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When should I go with Kubernetes / Is it suitable for my need?

You can run any application on this platform, If you are looking for high availability and scalable solution then Kubernetes platform is the best option.

Can I save my cloud billing If I go with Kubernetes ?

Yes, You can save upto 40% and get better benefits.

Is it better than cloud technology ?

Yes, It is easy reading the logs to follow on Kubernetes but in Cloud, the logs will be wrapped in the console which will be more confusing to understand at first. On debugging comparing to the cloud, Kubernetes is more significant when using it. Moreover, it is better than a cloud in terms of high availability, vertical and horizontal scaling, low billing than cloud, easy to maintenance.

Can I migarte Managed VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting to Kubernetes

Yes, You should. Sometime when you get more traffic on VPS or dedicated server, Your website stops responding or responds slow. You can migrate to kubernetes to provide good user experience.

Is it difficult to learn?

Yes, If you are planning to setup your own Kubernetes platform. HostingRaja provides easy to user interface and you can scale your application with just one click.

My VPS server hangs or stop responding if I go with kubernets can it solve ?

Yes. It creates pods automatically as needed.

Can I run my application with Kubernetes?

If you can run your application on VPS/Dedicated/Cloud, then defnitely you can run.

How much it is cost per month ?

It costs average around 8K to 10K per website.

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