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Effortless ECommerce Hosting In One-Click Solutions

Our ECommerce hosting is enhanced with tons of features specifically for Ecom solutions such as Magento, Prestashop, Opencart and other leading ecommerce solutions. If you are developer or Ecommerce web design company, then you can simply use our One-Click installable options and install the following ECommerce solutions. It becomes easy for you to setup the ecommerce solution with our hosting environment.
One-Click ECommerce solutions available with our hosting solution FREE of cost.
  • Magento – A leading open source ecommerce platform, comes with tons of features and 100s of quality themes.
  • OpenCart – A very well established and proven ECommerce platform, lightfast, super fast and good for customisation and scaling
  • PrestaShop – A Free Ecom solution with commercial quality and easy to use Dashboard
  • WooCommerce – It is a ecom solution developed for the most popular CMS (WordPress) in the world.
  Solutions available with HostingRaja for online ecommerce websites We provide various solutions for Ecommerce websites, Starting from simple shared hosting to complex multi-node architecture with more than 4 servers. Choosing the correct hosting solution could be a complex task, but We will help you. Even If you choose the wrong hosting solution, You don’t need to worry about it, Our team of experts can help you migrating the content from one hosting solution to another hosting plan without downtime or with minimum down time without affecting your business. If you are planning to start a ecommerce website or If you are at the beginning of your business and not sure about the traffic or less on budget, then you can go ahead with any one of the shared hosting plan. But, however we recommend you to go with at least any VPS or dedicated server or cloud server with 4 to 6GB RAM for any ecommerce website. Note: All our hosting solutions support the technical requirement of all the major ecommerce platforms.
Create your vision
Create your vision!

Maximize the potential of your eCommerce sites with our comprehensive resources. Seamlessly launch and manage your perfect online store on a user-friendly platform.

Instantly Launch
Instantly Launch!

Bid farewell to waiting time for hosting your site – the moment you sign up, your hosting is instantly provisioned, guaranteeing a hassle-free and seamless launch of your website.

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expand your reach!

Experience faster, smarter, and top-tier eCommerce hosting with our services, empowering you to build a strong brand and thrive in your eCommerce venture.

E-commerce Web Hosting Plan

Plans and Pricing

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Premium Corporate
Save 40%
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains

Select Duration


Premium SME
Save 40%
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains

Select Duration


Save 40%
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains

Select Duration


Save 30%
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 3 GB
  • Disk Space : 90 GB
  • Bandwidth : 3000 GB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration


Save 30%
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Disk Space : 120 GB
  • Bandwidth : 4000 GB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Ecommerce Optimized

Premium Ecommerce VPS
Save 30%
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Disk Space : 200 GB
  • Bandwidth : 10000 GB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Ecommerce Optimized

Extreme Ecommerce VPS
Save 30%
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • Disk Space : 250 GB
  • Bandwidth : 20000 GB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Basic Server
Save 10%
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 – 2 cores
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Disk Space : 2 x 160 GB
  • Bandwidth : 5 TB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Value Server
Save 15%
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 – 4 cores
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Disk Space : 2 x 300 GB
  • Bandwidth : 10 TB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Silver Server
Save 20%
  • CPU : Intel Core i5 – 4 cores
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Disk Space : 2 x 1 TB
  • Bandwidth : 10 TB
  • IP Address : 1

Select Duration

Expertized Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce website has been one of the favorite online shopping destinations for most of the people. So today if you are looking forward to having a beautiful ecommerce website for your business then you are at right place. Here at HostingRaja we have years of experience in providing expertized hosting solution for an ecommerce website, with amazing features and discounts. We provide optimized Ecommerce hosting solution for our customers. At HostingRaja we understand our customer’s requirements hence we provide ecommerce solution accordingly as per their requirements.

Today if opt to go with HostingRaja Ecommerce hosting solution then we provide complete free setup and installation of your Ecommerce website. And we provide ecommerce hosting solution on our VPS/ Cloud/ Dedicated platform, hence you no need to worry if there is any spike in your traffic. Because all our servers are dealt with more and better resources and are also highly secured with the latest security features. At HostingRaja we make sure that your Ecommerce website is much safer and also better supported than anywhere else!

