Renew Your Domain Name and Maintain Your Online Identity

Domain names are an integral part before even we realize it. They are the major part in an online identity. A domain name gives the website its authenticity and sets it apart from other websites. You usually renew your domain name onetime a year to maintain it active. The company that allocated your domain name should remind you to do that before your domain name expires. The consequences of letting a site call expire can be critical leaning on how your commercial enterprise makes use of its website.Hence renewing the area call may be very important.We offer area renewal offerings at nominal pricing. Below is the renewal pricing of different TLDs

Renewal Pricing

TLDs Domain Renewal Fee (in INR)
.com 1050
.net 1200
.org 1300
.biz 799
.info, .name 899
.us 882
.ca 899 940 1099 1099
.eu 899
.in 599,,,,, 499
.asia 1199
.me 1799
.tv 1999
.de 970
.es 599 1845
.co 2400,, 799
.mobi (On Sale) 1199
.tel 699
.cc 999
.ws 699
.bz 1099
.mn 1999
.io 4899,, 949

How to renew a domain name

There are several methods to renew your domain name.

By Email – You can renew using the express renewal process by clicking the link in your renewal reminder email.

Account Manager – Login to your Account Manager and reduce and restore your domains manually.

Express – Join your domain in the regeneration box for a fast stream line renewal process.

Renew Domains in India

HostingRaja is one of the pinnacle locations to sign in domains in India.All internet site domains must be renewed earlier than its expiry date. At the point when you register a domain name, it’s yours for the timeframe you registered, which is ordinarily somewhere in the range of one and 10 years. To continue utilizing it, including every one of the services related to it (like a site or email administration), you need to recharge it with us before it terminates/expired. At the point when a space lapses it becomes latent promptly and every one of the services connected to it stops working. You can’t make any updates to the domain while it lapses. If you are emphasized renewing the Domain and hosting as it is with another provider? If you are not satisfied with the renewal prices of the current hosting provider, you can transfer the domain to our server and hence avail of the attractive offers for renewing the domain.

We provide unmatched domain solutions within the Indian market. Get your desired domains from HostingRaja. We offer all types of domain from .in to .com to .or. You can buy the space from a time of 1 to 3 years. So Get Going to buy your space name today. Our new and exclusive domain extensions that offer you the opportunity to incorporate relevant keywords into your web address.These Keywords in your space name will impact look rankings when they coordinate search terms.

Experience the Domain Renewal Advantage with HostingRaja

  • Renew with Confidence: HostingRaja simplifies the domain renewal process, ensuring a seamless experience and uninterrupted online presence.
  • Cost Savings: Enjoy cost-effective domain renewal solutions that optimize your budget while maintaining top-notch service quality.
  • Effortless Management: HostingRaja provides user-friendly tools and an intuitive interface for easy domain management and configuration.
  • Secure and Reliable: Rest easy knowing that HostingRaja offers secure and reliable domain renewal services to protect your online assets.
  • Exceptional Support: Benefit from HostingRaja’s dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you with any domain renewal-related queries.
  • Additional Features: Explore value-added features and enhancements that come bundled with HostingRaja’s domain renewal packages.
  • Automated Renewals: Never miss a renewal deadline with HostingRaja’s automated renewal system, ensuring uninterrupted domain ownership.
  • DNS Management: Take advantage of advanced DNS management tools to optimize your domain’s performance and accessibility.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Easily scale your domain resources based on your needs, ensuring optimal performance as your online presence grows.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate your renewed domain seamlessly with other hosting services for a streamlined online experience.

Discover the Path to the Perfect Domain Name

Craft a Domain Name that Speaks to Your Purpose
Craft a Domain Name that Speaks to Your Purpose

Unleash the power of relevance by choosing a domain name that aligns seamlessly with your brand or business. Let it echo your industry or the exceptional products and services you offer. With a perfectly tailored domain, your customers will effortlessly connect with your website, igniting an unforgettable online presence.

