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What is a Server?

You have arrived at this page to purchase servers with fully managed support and free control panel, kindly pick your server type underneath. We give a wide range of servers that is fully optimized for better execution, select the server that suits your business. If you don’t have a clue what sort of servers you want, kindly contact our sales team, We will be eager to assist you or you can check with your web developer. If you need to learn exhaustively about the rundown of servers given by us then, at that point, look down to find out more details.

The server is a computer that serves information about different computers. It is a specialized device or machine along with a unique set of programs that offers numerous services on which the server hardware and the software give various assistance related to the user’s demands. Generally, the servers are located in data centers with multiple internet bandwidth from various ISPs such as Airtel, Reliance, Tata and much more. Each server is connected with multiple power supply to ensure that, Your server is up and running all the time with any power interruption. Most of the servers provided by HostingRaja are powered with a redundant power supply with multiple internet connections.

The server will offer different functionalities such as centralized access to data, stored information, routing system, resources, etc. A server acts as a client/server network because both the server and user act commonly to execute the responsibilities. Usually, the server comes in various types and sizes to facilitate different tasks.

Most of the computer networks will support one or more servers to manage the specific task. Moreover, the greater the network in terms of clients that connect to it or the volume of data that it passes. Most probably it is that multiple servers that play a role by each dedicated to a particular purpose. There are 100s of different types of servers are used in Internet, Lets list down some of them.

Types of servers – A brief explanation
  1. Web Servers such as Ngnix/Apache. Apache is very popular on the Internet, which is responsible to deliver the website content to your browser.
  2. DB – Database servers such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle. This is where all your information is stored and retrieved
  3. FTP – File Transfer Protocol server. Using this server, You can transfer the files between your computer and server.
  4. Email Servers such as SMTP and POP3, IMAP. These servers are used to send and receive emails.
  5. DNS – These servers help in mapping the server’s IP address to a domain names
  6. Proxy – Load Balancer. This server helps in splitting or dividing the traffic among multiple web or DB servers. In some cases, a single web server will not be able to serve all the customer’s requests. In this case, an LB server helps in sharing the load among multiple web/DB servers.
List of servers

We provide various kinds of servers which are preinstalled, optimised and ready to serve with GUI. For example, If you buy a server for node js from other service providers, then you need to install and configure and before start using it. One of the other key aspects, how we are different from other service providers is that, We also provide unique and easy to use GUI for all purposes. Find the list of examples below.

  • Java server with GUI option to deploy war files, access the log, restart the tomcat server and various other options
  • Nodejs server with GUI option, pre installed and ready to use, You can choose between Apache and nginx for better performance
  • Python servers with GUI
  • Laravel servers
  • Linux VPS with Free Control panel or with cPanel
  • Windows VPS Server with Plesk or Without control panel
  • Linux Dedicated with Free Control panel or with cPanel
  • Windows Dedicated Server with Plesk or Without control panel
  • WordPress Server optimized for better performance
  • cloud server with vertical scaling
What are the servers covered under your managed support?

Like every company, We have expertise on various application servers such as web/email/applications servers. Under our fully managed support, the following servers are supported.

  • Web Servers
    1. Apache Web server
    2. Ngnix Web server
    3. Litespeed Web server
    4. IIS web server
  • Email Servers
    1. Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin
  • Database servers
    1. MySQL DB servers
    2. MongoDB server
    3. MSSQL DB server
    4. Postgresql
  • Application Web Servers
    1. Laravel Server
    2. ReactJS Serve
    3. Python Server
    4. MongoDB Serve
    5. AngularJS Server
    6. VueJs
    7. TallyServer (Only installation support & no managed support)
Buy a server

Buy a Server

A server can pay attention to the port for the approaching network demands, for the simple interaction between the Web server and the browser. Furthermore, the server is a wardrobe for pages that respond when the client requires a specific website. Moreover, this request is only a way to enter the web address into a browser, to arrive on the requested website.

