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Wordpress Hosting with affordable plans and pricing

Think Learn Before Buying....
  • 2x to 3x speed with a Litespeed server
  • OneClick WordPress
  • 250+ themes worth Rs. 6000
  • Staging & Development server
  • Bullet Proof MD5 Checksum
  • WordPress is Protected by Firewalls
  • Manager/phpMyAdmin
  • WordPress + CloudLinux
  • Automatic Backup/Local copy
(Hurry, First 100 customers Upto 70% OFFER)

WordPress Plans & Price

WordPress Silver
₹331.11 Save 70%
Save 70% (Hurry, First 50 customers)
₹99 / mon
  • 1GB RAM For WordPress
  • Upto 20,000 Visitors in a day
  • CPU Power |||
  • 250+ Themes Worth - Rs.6000
  • Speed - 3 seconds guarantee
  • ×1-click staging site
  • 10 Emails
  • ×SEO optimizer
  • ×Malware removal & hack repair
  • ×Automatic daily Backup
WordPress Gold
₹553.33 Save 73%
Save 73% (Hurry, First 50 customers)
₹149 / mon
  • 2GB RAM For WordPress
  • Upto 50,000 Visitors in a day
  • CPU Power |||||
  • 250+ Themes Worth - Rs.6000
  • Speed - 2.5 seconds guarantee
  • ×1-click staging site
  • 20 Emails
  • SEO optimizer
  • Malware removal & hack repair
  • ×Automatic daily Backup
WordPress Platinum
₹796 Save 75%
Save 75% (Hurry, First 50 customers)
₹199 / mon
  • 4GB RAM For WordPress
  • More than 100,000 Visitors/day
  • CPU Power |||||||||
  • 250+ Themes Worth - Rs.6000
  • Speed - 2 seconds guarantee
  • 1-click staging site (Staging Server)
  • 30 Emails
  • SEO optimizer
  • Malware removal & hack repair
  • Automatic daily Backup
NOTE: Speed gurantee is applicable ONLY when your website scores more than 90% in Google page speed. Read in detail here,

The following features are common for all the WordPress Hosting listed above

  • FREE SSL Certificate - Customers trust a website with SSL & sales or revenue will increase when they have confidence with your site. This will make your website search engine friendly.
  • CSS/JS optimizer - We provide WP plugin preinstalled to optimise your CSS and JS files, ensure to have less than 2 CSS & JS files
  • Advanced Security - We have hardened the security of your website in more than 10+ ways.
  • DIVI themes - 100s of high quality WP themes are available with all the plans
  • Setup & Installation - All the above plans come with ready to use WordPress websites preinstalled and detailed guidelines on how to get started.
  • Real Time Malware Injection Scan- This is one of the unique features available with our packages which is not available with other service providers.
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space - You can run any business, official or personal, blog WP websites without any concern of running out of disk space. Though we have a fair usage policy to avoid any one abusing the servers.
  • One Click Staging to Live Server Migration - You can migrate your source code from your development version or staging server to production server.
  • LightSpeed Server - The Word's fastest web server is used to deliver your website with cache option to ensure 5x speed.
  • Multiple PHP Version Support - You might need old version or the very latest version of PHP to support your WP, thats why we offer multiple versions of PHP.
  • Super Cache Plugin for WP - You can install LSCache or any other 100s of cache plugins available to speed up your website. By default we install some of the best plugins.
  • Free Themes & Secure Plugins - A hand picked collection of quality & secure plugins.
  • FREE Website Optimization - When you meet the 90% > above Google page speed score, You can contact our technical team, We will help you with Website Optimization.

Get Extra Power hosting for wordpress with Servers

WordPress - VPS
₹1284 Save 30%
₹899 / mon
WordPress - VPS
₹2613 Save 35%
₹1699 / mon
WordPress - Dedicated
₹6732.65 Save 51%
₹3299 / mon
Common features are listed above
NOTE: You can host multiple websites in the above server plans.

HostingRaja is one of the best WordPress Hosting Provider in India

wordpress hosting
Optimised for Speed using LiteSpeed Web Server. Guarantee for Speed
Secure WordPress Platform
Highly Secure WordPress Platform. (Avoid Your Website Hacking)
wordpress hosting price
OneClick WordPress Migration from your localhost or any other server
wordpress 250 free themes
250+ themes for every business types
fastest wordpress hosting
With maldet, every upload or malicious activity is live scanned
managed wordpress hosting
Your website is protected with CSF firewall
free ssl for wordpress website
Comes with lifetime SSL Certificate
wordpress hosting plans
State of the Art Dashboard to Manage Your Website
wordpress plan
Staging / Development Server Use one click staging server, Work on it & Push the changes to live
wp backup and restore
Back-Up & Restore with just one click backup download
Speed Guaranteed for wordpress
India's First Platform with Speed Guaranteed
Fully Optimized Drag & Drop Builder
Fully Optimized Drag & Drop Builder

WordPress Dashboard

wordpress dashboard in login area
supported plugin list
Website usage graph
wordpress security checklist

Fast, Secure & Reliable & Managed WordPress Hosting

Most of the web developers and designers prefer our WordPress platform. You get, managed support, themes (250+ more), setup and installation of WordPress website. 8 out of 10 web companies want to host their websites with HostingRaja, due to the security and malware. Once the customer hosts their first WordPress websites with us, Mostly they prefer to host all their future websites with HostingRaja due to the quality support and excellent managed service offer by us.

Be it you are an individual or an agency, when your choose our Wordpress plans you get to focus on your revenue with our managed WordPress web hosting service. We not only provide affordable WP hosting, with HostingRaja you will given an exceptional experience with our worpress package. Our unique infrastructure is designed to give your website the best experience it deserves.

HTTP2 and LightSpeed give ultimate speed for your website

HTTP2 and LightSpeed Web Server provides superior performance for all the your websites. See below the test results.

wordpress hosting plans wordpress speed website

HTTP2 is next version of old HTTP protocol. It is faster, compressed data transfer, multiple request response for quick loading of web pages. HTTP2 is around 14% faster than older HTTP protocol. We are well known among Indian web design companies for our better support. We have hardened the server with more than 26 methods which is not commonly followed by other providers. Click here to know more about the features offered by us

Our Clients Hosted on our Super Fast WordPress Hosting Platform
wordpress plan Loading time: 0.70 seconds
buy wordpress hosting 2.00 seconds
hosting for wordpress 0.75 seconds
wordpress hosting 1.6 seconds
wordpress hosting india 1.8 seconds
wordpress hosting price 2.4 seconds
Reviews from Best WordPress Hosting Customers

Harrjit Singh Ahluwalia

My website was loading in 8 seconds and contacted their support team using ticket system and they have asked our developer to work on the Google page speed score and also guided us. After that they helped me with even more suggestions to reduce the number of CSS and JS files and helped me with a URL to optimise all our images to the lowest possible. Now my site is loading within 3 seconds and it has helped me to get more visibility on SEO and more business.



I have tried more than 4 wordpress providers in last 3 years and most of the time my website used to get hacking. Finally I found a hosting company for my WP website, where it is secure and safe.
I truely love the feature of source code edit mode features. I dont edit my source code daily and it protects my source code from hacking. Nowadays my website is not getting hacked. Every time, my index files used to inject with some malware files and now it is safe.



The services provided by hostingraja are good and reliable. I am using their services from past one year and to be frank their services are very much affordable and comes with good security. RIght now I am using their WP unlimited plan which is very much enough to run my website. The setup and installation of website are done faster. Thank you hostingraja and expecting the same kind of services in the future.

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