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What is managed WordPress service?

Managed WordPress is a solution where the entire WordPress will be taken care by us (our team). And if you are using WordPress solution then you no need to worry about installing any plugins nor making any changes in the website. Because all of these things will be done by our team. Thus you can focus on your core business.

Which is the best plan for WordPress in India?

As you can see our above WordPress plan you can choose your desired plans based on your website requirements. So if you are looking to host just one WordPress website with less storage then you can choose our Silver plan at Rs, 149 and if you are looking to host 5 of your WordPress website then you can choose our Gold plan at Rs, 499 which also comes with average storage space.
But on the other hand if you are looking to host around 10 websites then you can choose our Unlimited plans at Rs, 699 which also comes with a good storage facility. So these are the best plans for WordPress in India.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

  1. WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the world and the reason behind it is that - WordPress is very easy to use and also manage when compared to other CMS.
  2. You no need to have any technical knowledge of HTML Editing or FTP Software.
  3. All the Search Engines on the internet love WordPress Sites
  4. With WordPress websites users can extend the functionality of their website with Plugins.
  5. WordPress themes allow users to change the design of their website quickly. And can update their websites easily from any part of the world.

Why is WordPress managed?

Using a managed WordPress solution for a website will reduce the burden and worries of users to us. Because with WordPress managed our supporting team will take care of your website thus you can totally focus towards your business.

Can you host your own WordPress website?

Yes, you can host your own WordPress website. But to host your website you need to have a server of your own! So if you have your own server then you can install the WordPress and use it. But buying a WordPress plan is recommended since it comes with all the features and options. And it also very easy to use when compared to your own WordPress website.

Need Help or Assistance?

In case of any query you can contact our Domain Registration Expert Toll Free at 1800-123-8642. You can also contact through our Live Chat option.