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special offer! Transfer to HostingRaja & Get 55% OFFER & Get excellent support.
One of the biggest challenges for a website owner is to move the website from one hosting provider to another hosting provider. The reason could be anything, but in most cases the reason is bad server uptime or bad technical support. That is the very reason we provide Website transfer service for free. Are you tired and unhappy with other hosting service providers? Moving to HostingRaja has never been so easy. Here at HostingRaja we provide migration services for free. The migration procedure is handled by our team of experts. To migrate your hosting account services all we require is an email stating that you would like to move the current files and data to our hosting solution. You would also be required to provide the cPanel or the current server details such as SSH or DB details.

Transfer Hosting in simple steps & get 55% OFF

Click here and Sign up for hosting. Once you make the payment, Go to step 02
Send us the hosting details like FTP, cPanel Password or Hosting Server SSH details and DB details of your old hosting
Our team will start the migration. Once the migration is over, we will test it and update you
Make sure that your website is up & running by being constant touch with our support team
Note : Ensure that, You have at least 1 week time to transfer the hosting. Though we might be able to transfer it in few days, Sometime due to technical issue, the Transfer will take about a week (If there is any technical issue). Note : We do not transfer more than 5 websites or domains in a single reseller or unlimited hosting package. If there are more than 5 websites/domains, you need to take care of transferring files/websites.
Important: Before you share the username and password of the server with us, Ensure to download the complete back up of your website from existing hosting provider.
Before starting the migration, Contact your existing hosting provider to get the complete backup of your website/account and download & store it in your local computer.

If migration does not happen due to some technical problems such as wrong username and password, network or bandwidth issue, Then we are not responsible for any data lose.
Be in constant touch with HostingRaja technical team, Until your website is migrated successfully and working fine

Advantages of Transferring to HostingRaja
  • We will transfer your website / Emails with Minimal Downtime
  • 55% Discount(Offer) when you transfer
  • Free .in/.net.in/co.in Domain name
  • Better support img
  • Low Latency & High Speed Servers
  • You are proud customer of #1 Hosting Company in India.
  • 3 Seconds Loading time for server customers - We help you with speed optimisation. For Details

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If your website is loading slow with other service provider and looking for better speed, then migrate to HostingRaja's VPS, We will ensure your website is loading faster. We provide quality VPS servers to our customers with superior technologies with most reliable virtualization platforms like VMWare, KVM, for Linux..

Why customer migrate to VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

For better performance, better speed and for security. To know more about the benefits involved with VPS server, contact us using the chat system, Our sales team will help you.


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How do I transfer my services from my existing service provider to HostingRaja?

If you want to migrate your website from your existing service provider to HostingRaja, Please check with our sales team. Also, we have given enough details in the above, Please check it without fail.

Will I get a free domain name with a web hosting package?

Yes, we do provide a free domain with a web hosting package. You get a free domain name with Dedicated server plans as well as with extreme, premium and extreme ecommerce vps. You can even choose Premium Corporate, Premium SME and unlimited plans. For more information you can always contact our sales representatives through live chat.

Who changes the name server after the hosting transfer is complete?

It is a very important thing to change your name server or MX record properly for your website to function correctly. It is the responsibility of the client to change the name server correctly, as we do not have access to your domain control panel, We can't change it. If the domain name is registered with us, then contact our support team, we will help you.

What are the steps involved in transfer hosting?

Sign up for hosting. Once you make the payment, Go to step 02.
Send us your hosting details like FTP, cPanel Password or Hosting Server SSH details and DB details of your old hosting. Our migration team will start the migration process. Once the migration is over, we will test it and update you soon. You need to make sure that your website is up & running by having constant touch with our support team.

Do I lose any data during transferring?

Assume, you have lots of data and heavy MySql activity, then there is a possibility of losing some records in MySql. Though we try our level best to minimize the data loss. But, please check with your developers. Or, You can instruct the technical team to do the data transfer during the night time or on Weekends.

How do I transfer my hosting along with domain name?

Please provide both Hosting and Domain control panel details to us after you have bought web hosting with us. Very Important: Ensure that both all the control panel credentials are working correctly.

Can you transfer without downtime?

We try our level best to transfer without downtime. In most of the cases the transfer will happen without downtime, But unfortunately sometimes there will be some downtime. Please check with our senior technical resource.

Is there any limit on the data when you transfer?

Yes, We transfer your web hosting, if it is less than few GB. If your website hosting data is more than 3 or 4 GB, please consult with our technical team. If you are having more than 4 GB data we recommend you to take care of the Hosting Transfer.

How many days take to transfer my website hosting?

Generally, it takes less than 2 to 3 three days to Transfer Hosting. But it heavily depends on the data transfer speed between your existing server and HostingRaja web server. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO HAVE A BACKUP OF WORKING COPY OF YOUR WEBSITE.

What I have to do after transferring?

Once a hosting is transferred successfully, you need to change your MX record, domain name server as per new server. Please take help from our technical support team.

IMPORTANT: Minimum 10 days, you should have an active hosting account before we start the migration. You should have a working backup of the website on your local system or somewhere else.
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2021
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