All the servers observe these requests through ports, by giving responses instantly to address the website page requested by the user. Once the server has received the request, it used to verify and gather the varied components which make up a website and communicates this collected data back to the user’s web browser.

Types of Servers

Server cost for VPS website

There are numerous types of servers like proxy servers, email servers, web servers, backup servers, etc. Virtual Server is a virtualized server that is fully a server in terms of all functionalities, use cases, admin rights except that, All VMs running on a single dedicated box that shares common hardware.

Having your own Virtual Server or VPN(Virtual private network) means having total control of your entire server. And you will not be restricted to the volume of bandwidth you use and can also install the OS (operating system) of your choice.

VPS is formed by dividing the physical server into numerous small servers. Every server will consist of its own resources, but the processor of the central server will be shared by the small servers. Virtual servers permit users to build applications and use it as a regular server and thus can manage the traffic individually. Moreover, these servers are not physically present and they are actually virtualization of the main server. Hence, they are known as virtual servers.

Buy a (Dedicated) server india

A dedicated host is a server that is enclosed by a network of computers which are been set up completely to offer the most excellent assistance to only one key user. These servers are well suitable for users who require personalization on their specific demands along with the setup and installation of their own hardware and software on the server. No other type of server will be able to provide this requirement except the server. And these servers come with highly advanced software to administrate the complexities of the external software and the great number of resources as required.

This server is a physical server that can be leased from a company and used for your personal/business objectives. And it permits you to determine your own OS, hardware, and other specifications as you wish. Opting for a dedicated means nothing but receiving a physical server machine. So you can visually see your server and can make sure it is operating in the manner as you wish (entirely under your control).

If you are currently having a VPS web hosting account, with us, you can upgrade it to the dedicated server hosting at any point of time for ordering a new server. For a fully managed dedicated server we will be migrating the data from the current account to the new server. We also offer free migration of your data from other hosting providers absolutely free.

Purchase Cloud Server

Cloud is the servers which are used for computing resource for cloud computing. In essence, these servers are networked together to offer a unique supply of computing power from which cloud-based services can draw resources. Cloud servers offer medium and large enterprises a secure data storage and manage integrity across the multiple servers and it is known as Cloud. Having multiple websites or depending on your clients to place numerous orders online, then you must make use of the cloud server.

Cloud server technology is preferred by huge organizations due to the cloud’s multiple server computers. Moreover, cloud servers are online 24/7/365 as there is more than one server that can handle your website’s requirements. These servers also offer the availability to scale up any resources which are necessary by the network at any given point of time. This will be helpful if your site swiftly encounters triple or quadruple the normal amount of website traffic you receive. And the cloud server can be updated instantly to offer more RAM or different CPU will be able to handle your website visitor.

Server cost in india

We have affordable prices for our servers based on the industrial standard and it is lower when compared to other service providers. We guarantee that every customer gets a better price whatever the server you purchase from us. Also, we provide huge discounts for your referral and we reward you.

Shared server

226 204 161 85

Dedicated Server

3299 4799 6799 11415

VPS Server

549 699 899 1699

WordPresss Server

99 149 199 899

Java Server

299 449 1499 2499

Laravel Server

4799 /mon 6799 /mon 11415 /mon

React JS Server

PremiumExtremePremium +
899 /mon 1699 /mon 3999 /mon

Python Hosting

Python-PremiumPython-ExtremePython-Premium Pro
899 /mon 1699 /mon 3999 /mon

MongoDB Server

Mongo-PremiumMongo-ExtremeMongo-Premium +
899 /mon 1699 /mon 3999 /mon

AngularJS Server

Angular-PremiumAngular-ExtremeAngular-Premium Eco
899 /mon 1699 /mon 3999 /mon

What is a server used for?

The server is used to store, receive, and send data. Moreover, the server exists to provide services. A computer or a storage device may serve as a server, and it provides one or more services.

What exactly is a server?

A server is a computer connected to a network of other workstations called clients. Client computers call for information from the server over the web. Servers manage more storage, memory, and processing power than a workstation.