Using eCommerce web hosting solution is one of the key to your online business success. With HostingRaja eCommerce hosting solution it allows our customers to reach around the world and thus helps you to reach more and more potential customers. All our eCommerce hosting plan comes with a free shopping cart with the secured online payment gateway and thus we ensure you with secure transactions. So today you can host your eCommerce website on 3 different platforms here at HostingRaja.

Benefits of Ecommerce hosting solution for a business

Expand customer reach with ecommerce hosting

Ecommerce hosting offers the advantage of reaching a larger customer base and expanding business opportunities. By hosting your website on the web, you can tap into a wider audience beyond traditional market limitations. Unlike relying solely on personal relations and referrals, an ecommerce platform allows businesses to leverage search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract unique visitors and increase visibility. This increased online visibility and accessibility enhance the chances of reaching new customers and driving conversions. With the right marketing strategies and a well-optimized ecommerce website, businesses can effectively reach and engage with a larger audience, resulting in increased brand exposure and growth.

Ecommerce hosting enables international sales

Ecommerce hosting offers the advantage of selling products or services to customers worldwide, expanding your market reach significantly. Unlike brick and mortar stores limited by geographic location, an ecommerce website enables access to customers from any location. This global presence provides the opportunity to discover and connect with new customers regardless of their location. The ease of reaching customers worldwide through an ecommerce platform eliminates barriers to entry in international markets, allowing for seamless expansion and growth. By leveraging ecommerce hosting, businesses can tap into a global customer base and unlock new sales opportunities.

Easy interaction with real-time feedback

An ecommerce website provides real-time feedback, suggestions, and testimonials from customers, fostering engagement and trust. Positive customer reviews contribute to building a strong brand and instilling confidence in your business and offerings. They serve as powerful social proof, attracting new customers and increasing conversions. Conversely, negative reviews offer valuable insights, highlighting areas for improvement and allowing businesses to address customer concerns promptly. By leveraging customer feedback, ecommerce businesses can continuously enhance their products, services, and customer experience, driving long-term success.

Ecommerce hosting enables effortless scalability

An ecommerce hosting solution offers the flexibility to scale up and down hosting resources as needed. It allows businesses to handle spikes in web traffic without compromising performance. Scaling up resources ensures optimal website performance during high-demand periods, preventing slowdowns or crashes. It enables businesses to meet customer demands effectively, enhancing user experience and maximizing sales opportunities. Conversely, scaling down resources during slower periods helps optimize costs by aligning resources with actual demand, ensuring efficient resource allocation. Overall, the scalability of an ecommerce hosting solution ensures a smooth and responsive online shopping experience for customers while enabling businesses to effectively manage their hosting resources.

Instantly Launch Your eCommerce Hosting within Seconds

Transform your online selling journey with utmost ease. HostingRaja’s premier eCommerce website hosting enables you to set up your virtual store effortlessly in just three simple steps. Embrace a fresh chapter for your brand and experience remarkable growth in your online store venture. Our unparalleled eCommerce hosting solutions empower you to effortlessly scale your online business within moments. Seize the chance to establish a flourishing online footprint and achieve unprecedented levels of accomplishment.

Turn Your Dream into Reality!

HostingRaja empowers you to create efficient eCommerce websites effortlessly. Host your perfect online store on our hassle-free platform.

Go Live in No Time!

At HostingRaja, we ensure your website is up and running the moment you sign up. Say goodbye to waiting for your hosting to be ready.

Supercharge Your Business!

Experience faster, smarter, and top-notch eCommerce hosting with HostingRaja. Build your brand and watch your online business thrive.

Realize Your Dream Store!

Explore a Wide Range of Shopping Carts. Make Your Dream Store a Reality with Our Selection.

Swiftly Launch Your Site!

Swift Setup with No Additional Charges. Launch Your Website Effortlessly.

Supercharge Your Business!

Harness the Power of Lightning-Fast SSD NVMe Storage for Blazing Page Loading Speeds.

Protect Your Vision with Cloud-Powered Backups!

Safeguard Your Precious Data with Secure Cloud-Based Website Backups. Your Dreams, Backed by Ironclad Data Security.

Seamless Business Communication!

Quickly Create and Access Email IDs from anywhere, anytime for seamless communication and efficient professional correspondence.

Strengthen Your Enterprise with Empowering Solutions!

Opt for an Intuitive Control Panel for Streamlined Store Management. Seamlessly Handle Databases and Email Operations with Ease.

