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Frequently Asked Questions
What is meant by Node Js?

NodeJs is an open-source, that sudden spikes in demand for different platforms like Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix, and so on and executes JavaScript code outside an internet browser. NodeJs is habituated to building quick, adaptable network applications as itself being based on Chrome's JavaScript runtime. Node. js is utilized for both the frontend and backend of applications. Because of its single-threaded nature, Node. js was basically utilized for non-blocking, occasion-driven servers. It needs libraries to be reached from JavaScript programming for better use.

Is Node.js a framework?

Node.js can be called as an environment and backend framework runs within it.

What are the advantages of Node.Js?

JavaScript on both frontend and backend. No need to learn a new language. This is the main reason for its popularity. It's asynchronous, nonblocking and fast. Less boilerplate. Install nodejs and it takes a few lines of code to run a nodejs server. Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine

What are the highlights of Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage runtime condition based on Chrome's V8 javascript motor. It is utilized to manufacture quick, versatile server-side web applications. The occasion-driven, non-blocking I/O display makes Node.js lightweight and effective. These highlights have propelled a great deal of engineers to embrace Node.js.

What are the advantages of NodeJs Hosting

NodeJs is an important platform in recent times, where many new applications are being developed using NodeJs. There are various advantages of Node.Js such as easy scalability, high performance, an advantage in caching, highly extensible, extended support, robust technology.

Some of the key helpful attributes of this architecture support includes:

-Less involvement of risks and writing code is very easy.

-Quick and parallel A/B testing.

-Based on the customer's growth, it scale-up accordingly.

-Overcome Page Load Time by up to 50%.

Why Choose HostingRaja NodeJs?

In HostingRaja, you host your Nodejs servers using SSD storage. In this way, you can comfort yourself and your data it is seated on a server that is fast and responsible. We employ data centers from several locations you can choose to host your website and data. Pick the hosting provider who delivers adaptable and strong software. People choose HostingRaja because we provide affordable prices and quality support.

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