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Hosting Solutions from Znet.HostingRaja

Looking for reliable hosting solutions. At Znet.Hostingraja, our comprehensive range of hosting services is designed to meet your diverse needs. Whether you’re starting a personal blog or managing a thriving business website, we offer tailored Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting plans to suit your requirements perfectly. Step into the world of WordPress with our specialized WordPress Hosting, meticulously crafted to elevate your site’s performance and security.

For more advanced requirements, consider our Linux VPS Servers and Windows VPS Servers, offering scalable resources and full control over your environment. If you need maximum power and control, our Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers deliver exceptional performance with dedicated hardware and advanced security features. Experience reliable, scalable hosting solutions like never before with Znet.Hostingraja.

HostingRaja is your top-tier choice for Indian hosting plans, providing a wide array of solutions for businesses of all sizes. From Shared Hosting ideal for startups to VPS and Dedicated Hosting options ensuring peak performance for high-traffic sites, we have what you need. Our specialized WordPress Hosting optimizes content management, with localized data centers in India for fast loading times and enhanced SEO rankings. Enjoy exceptional support in multiple Indian languages and prioritize security with features like free SSL certificates and DDoS protection. Join us today and discover the perfect balance of quality and affordability for your hosting needs.

Cheap and Best High Availability Cluster Server Provider | HostingRaja India

HA Cluster Hosting

One click setup & easy to use High Availability cluster servers with fully managed support

Starting @ 9999

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Buy .com, .in, .org, .co.in, .net Domains | HostingRaja India

Domains .COM

Easy-to-use Control Panel Domain Theft Protection Free Domain Transfer

Starting @ 693

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To fully managed wordpress server hosting at affordable price | HostingRaja India

WordPress Hosting

250+ Themes 3x speed with a Litespeed server Automatic Backup/Local copy

Starting @ 99

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Get the best linux vps server hosting | HostingRaja India

VPS Hosting

FREE Website Optimization Better Speed with NVMe Cache Optimization

Starting @ 549

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Buy Cheap and Best dedicated hosting server India for your business | HostingRaja India

Dedicated Hosting

High Performance FREE Migration Secured Panel

Starting @ 3299

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Buy cheapest cloud hosting | HostingRaja India

Cloud Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth Advanced Backup & Restore Auto Vertical/Horizontal Scaling

Starting @ 1062

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Get No. 1 Java hosting server in india at low cost | HostingRaja India

Java Hosting

Unmetered Bandwidth Unlimited Emails Free Control Panel

Starting @ 299

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Why Choose HostingRaja Hosting in India?

With Affordable plans for startups & small businesses, with top-tier hosting services emphasizing versatility, support, performance, & security for online success.

  • Firewall & Security
  • Domain Registration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Linux & Windows Assistance
  • Database Migration And Management
AWS Managed Service

Why Choose HostingRaja for Hosting in India?

Affordable pricing

Scalability and Efficiency

Host up to 100 websites per plan, allowing efficient management of multiple projects or businesses, with the flexibility to allocate resources seamlessly for enhanced scalability and diversified online presence.

Reliability and Security

Professional Email Accounts

Each plan includes up to 100 professional email accounts, ensuring robust business communication features and alleviating concerns about email bandwidth

Indian Datacenter

Git Repository Management

Simplifies code deployment with Plesk Git Extension, enabling smooth management and deployment of code changes to live websites.


Unlimited Performance

Enjoy unlimited performance for high-traffic websites, eliminating worries about bandwidth limitations and ensuring consistent user experience.

High Performace

Website Security

Comprehensive protection against malware and cyber threats with Imunify360, featuring proactive defense mechanisms and real-time updates to safeguard hosted websites.

DDos Protection & Auto Scale

Speed Optimization

Utilizes Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate website speed, delivering content rapidly and enhancing the browsing experience for visitors.

