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Domain name Registration India

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Presale Domain Purchase Questions

How and Where can I Register a Domain name?

If you want to register domain then you are at the right place. You just need to choose the attractive business name and check its availability on our website. You can even get a free domain while purchasing the web hosting plans such as dedicated server, vps, premium and unlimited plans.

Necessary steps to follow while choosing a Domain Name?

Before buying it you need to research a lot in it. We need to make sure it is quite attractive with easy remembrance value. Always you need to keep in mind that your name should display your business. If the Intended name is not available for your brand name in .com or .in extension then you shall go with any other popular extensions such as .org, .net,, or the latest .ai or .io.

Consider the below points while choosing the website name:

  1. Need to avoid numbers and hyphens.
  2. Choose the right extension, if your business and customers are from India, then choose .in TLDs.
  3. Research and use keywords and business name (if required) in your domain.
  4. Simple to type and pronounce
  5. Easy to enter and spell a unique and unforgettable name will attract visitors.

Note:Still not clear? No worries, contact our sales team members. They will help you to get the right name based on your specification. You can be in touch with our sales team via live chat. They are available 24/7.

What are the most widely used extensions in India?

.in & .com are the two most widely preferred extensions. .com stands for "commercial" and so it is recognized worldwide by everyone. It was chosen by for-profit businesses initially but later it was the most popular extension among all other extensions. And .in stands for "India", it suits great for business running in India. And there are various other extensions such as .org, .net and so on which are famous on their own.

Make sure to pick a unique name based on your niche. And it is always recommended to select the name which is easy to remember by the users. The users should not find any difficulties getting your name on the web. It is highly recommended to have a .in extension if you have a business with Indian clients in the Indian market.

Can I transfer My domain to HostingRaja from other Registrar?

Yes, it is possible to transfer it to HostingRaja in just a few clicks. You have to only follow 3 simple steps to transfer to HostingRaja, check out the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to transfer your domain to HostingRaja:

  1. Enter the domain name which you need to transfer.
  2. Need to provide the EEP code along with your contact information.
  3. At last, we will be transferring your domain to HostingRaja within 7 to 10 working days.

Note: For more information on domain transfer contact our sale team members via live chat.

What does Expired Means?

When you are purchasing a domain for a period of 1 to 5 years from HostingRaja and once the purchased period gets over you need to renew it or else it will get expired. In HostingRaja we will be informing our clients via email before the it expires.

In HostingRaja we always suggest renewing your it before the expiry date. If in case you have a registered your domain with other provider and not satisfied with their renewing price, not an issue, transfer the it to our server and get attractive offers on renewal .

Is it mandatory to have a valid email ID and phone number to register .com domain with you ?

Yes, We will manually verify all the business name's owner by phone number and also We will verify the Email ID. If you give wrong Email ID, You website will stop working after few days. Hence providing correct phone number and Email ID is very important.

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