Embrace the Beauty of Elegance
Embrace the Beauty of Elegance

Uncover the art of simplicity and seize the attention of your audience. Opt for a domain name that effortlessly rolls off the tongue and dances effortlessly on the keyboard. Shun complex or puzzling words that could befuddle your customers. Instead, revel in the elegance of a straightforward and concise domain that sparks curiosity and resonates long after the first encounter.

Ignite a Captivating Online Identity
Ignite a Captivating Online Identity

Ignite the flames of brand recognition and set your business ablaze with a domain name that mesmerizes the masses. Dare to stand out from the crowd with words that are unique, catchy, and unforgettable. Let your domain name become the spark that fuels your brand identity, capturing hearts and minds amidst a sea of competitors.

Unleash the Power of Strategic Language
Unleash the Power of Strategic Language

Harness the dynamic force of keywords to propel your domain name to the forefront of search engine results. Infuse your chosen domain with relevant, industry-specific keywords that magnetize targeted traffic to your virtual doorstep. Rise above the noise and witness your online visibility skyrocket as your domain name becomes synonymous with success.

The Gateway to Trust and Credibility
The Gateway to Trust and Credibility

Open the gateway to trust and credibility with the perfect domain name extension. Handpick the ideal top-level domain (TLD) that reflects the nature of your business and resonates deeply with your target audience. Be it the classic .com, the trusted .org, or the versatile .net, choose the extension that breathes life into your online presence, paving the way for unwavering trust and unwavering loyalty.

Secure Your Digital Destiny
Secure Your Digital Destiny

Unleash the power of anticipation and ensure your digital destiny by securing your desired domain name promptly. Embark on a thrilling domain name search adventure to safeguard your online dreams from slipping away. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, make haste to secure your unique digital identity before someone else claims it as their own. The time is now to seize the domain of your dreams and forge an unforgettable online legacy.

What do we do?

We provide support and guidance for domain renewal, ensuring that your online presence remains uninterrupted. Our services cater to businesses at any stage, from startups to well-established enterprises, ensuring smooth and hassle-free domain renewal processes:

  • Competitive pricing for domain renewal.
  • Easy and seamless domain renewal process.
  • Advanced domain control panel for easy management.
  • Seamless integration with other hosting services.
  • Flexible payment options for domain renewal.
  • Access to domain transfer services if needed.
  • Assurance of reliable and stable domain hosting services.
  • Dedicated customer support for domain renewal-related queries.
  • Auto-renewal feature to ensure uninterrupted domain ownership.
  • DNS management services to optimize domain performance.
  • Domain privacy protection to safeguard personal information.
  • Secure domain management tools for hassle-free renewal.
  • Regular reminders and notifications for upcoming renewal dates.
  • Support for transferring domain registrations from other providers.
  • Option for multiple-year renewals at discounted rates.

Secure and Renew Your Domains with HostingRaja

In today’s competitive digital landscape, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for the success of your business. Don’t let your hard-earned online reputation fade away. Instead, take charge and safeguard your domains with HostingRaja, a trusted and reputable domain provider. When you choose HostingRaja, you choose more than just a domain provider. You choose a partner dedicated to supporting your online identity and helping you thrive in the digital world. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of countless businesses across various industries.

By entrusting your domain needs to HostingRaja, you gain access to a team of experts who understand the intricacies of domain registration and renewal. With our efficient processes and industry expertise, we make it effortless for you to secure and renew your domains, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business. HostingRaja offers a reliable and user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of buying and renewing domains. Whether you’re starting a new venture or expanding your existing business, our seamless domain management services ensure that your online presence remains robust and uninterrupted.

Don’t wait any longer. Secure your domains with HostingRaja today and pave the way for a prosperous future in the digital landscape. Trust us to be your partner in building and maintaining a strong online presence. Together, let’s shape your success in the online world.

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