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AWS Managed Services

We provide managed services for 10,000+ virtual machines with in-depth knowledge of various cloud technologies. Contact us for providing cost efficient & 24/7 managed support for your AWS servers. Regardless of whether you need AWS business support or client care, you can rely on our expertise augmented with a proper AWS support pricing structure to overwhelm the technicalities involved. We have a dedicated group for Solution Architect, DevOps, Migration to give you AWS high-priority support.

  • AWS Migration & Strategy
  • AWS Cost Optimization
  • AWS Technical Support & Monitoring
  • AWS DevOps Automation
  • AWS Security & Compliance Management
  • Database Migration And Management
AWS Managed Service

24/7 Managed Support for AWS Cloud

HostingRaja, leaders in hosting and domain related services for about 8 years. We are providing managed services for Amazon web services. Our technical crew are excelled in providing the complete end to end managed AWS service to make the experience easy flow for you.

The AWS managed services from HostingRaja helps you get rid of the management and operational based activities and helps you concentrate more on the business. The AWS managed services form HostingRaja automates the technical stuffs like change request of any of the resources within the server, monitoring of the changes in the server, patch file management and so on.

Our team of professionals has experience in migrating a large number of sites easily without any downtime. They consistently ensure that your website functions perfectly on our AWS server. We’ll transfer all the required files and databases from your old/aged Amazon cloud provider to your new managed AWS cloud server with us.

HostingRaja can make your AWS journey successful

We provide AWS Consulting & technical support at comparatively lesser price compared to other aws partners. There are number of web service that are provided from the amazon. The user may not be technically fit to deal with the technical aspects of the system. We from our end provide the complete end to end support related to technical and non technical stuffs. This eases the user to have the hassle free experience at the HostingRaja.

HostingRaja Helps You In Following Ways
Optimization to save the expense
Optimization to save the expense

Most of the AWS cloud customers are not happy with ever growing bills of AWS cloud. If your cloud architecture is not setup properly or if there is any mistake in the system, AWS billing system can throw you surprises with huge amount of billing. We have experts who can help you to save your cost on AWS cloud.

Migration to AWS
Migration to AWS

AWS is one of the finest cloud platforms you can uncover in the market but without experience, it’s grim and overwhelming to transfer from any other platform to AWS. As you take the essential first step into the cloud we can assist you with our knowledge and standard AWS support to mitigate any interruption or risk in the deployment process.

AWS - Expertise

It’s actually a test to get somebody in-house with the expertise of AWS who can set up the framework you really want without the danger/risk. We have AWS technical specialists who work with you like your drawn-out group.

What do we do?

We assist neoteric as well as mature businesses of all sizes in managing the below listed Amazon Web Services:

  • Deployment of ongoing products
  • AWS EC2 Instance management
  • AWS ELB/ALB management
  • AWS Auto Scaling management
  • AWS Elastic IP
  • AWS Security Group management
  • AWS VPC management
  • AWS Route53 management
  • AWS S3 management
  • AWS RDS management
  • AWS EBS management
  • AWS Glacier management
  • AWS Lambda management
  • AWS IAM management
  • AWS Elasticache management
  • AWS Cloud Watch management
  • AWS Beanstalk management
  • AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • AWS Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodePipeline (CI/CD)
  • AWS WAF and Shield

Why Pick us as your AWS Managed Services provider?

  • 24*7 Support
  • Affordable and Constructive Solutions
  • Proactive Approach
  • Scalable Results


Your fundamental reason for moving to the cloud is to reduce cost. Thus, your AWS will be analyzed regularly in order to assist you with diminishing the expense of your AWS cloud.


With the assistance of cutting-edge caching technology, your AWS is upgraded and improved to convey better execution as your need expands.


Our well-built combination of skilled AWS specialists and instruments utilized for the board helps with protecting your server and the data stored on it.


In view of your business needs, our specialists will build solution architects for your AWS environment. We have our own experts group of specialists to deal with this large number of tasks.

The services offered in support of amazon web services are

Patch Management

The managed service at hostingraja keeps your operating system upto date by planting the available patch files on the server. To make sure that the secured and the advanced services are delivered.

Backup and Restore Management

The back of the data will be scheduled for the time intervals and the restore process will take place whenever is needed. This vanishes out the possible loss of data and downtime of your web application. We don’t provide backup and restore services, But if you have any backup and restore applications or services bought from others, We can setup and monitor it.

Backup and Restore Management - banner

The managed service at HostingRaja includes the monitor service,  that keeps an eye on the service ports, which  reduces possibility of interruption in the services with respect to any of the service ports. The total health of the services in terms of available resources and the consumed resources is been monitor and the respected actions are being performed.

Installation and Setup of your Services as required

There could be number of softwares installation and configuration you may need to perform within the server. The process can be a tricky one and may need expert solution. The hostingRaja crew will do it from their end, ensuring that the hassle free service is delivered.

Optimizing the Services for Better Performance

The resources are the one who are having the highest impact on the performance. The expert team will guide you to choose the right resources, and optimise your services.The hostingRaja team will promise you to provide the give the best of the services delivered.

Benefits of Managed AWS for your Business

Cost Optimization:

Upgrade your cloud spending, and accomplish better economics aspects through Managed AWS rightsizing plan conferences, reserved instances, and different proposals with our month-to-month analysis report.


All the server-related undertakings like updates, fixing, or other everyday activities needed for AWS management will be done by our team.

24/7 Available Support:

You can reach our specialist team at any time. They will be always happy to help you 24/7 with your AWS-related inquiries.

Cloud Security:

Best practice security setups of AWS are applied on your current circumstance, on the record, and foundation level by our AWS certified administrators. All AWS services are monitored 24/7.

Optimization and Growth:

To accept the state-of-the-art AWS services, we upgrade your AWS server along with execution, expenditure, and security.

Increased Productivity:

Rather than being worried about managing your AWS cloud platform, let your team perform on what they are best at-building items, making profits, and helping clients.

The operational related services offered are

Operating system update, upgrade and patch files.

Setup installation and configuration of various required softwares and plugins.

Setup and maintenance of access management.


The various aspects monitored on the server are

The key aspects like disk space, CPU, Memory.

Suspicious activities within the server.

Time based notifications.

Server port, applications.

There could be number of possible AWS managed service providers available. But choosing the one which offers the best of the services at most affordable prices makes the perfect sense. The managed services for AWS at hosting raja are offered at most affordable price compared to other partners and it ensures you that the complete end to end support is delivered.

Managed services charges

The charges for managed services for the each of the service is 20% of the charge paid towards the services. This is measured as one of the cheapest compared to others.

To know more about the AWS managed services from HostingRaja or for any other queries kindly contact HostingRaja team.