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DataBase Server

MongoDB Server

HostingRaja is one of the greatest web hosting providers that offer various hosting plans such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, and furthermore MongoDB server hosting. In HostingRaja we offer well suitable conditions for MongoDB servers. The dedicated module for the equivalent raises the comfort taken care of without any problem. Our MongoDB web hosting plans are most affordable for a wide range of clients and entrepreneurs. It accompanies more solid elements. All our MongoDB server highlights are planned remarkably and will undoubtedly offer a more elevated level of comfort for the customers.   The singular interface of the functionality makes it handle the server without any problem. Our support team at HostingRaja will offer a speedy answer for MongoDB issues. At HostingRaja we ensure that customers are free of hassle with continuous service.  

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MySQL DataBase Server

MySQL is one of the most powerful scripted programs that have its own right. It handles all the functionality and it subsets most of the vast majority of the costly and powerful database packages. HostingRaja is one of the best leading hosting service providers that adopt the latest available technologies into the server to assure that the most advanced service is being delivered. We provide the most recent versions of MySQL on the server.   HostingRaja contains the best support team that is skilled to provide a quick solution to client’s queries and issues. The plans at hostingRaja are designed to provide flexibility to the clients. The plans are more affordable compared to any other hosting service provider company in India.  

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MariaDB Server

MariaDB is built as open-source programming software and as a relational data set, it gives a SQL interface to access data. The most recent renditions of MariaDB additionally incorporate GIS and JSON features. HostingRaja gives MariaDB hosting service at an affordable price. With our VPS, cloud, and dedicated MariaDB server, we give good storage, bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and disk space, and considerably more. Also, HostingRaja is the main MariaDB Hosting Provider in India that offers a free control panel with every one of the necessary elements built-in. With our MariaDB Hosting, you likewise get 99.99% server uptime and all-day, everyday client care.   HostingRaja is the innovator in giving different kinds of hosting services. We generally find the main way to take on the most recent technologies into the server to guarantee that the most progressive assistance is conveyed. As far as accessible information bases, there is a devoted module that handles the creation, deletion, and deals with all potential functionalities identified with the data set. The plans at HostingRaja are intended to give a more significant level of accommodation and adaptability to the customers.  

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MsSQL Database Server

MS SQL server client is a database server for Windows servers. MS SQL Server is the most well-known database server for Windows operating. You can get the best performance by utilizing HostingRaja Managed Service for MSSQL. Our MSSQL servers can give enough IOPS to your site or DB works. As you probably are aware there are two various types of MSSQL servers available, We offer help for the two releases (i.e.) Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.   We have 16+ long years of experience with maintaining and managing up DB servers. We can assist you with setting up an amazing DB server. Guarantee the best exhibition nonstop. We can assist you with upgrading the presentation, checking, determination, and enhancement. Guarantee your efficiency is ensured during top hours.

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PostgreSQL Server

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database that enables both SQL and JSON querying. PostgreSQL is utilized as the immediate data store or data warehouse for multiple webs, mobile, and analytics applications.   HostingRaja is the leader in providing different kinds of hosting services and we have gained notoriety for giving the top tier service at a truly reasonable value range. We present PostgreSQL, which is utilized as the data warehouse for mobile and web The most recent significant rendition is PostgreSQL 12. We offer a more stable and reliable service and our service is more popular and it acts as the key feature for all individuals. With the valuable service at a reasonable cost, we provide high-quality service.   HostingRaja support partners are skilled in such a way to give a quick and long-lasting answer for the customer’s issues. For more data identified with the plans or packages and features, you can contact our team members or can basically visit

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