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India’s Most Simplified and Innovative Kubernetes Platform

Experience Innovative Kubernetes Cluster Hosting: As a pioneering force in the technology domain, HostingRaja proudly presents a revolutionary Kubernetes platform that redefines hosting. Harness the power of a single click to effortlessly scale your resources both vertically and horizontally, effortlessly accommodating up to a staggering 1 million (10 lakhs) page views daily. Tailor-made for high-traffic websites yearning for unmatched performance and unshakeable stability, HostingRaja’s Kubernetes solution delivers precise resource allocation for seamlessly handling substantial web traffic. Enrich your online presence with HostingRaja’s avant-garde technology, orchestrating a symphony of seamless scalability and amplified digital prominence. Step into a realm of unparalleled performance and unwavering reliability courtesy of HostingRaja’s Kubernetes hosting prowess.

Seamless Scalability Unveiled: HostingRaja’s Kubernetes platform ushers in a new era of effortless scalability. Empowering you with the simplicity of ONE CLICK, you can effortlessly expand up to 40 pods to cater to your web, mobile, or application needs. Unveil this exclusive opportunity and immerse yourself in the realm of our Kubernetes platform, available FREE for three months. Unleash the latent potential of Kubernetes and relish in the harmonious cadence of seamless scalability, amplifying the performance of your digital assets. Seize the moment to transcend your online presence and cultivate a landscape of streamlined application operation. Join us today and savor the gamut of benefits offered by HostingRaja’s Kubernetes hosting solution.

What is Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration that includes container deployment, scaling & descaling of containers & load balancing which is managed in the clustered environment. It was founded by google but now it is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The main aim of the Kubernetes is to provide a more dependable platform for automating deployment, and operations across clusters of hosts. Using Kubernetes for your business will help your application workflow to go smooth and stimulate better developer velocity.

Kubernetes Features

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Kubernetes comes with high security and also with highly secured servers. And it has got both HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.1 Compliance.

Auto Scale

Auto Scale

Quickly and automatically scale your application deployment (RAM, CPU, Disk space, etc) up and down as per your requirements.

Quick Consistent Builds

FREE Migration and Setup

We provide FREE migration and setup for your kubernetes applications.

Hybrid Networking

Hybrid Networking

Kubernetes uses the hybrid networking system and enables rapid application development by having a reserve IP address for your cluster and allowing your cluster IPs to synchronize with a private network.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Kubernetes clusters are fully managed with better security and it is also managed by HostingRaja Dedicated Support team and ensuring better availability and also up-to-date.

Stateful Application Support

Pay 40% Less and Better Technology

Get better technology with autoscale and high availability, By default your website/application runs on 3 DB clusters and 3 HA web servers such as Apache/Ngnix.



Quickly build, deploy and scale in
the public cloud


Professionally managed,
enterprise-grade Kubernetes


Secure Kubernetes platform on
your own infrastructure

What is a Kubernetes Service?

Kubernetes Cluster Hosting Services: Kubernetes Cluster Hosting is a comprehensive service that orchestrates a collection of pods, each running within the cluster. This innovative concept defines a cohesive group of Pods, and the allocation of Pods to a Service is commonly determined by a Label Selector. With Kubernetes Cluster Hosting, the microservice architecture is efficiently managed and controlled.

Kubernetes: Empowering Portability and Efficiency in Kubernetes Cloud Hosting: Kubernetes, renowned for its portability and efficiency, stands as a prominent open-source platform designed to manage containerized workloads and services. This platform excels in facilitating both declarative configuration and automation, ensuring seamless operation. Kubernetes extends support to various application services, including the straightforward Endpoints API. This API can be dynamically updated to accommodate changes in the set of Pods within a Service. With its wide availability of Kubernetes services, support, and tools, this platform offers a versatile solution for cloud hosting needs. Unlock the Potential of Kubernetes Dedicated Server Hosting: Kubernetes Dedicated Server Hosting delivers a dynamic solution for managing containerized workloads. By orchestrating a collective of pods, each comprising a dedicated server, Kubernetes maximizes resource allocation and utilization. This approach optimizes the performance and efficiency of applications while providing the flexibility and scalability required for modern hosting demands. Experience the power of Kubernetes Dedicated Server Hosting for enhanced control and robust application management.

Portability and flexibility

Kubernetes provides unmatched portability, supporting multiple underlying infrastructures like Linux and Windows. It effortlessly operates on public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises servers, offering flexibility and compatibility. Organizations can deploy and manage Kubernetes across diverse platforms, ensuring seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. This portability empowers businesses to make infrastructure choices that best suit their needs without compromising on Kubernetes capabilities. Experience the freedom and versatility of Kubernetes by leveraging its cross-platform capabilities.

Multi-cloud Capability with Kubernetes Cluster Hosting:

The dynamic nature of Kubernetes shines through its ability to transcend cloud boundaries, allowing workloads to seamlessly traverse across various clouds or stay within a single cloud ecosystem. Thanks to its adaptable architecture, Kubernetes excels in the efficient orchestration and management of distributed workloads, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure. With its innate scalability, Kubernetes empowers effortless transitions and deployments across different cloud platforms. Harness the prowess of Kubernetes to optimize workload distribution and achieve operational agility within diverse cloud environments.

