password policy enforcement
  • File and folder password protection

HostingRaja Cloud Storage Server FAQ’s

HostingRaja Cloud Storage works by storing your files and data on remote servers located in data centers. It utilizes cloud technologies to provide high availability, scalability, and data redundancy.

The benefits of using HostingRaja Cloud Storage include data accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, data security with built-in encryption, automatic backups, scalability to accommodate growing storage needs, and cost savings compared to traditional storage solutions.

HostingRaja Cloud Storage ensures data security through various measures such as encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, data stored in the cloud is protected from physical threats like hardware failures or disasters.

Yes, HostingRaja Cloud Storage allows you to access your files from different devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can use dedicated client applications or web interfaces to access and manage your files.

The storage limit depends on the specific HostingRaja Cloud Storage plan you choose. HostingRaja offers various storage plans with different capacity options to suit your needs.

Yes, HostingRaja Cloud Storage provides sharing capabilities, allowing you to share files and folders with specific individuals or groups. You can control access permissions and set expiration dates for shared links.

Yes, HostingRaja Cloud Storage typically includes automatic backup features to ensure that your data is regularly backed up. This helps protect against accidental deletion, data corruption, or other issues.

HostingRaja Cloud Storage often provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow integration with other applications or websites. This enables seamless data exchange and storage integration between different systems.

HostingRaja typically offers technical support through various channels such as ticket-based support, live chat, and phone support. They have support teams to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter with HostingRaja Cloud Storage.

Reviews from Cloud Migration Services Customers

  • Profile

    Sam Rose

    15 Apr 2024

    Hostingraja Cloud Storage has made managing and organizing my files easy. The option to tag and categorize files automatically makes finding what I need a lot easier. It’s a simple yet powerful feature that I can’t do without now.

  • Profile

    Sowbarnika Ravi

    30 Nov 2023

    I appreciate the range of features that Hostingraja Cloud Storage offers. From the ability to play multimedia files to easy file tagging and comments, it’s like having my personal workspace in the cloud. The search and restore features have been particularly handy.

  • Profile

    Roopesh Sharma

    11 Dec 2023

    With Hostingraja Cloud Storage, my life has become so much easier due to automated synchronization between devices. I don’t have to manually upload photos or files anymore; it’s all done automatically, saving me time and effort.

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