Best B2B E-commerce plans

Business to Business e-commerce website solutions has motor-assisted people in creating cash. every and each kind of business has attained cash from the web business. The B2B websites developed these days provide complete solutions to the shoppers. each the sellers and consumers can merely access the data relating to the product, and their availableness. to determine a long-run relationship with the patron, the vendor offers them with the order standing facility, discounts, details of the last transactions, and what’s new in their store. the web site developers have complete management over the inventory knowledge and products management.

B2B E-commerce services provider

E-commerce VPS and eCommerce Dedicated Server square measure the services offered by many net hosting organizations. additionally, to supply e-commerce practicality, they’ll additionally supply an internet house or an internet server to host your website. associate email server or email support, technical support and for a lot of net hosting options for businesses also are provided.

E-commerce hosting differs from customary net hosting therein a variety of options and functionalities square measure required to manage and run an advert web site. This consists of SSL, cart software system, information support, payment method services, and extra e-commerce software system and security initiatives. E-commerce hosting is supposed primarily to supply entrepreneurs and businesses with all the tools and services required for them to set-up, manage associated run an e-commerce business.

Features You Need to Know about B2B E-commerce features

B2B checkout flexibility

The flexibility of the checkout process is a crucial feature in B2B e-commerce platforms. It allows businesses to streamline their purchasing processes by accommodating the unique requirements of B2B transactions. With a flexible checkout process, B2B buyers can easily navigate through complex purchasing scenarios, such as bulk ordering, negotiated pricing, and multi-level approval workflows. It enables customization of payment terms, shipping options, and delivery schedules to align with the specific needs of B2B customers. Additionally, the flexibility of the checkout process in B2B e-commerce platforms ensures seamless integration with existing procurement systems, ERP software, and supply chain management tools, facilitating efficient order processing and fulfillment. Overall, the flexibility of the checkout process plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience, driving customer satisfaction, and fostering long-term relationships in B2B e-commerce.

B2B mobile responsiveness

High mobile responsiveness is a crucial feature in B2B e-commerce platforms. It ensures that the platform is optimized for mobile devices, allowing B2B buyers to easily access and navigate the site on their smartphones or tablets. With high mobile responsiveness, businesses can provide a seamless user experience across different devices, enabling buyers to browse products, place orders, and manage their accounts on the go. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility, catering to the increasing demand for mobile-centric B2B interactions. It also helps businesses reach a wider audience and stay competitive in the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Efficient B2B client registration

Client registration is a vital feature in B2B e-commerce platforms. It allows businesses to onboard new clients and facilitate the establishment of customer accounts. With client registration, businesses can gather essential information from B2B buyers, such as company details, contact information, and billing preferences. This feature streamlines the ordering process and enables personalized experiences for clients. It also supports the implementation of pricing tiers, contract terms, and tailored product catalogs based on specific client profiles. Additionally, client registration enables efficient order tracking, communication, and customer support. Overall, it plays a crucial role in establishing strong business relationships and facilitating smooth transactions in B2B e-commerce.

Ecommerce complex pricing system

A complex pricing system is a key feature in B2B e-commerce platforms. It allows businesses to implement sophisticated pricing structures to accommodate the unique requirements of B2B transactions. With a complex pricing system, businesses can establish tiered pricing based on factors like volume, customer segments, or contract agreements. It enables the customization of pricing rules, discounts, and promotions to cater to specific client needs. This feature supports negotiated pricing, dynamic pricing, and contract-based pricing models. Additionally, a complex pricing system integrates with inventory management and order processing systems, ensuring accurate pricing calculations and seamless transaction processing. Overall, it empowers businesses to offer flexible and competitive pricing options in B2B e-commerce, facilitating successful sales and long-term customer relationships.

Ecommerce email marketing services

Email marketing services are essential features in B2B e-commerce platforms. They enable businesses to engage with their B2B clients through targeted and personalized email campaigns. With email marketing services, businesses can nurture leads, promote new products or services, and maintain ongoing communication with clients. These services offer features such as email automation, segmentation, and analytics, allowing businesses to send timely and relevant content to specific client segments. Email marketing services also integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enabling seamless data synchronization and tracking of email interactions. This feature helps businesses build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and generate repeat business in the B2B e-commerce space.