Enhanced Developer Productivity with Kubernetes Dedicated Server:

Kubernetes’ declarative constructs and developer-friendly approach have redefined deployment methodologies, fostering heightened collaboration among development teams. Embracing Kubernetes translates to rapid scaling and deployment, enabling multiple deployments within a single day rather than a monthly cadence. This newfound agility paves the way for accelerated iteration and innovation, equipping teams to deliver updates and enhancements at an unprecedented pace. Embrace Kubernetes to streamline your deployment workflows and unleash the full potential of your development team.

Proven and Battle-Tested Excellence in Kubernetes Cloud Hosting:

Kubernetes has garnered widespread adoption within IT circles, proving its reliability and efficiency in managing intricate cloud environments. Its incorporation into the daily operations of thousands of organizations underscores its credibility as a robust solution. By simplifying the intricacies of the cloud, Kubernetes has emerged as the preferred choice for orchestrating and streamlining containerized applications. Embrace Kubernetes to optimize your cloud infrastructure, harness its proven capabilities, and elevate your scalability, reliability, and overall operational efficiency. Step into the world of Kubernetes and become part of the burgeoning community that benefits from its transformative capabilities.

Leadership in the Market of Kubernetes Cluster Hosting:

From its origins as a developer-centric project, Kubernetes has swiftly penetrated the enterprise landscape across diverse industries. Recent surveys reveal that the majority of respondents, comprising five-eighths of participants, have seamlessly integrated Kubernetes into their production environments. This widespread adoption showcases the escalating acknowledgment of Kubernetes as a dominant force for managing and scaling containerized applications. Organizations are readily embracing Kubernetes to streamline operations and tap into its robust feature set. Join the thriving community of Kubernetes users and unlock the potential of efficient container orchestration for your business.

Multi-cloud capability

Kubernetes demonstrates its versatility through portability, enabling workloads to be hosted across multiple clouds or within a single cloud environment. Its flexible architecture empowers efficient management and orchestration of distributed workloads, independent of the underlying cloud infrastructure. With seamless scalability, Kubernetes facilitates smooth transitions and deployments between different cloud platforms. Leverage the power of Kubernetes to optimize workload distribution and achieve operational agility in diverse cloud environments.

Increased developer productivity

Kubernetes’ declarative constructs and ops-friendly approach have revolutionized deployment methodologies, fostering greater collaboration among teams. With Kubernetes, deployments can be scaled and deployed rapidly, enabling multiple deployments per day instead of once a month. This agility promotes faster iteration and innovation, empowering teams to deliver updates and improvements more frequently. Embrace Kubernetes to streamline your deployment processes and unlock the full potential of your development team.

Proven and battle-tested

Kubernetes has gained widespread adoption among IT groups, proving its reliability and effectiveness in managing complex cloud environments. Its usage by thousands of organizations on a daily basis speaks to its trustworthiness as a solution. By simplifying the complexities of the cloud, Kubernetes has emerged as a popular choice for streamlining and orchestrating containerized applications. Embrace Kubernetes to optimize your cloud infrastructure and leverage its proven capabilities for improved scalability, reliability, and operational efficiency. Experience the benefits of Kubernetes and join the growing community of organizations benefiting from its power.

Market leader

Kubernetes has evolved from a developer-centric project to being widely adopted by enterprises across industries. A recent survey revealed that a majority of respondents, five-eighths, have integrated Kubernetes into their production environments. This widespread adoption showcases the growing recognition of Kubernetes as a powerful solution for managing and scaling containerized applications. Organizations are embracing Kubernetes to streamline their operations and leverage its robust capabilities. Join the growing community of Kubernetes users and unlock the potential of efficient container orchestration for your business.

Run your favourite applications on Kubernetes

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Are you cloud-based at present?

If your answer is yes, it is recommended to consider a hosted solution. With a hosted solution, you can quickly create clusters and deploy containers. The cloud provider manages administrative activities such as ensuring high availability, implementing security measures, and performing upgrades and OS patching for your cluster. This allows you to focus on your core tasks without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. With seamless operations and minimal involvement required, a hosted solution offers convenience and efficiency for your needs.

Using a hosted solution on the cloud is preferable over running your own IaaS-based solution, even if the outcome is identical. By opting for a hosted solution, you not only gain financial advantages but also save yourself the burden of managing all aspects independently. Hosting on the cloud relieves you from the responsibilities of infrastructure management, allowing you to focus on core tasks. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of a hosted solution make it a preferred choice for many businesses.