Znet.HostingRaja FAQ’s

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at any time with Znet.HostingRaja. Simply contact our customer support team, and they will assist you with the process. Your account will be seamlessly transitioned to the new plan, ensuring minimal downtime for your website.

Yes, Znet.HostingRaja includes a free domain name registration with select hosting plans, such as the Znet.Hosting plan. This means that you don't need to purchase a domain separately when signing up for these specific hosting packages. However, it's essential to review the specific plan details to confirm if the domain registration is included and any limitations that may apply. If you already have a domain, you can also transfer it to Znet.HostingRaja or point it to your hosting account.

Yes, Znet.HostingRaja allows you to host multiple websites on a single hosting plan. Depending on the plan you choose, you can typically host multiple domains or websites under one account. This allows you to manage all your websites conveniently from one control panel. Znet.HostingRaja's hosting plans offer the flexibility and resources to support multiple websites without compromising performance or reliability.

No, Znet.HostingRaja does not impose restrictions on the number of email accounts you can create with their hosting plans. You can typically create an unlimited number of email accounts, allowing you to customize email addresses for your domains or websites. This flexibility enables you to manage communication efficiently across multiple departments or team members. Znet.HostingRaja's hosting plans offer ample resources to support your email needs without limitations.

Yes, Znet.HostingRaja allows you to host WordPress websites on their hosting plans. They offer specialized WordPress hosting optimized for the platform's performance and security requirements. With Znet.HostingRaja's WordPress hosting, you can benefit from features such as one-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, and enhanced security measures tailored specifically for WordPress sites. Their hosting plans provide the ideal environment to support the needs of WordPress users, ensuring fast and reliable performance for your website.

Yes, Znet.HostingRaja includes security features like firewalls and malware scanning with their hosting plans. These measures help safeguard your website from various online threats, ensuring the safety of your data and visitors' information. Znet.HostingRaja's proactive security measures help detect and prevent malware infections, providing peace of mind for website owners. With these features included in the hosting plans, you can focus on running your website without worrying about security vulnerabilities.

Yes, Znet.HostingRaja provides SSH (Secure Shell) access with its hosting plans, allowing users to securely access their hosting account's server remotely. SSH enables encrypted communication between the client and server, ensuring data security during transmission. This feature is particularly useful for developers and advanced users who need secure command-line access to their hosting environment. With SSH access, you can perform various tasks such as file management, software installations, and server configurations securely and efficiently.

Znet.HostingRaja implements a variety of measures to ensure the security and reliability of its hosting infrastructure. These include regular server monitoring to detect and mitigate potential issues proactively. Additionally, Znet.HostingRaja employs robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and malware scanning tools to safeguard against cyber threats. Data backups are performed regularly to prevent data loss, and redundant systems are in place to minimize downtime in case of hardware failures. With these measures in place, Znet.HostingRaja prioritizes the security and reliability of its hosting services to provide a seamless experience for customers.

Reviews from Customers
  • Profile

    Deepak Sharma

    21 Jan 2024

    Znet.HostingRaja’s WordPress hosting is fantastic for bloggers and small businesses. Their servers are optimized for WordPress, making sites load fast and stay online reliably. Managing my WordPress site has become effortless since I switched. Their support team is always there to help with WordPress questions.

  • Profile

    Priya Patel

    02 Feb 2024

    Znet.HostingRaja takes website security seriously. They have strong security measures to protect sites from cyber threats. I feel safe knowing my data is secure with them. They monitor things closely and keep everything up to date.

  • Profile

    Neha Desai

    20 Jan 2024

    As my business grew, Znet.HostingRaja’s scalable hosting was perfect. They easily handle more traffic and let me add new features without a hitch. Their setup can handle demand spikes while keeping performance top-notch.

  • Profile

    Amit Gupta

    01 Apr 2024

    Znet.HostingRaja offers top features at reasonable prices. Their plans give excellent value for what you pay. You get reliable uptime and helpful customer support without breaking the bank.

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