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What is Website Builder and why it is required?

Website builder can be termed as a software which will allow the user to create a website online.Here the software will reside on a web server provide by us. In other words it can be said that you won't be using the local computer for holding the software which will build the website. Instead you will be building the website using the software which is specifically designed for website creation.
You can find the website builder in both online and offline formats, hence here main difference is the internet connection. The main advantage of having a online website builder is that it dosent require any software for downloads. Hence you can work on it easily through the internet browser. The main advantage is that you can work on it anytime and anywhere by just having an internet connection. Moreover when you choose our website builder you will be accompanied with the hosting service, hence you dont have to worry about technical difficulties. Hence website builder is an easy option for the newbies.

What is the website builder software or tools used by HostingRaja ?

We have partnered with two leading website builder software to provide the best of best to our customers. We have partnered with Weebly and Sitepad.

What is included in your website builder packages ?

Our website builder plan comes with all you need such as, Hosting,Email, 24/7 support and almost everything what you need. If you have any more questions, please feel free to discuss with our sales team.

Do you provide Easy and drag and drop website builder ?

Yes, It is very easy to use.

How to use the website builder ?

We have tons of video and text based tutorials, Once you sign up with us, We will be happy to share it with you.

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