Here are some of the widely favored hosted cloud Kubernetes solutions:

Anthos-Powered Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Google Anthos delivers a robust managed Kubernetes cluster with its highly reliable infrastructure. With a pay-per-use model for worker nodes and a minimal management charge of $0.10 per cluster per hour, Anthos offers cost-effective scalability. One notable feature is the ability to run Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on premises, providing organizations with flexible deployment options. Anthos empowers businesses to build and manage modern applications seamlessly across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Unlock the full potential of Kubernetes with Anthos and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Azure Kubernetes Service

AKS, Azure’s managed Kubernetes service, provides a distinct pricing model that sets it apart. Microsoft eliminates the cluster management fee, ensuring users only pay for the worker nodes and network resources they use. This transparent pricing approach allows for cost optimization and flexibility. AKS further offers cost savings options, such as long-term commitments and partner discounts, empowering businesses to optimize their Kubernetes deployments. With AKS, organizations can efficiently manage and scale their containerized applications on the Azure cloud platform, leveraging the benefits of Kubernetes without unnecessary expenses.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Enhanced

AWS, a prominent cloud provider, has expanded its offerings to include Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), their own managed Kubernetes solution. EKS combines the power of Kubernetes with the scalability and reliability of AWS infrastructure. With competitive pricing, including a $0.10/cluster/hour management charge, EKS ensures cost efficiency for users. Additionally, AWS is dedicated to enhancing EKS as their primary Kubernetes solution, continuously improving its features and capabilities. By leveraging EKS, businesses can deploy and manage containerized applications seamlessly on the AWS cloud platform, benefiting from the versatility of Kubernetes and the robustness of AWS services.

Are you utilizing an on-premises setup?

On-premises infrastructure is a secondary choice within the Kubernetes ecosystem, as it may require additional setup and specialized controllers for functionalities like load balancer services and persistent volumes. While Kubernetes can be deployed on-premises, it lacks some of the out-of-the-box features available on cloud platforms. These on-premises solutions, such as VMware and VSphere, are less commonly used and often require skilled resources for maintenance. However, organizations seeking to maintain control over their infrastructure and comply with specific data regulations may still opt for on-premises Kubernetes deployments.
If cloud migration is not feasible, on-premises solutions offer turnkey options to address regulatory or security constraints. These solutions provide organizations with the flexibility to maintain control over their infrastructure while meeting their specific requirements.

Google Kubernetes Engine on Anthos

Google Kubernetes Engine on Anthos is a powerful solution that brings the benefits of Kubernetes to your on-premises infrastructure. By installing Anthos, you can create a cloud-consistent environment that allows you to run GKE seamlessly. This means you can enjoy a consistent Kubernetes experience, whether your workloads are on-premises or in the cloud. Anthos empowers organizations to leverage the scalability and flexibility of Kubernetes across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


OpenShift, developed by Red Hat, is a feature-rich container platform built on top of Kubernetes. It offers enhanced capabilities for application development, deployment, and management, making it a leading choice in the industry. With OpenShift, users benefit from automated scaling, comprehensive monitoring, and streamlined CI/CD workflows. The platform is highly scalable and adaptable, supporting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. OpenShift empowers organizations to efficiently run containerized applications and optimize their development processes.


Rancher is a powerful open-source container management platform designed to simplify the deployment and management of containerized applications. With its user-friendly interface, Rancher allows users to easily deploy and scale applications across multiple clusters and cloud providers. It provides essential features such as cluster provisioning, load balancing, and monitoring, streamlining operations for containerized environments. Rancher supports various container orchestration frameworks, including Kubernetes, offering flexibility and compatibility for diverse infrastructure setups. By leveraging Rancher, organizations can optimize their container workflows and enhance their overall application management experience.


If you choose to build your own Kubernetes cluster, using tools like kubeadm, kops, or kubespray can help streamline the setup process and ensure a consistent configuration. However, it’s important to thoroughly assess the readiness of your cluster for production environments. This includes conducting conformance and security testing to identify and resolve any potential issues. By taking these measures, you can ensure a robust and secure Kubernetes cluster that meets the demands of your applications and infrastructure.

For more information and discussions on Kubernetes platforms and their applications, please feel free to contact me through my Expert Connect profile or connect with me on LinkedIn. I am happy to provide further insights and answer any questions you may have.

HostingRaja Kubernetes Hosting FAQ’s

HostingRaja's Kubernetes hosting offers a simplified and innovative platform with one-click scalability. It's ideal for high-traffic websites seeking robust performance, and it efficiently handles substantial web traffic.

Kubernetes allows for both vertical and horizontal scaling. Vertical scaling involves increasing the resources of a single node, while horizontal scaling adds more nodes to the cluster to distribute the workload.

A Kubernetes pod stands as the tiniest and fundamental deployment entity within the Kubernetes framework. It symbolizes a singular occurrence of an operational process or application within the cluster. A pod holds the capability to encompass a multitude of containers, all coordinated and administered as a cohesive unit.

Yes, HostingRaja offers a special offer allowing you to try their Kubernetes platform for free for three months. This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of Kubernetes hosting.

Kubernetes optimizes application performance by intelligently distributing workloads across nodes, scaling resources based on demand, and ensuring high availability and redundancy.

One-click scaling simplifies the process of adding resources to your application. With a single click, you can scale vertically or horizontally, ensuring your application can handle varying levels of traffic.

Yes, Kubernetes hosting can benefit small businesses by offering efficient resource management, scalability, and flexibility. HostingRaja's simplified platform makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

HostingRaja's Kubernetes hosting is built on a highly reliable infrastructure that prioritizes uptime and performance. This ensures that your applications and websites remain accessible to users at all times.

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