HostingRaja Ecommerce Hosting FAQ’s

Using e-commerce hosting provides several benefits, including high performance and reliability, scalability to handle increased traffic and sales, robust security measures to protect customer data, integration with popular e-commerce platforms and tools, and dedicated technical support for e-commerce-related issues.

While it's not mandatory, specialized e-commerce hosting is highly recommended for online stores. E-commerce hosting providers understand the unique requirements of running an online business and offer features and optimizations that can enhance the performance and security of your e-commerce website.

When choosing an e-commerce hosting provider, consider features like high uptime guarantees, fast page loading speeds, PCI compliance for secure payment processing, SSL certificates for data encryption, support for popular e-commerce platforms, robust database capabilities, and reliable customer support.

Yes, you can use your existing domain name with e-commerce hosting. Simply update the DNS settings of your domain to point to the nameservers provided by your hosting provider. This allows your website to be accessible using your custom domain name.

Yes, having an SSL certificate is crucial for e-commerce websites. It ensures that sensitive customer information, such as payment details, is transmitted securely over encrypted connections. It also helps establish trust with customers, as they see the padlock icon and "https" in the browser address bar.

Reputable e-commerce hosting providers offer scalability options to handle high traffic and sales spikes. They utilize technologies like load balancing, caching, and scalable infrastructure to ensure your website can handle increased demand without compromising performance.

E-commerce hosting providers implement various security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, DDoS protection, regular security audits, and backups. They also adhere to industry standards and compliance requirements to safeguard customer data and protect against cyber threats.

Yes, most e-commerce hosting solutions allow integration with popular third-party payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.Net. This enables you to securely process online payments and offer multiple payment options to your customers.

Many e-commerce hosting providers offer website migration services to help you transfer your existing e-commerce website from another hosting provider. They provide guidance and support to ensure a seamless transition, minimizing downtime and preserving data integrity.

Online store and Ecommerce Customer Reviews
  • Profile


    28 Mar 2024

    I deeply appreciate HostingRaja’s prompt resolution of the “Class ‘Controller’ not found” error, ensuring my website’s uninterrupted functionality. Your team’s technical expertise and efficient handling of the problem impressed me. Additionally, I am immensely grateful for the seamless migration of my online store from OpenCart to your new server.

    As a non-technical person, I approached the migration with uncertainty, but your meticulous guidance resulted in a successful transition with minimal downtime. I am thankful for the seamless data transfer and the upgraded OpenCart version, enhancing my store’s performance. HostingRaja’s professionalism, expertise, and personalized support have exceeded my expectations, making me a delighted member of your community python shared server from hosting raja first, I was not able to access few php extensions, when reached to the support team they had given me an alternate solution of upgrading to VPS, it was quite challenging since we had to discuss with our teams on purchasing a new server, after purchasing we faced no issues there as we now have full ownership and access to the server, allowing us to operate without any further issues. purchased a Node.js server from HostingRaja, and I must say it’s an incredibly user-friendly tool. Making changes through the OVI panel reflects instantly on the backend, making the whole process very efficient. Not only is it faster, but it’s also affordable, which is a big plus. Overall, HostingRaja’s Node.js server has been easy to work with.aja made our cloud migration effortless! Their expert team ensured a smooth transition and provided excellent ongoing support. Highly satisfied with their services!

  • Profile

    Bharat Sharma

    11 Jan 2024

    We I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding support and assistance you have provided me with regarding two issues I was facing with my Magento 2.4.4-p2 website. Your expertise and prompt resolution of these problems have been truly commendable.

    Firstly, I want to thank you for addressing the “Class log/cron does not exist” error message that I was constantly receiving in my cron_schedule table for the log_clean task. Your team efficiently identified the root cause and swiftly resolved the issue. I am relieved to see that the cron jobs are now running smoothly without any errors.

    Secondly, I am extremely grateful for your help in resolving the recurring “file is corrupt and cannot be used” error that I encountered every time I attempted to import data. Your thorough investigation and subsequent fix have alleviated this problem entirely. I can now import files seamlessly without any concerns about data corruption. searching for a better Python hosting provider, and when we compared the pricing of all other servers, we found that Hostingraja’s was quite reasonable. This made us consider buying their services. However, we faced an issue, and their support team took quite a while to address and resolve it. We had to contact them multiple times, clearly explaining the problem until their senior support came to our rescue. Thankfully, he understood our issue and provided the much-needed solution. We are grateful for the assistance from the senior support team.

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