Express js solutions India

The eXpress JS is a flexible and unbelievable nodejs based structure, which is broadly used by many developers in India. HostingRaja is a developer-friendly company and provides different choices to support the developers with effectively communicating the express js-based web applications. Nowadays, almost all application development depends on API, It can be an online application or versatile mobile-based applications, Whatever it might be express js is the best choice these days.

Getting started with Expressjs setup
To start with express js, you need to have node and node package manager installed in your server. Our VPS hosting or cloud hosting comes with pre-built and ready to use expressjs platform, When you place an order, you need to mention it properly.

Though we provide preinstalled Express Js server, If you want to install Express Js, you can follow the below steps.

Download the latest version of expressjs, You need to find the latest version and not this could be a older version.


Follow these steps to unzip and install it
tar -xzvf node-v0.12.7.tar.gz
      cd node-v0.12.7
      make install

Once the installation is complete, follow these steps.
npm install -g express express-generator

Create new users using the following linux commands.

useradd expressuser
      passwd expressuser


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From programmer’s prespective, the advantages of Express.js


  1. The web application development based on node.js becomes fast and easy
  2. It is very easy to configure and customize as per needs
  3. It gives an option to define your own routes for your application based on HTTP methods and URLS.
  4. It gives option to integrate with other middleware modules developed by thirdparty, to perform other tasks quickly and better
  5. It can integrate very well with other templates engines
  6. The flexibility of REST API is one of the key success point
  7. Option to connect with various databases such as Mongo, MySQL and redis.

HostingRaja technical team provides you ready to use Express Js platform, If you have any questions or need any help, you can contact our support team.

But If you prefer to do it yourself, you can follow the installation step mentioned below. Note: This script is valid as of Nov-2018, This may become out dated in future.

echo -e "--------------------------------"
      echo -e "1.Node.js 6"
      echo -e "2.Node.js 8"
      echo -e "3.Node.js 9"
      echo -e "4.Node.js 10"
      echo -e "--------------------------------"
      echo -e "Enter your option >"
      read javaversion
      case "$javaversion" in
      #curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      #curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      curl --silent --location | sudo bash -
      *) echo -e "You have entered wrong option. Try aftesometime"
      mkdir /var/lib/rpm/backup
      cp -a /var/lib/rpm/__db* /var/lib/rpm/backup/
      rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.[0-9][0-9]*
      rpm --quiet -qa
      rpm --rebuilddb
      yum clean all
      yum -y install nodejs git  gcc-c++ make
      npm install -g pm2
      npm install -g grunt-cli
      npm install -g gulp
      npm install webpack -g
      npm install express --save
      #cd /etc/sentora/
      #rm -f /etc/sentora/
      #wget  ""
      #unzip -o
      #rm -f /etc/sentora/
      chown apache. -R "/etc/sentora/panel"
      find /etc/sentora/panel -type f -exec chmod 644 {} +
      find /etc/sentora/panel -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +
      chmod +x /etc/sentora/panel/bin/setso
      chmod +x /etc/sentora/panel/bin/zsudo
      chmod +x /etc/sentora/panel/bin/setzadmin
      wget  ""
      unzip -o
      php nodejsmoduleenable.php
      rm -frv
      kill -9 $(lsof -t -i:80)
      kill -9 $(lsof -t -i:8080)
      #php /etc/sentora/panel/node.php
      setso --set apache_port 80
      setso --set sentora_port 80
      php /etc/sentora/panel/bin/daemon.php
      service lighttpd restart
      service varnish stop
      service httpd restart
      chkconfig varnish off

Experss.JS is one of the flexible back-end web application frameworks for NodeJs where it provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications. express not only a framework for the node js it is a module framework for Node where you can use it for an application that is based on a server that will take any input or connection requests from clients.

Today at HostingRaja we provide 4 different types of Express.js versions that are 6, 8, 9, 10. And by default, we have also provided task runner/ task manager- PM2, Grunt-CLI, gulp.js, Webpack, express- where a developer can easily automate many development tasks that he wants. Not only that we also provide a node js model through which you can easily map the port number with your domain name.

Advantages of Express.js

  • The foremost advantage of using Express.JS for backend development is that you would be able to scale your application fast.
  • You would be able to do the code of both frontend and backend with the help of using JavaScript.
  • Express.js web application development is made quick and simple.
  • Easy to operate static files and resources of your application.
  • Comprises of diverse middleware modules which you can utilize to accomplish additional tasks on request and response.
  • Easy to incorporate with various template engines like Jade, Vash, EJS, etc.
  • Let’s you specify an error-handling middleware.
  • Easier to configure and customize.
  • Permits you to build a REST API server.
  • Let’s you define the routes of your application based on HTTP methods and URLs.
  • Easy to link with databases such as MongoDB, Redis, MySQL

Here are some information 4 task manager of Express.js provided by HostingRaja;

PM2 is also known as Production Process Manager, which is an open-source for Node.js applications that have a built-in load balancer. The developer and DevOps manager of Node.js applications is being helped by the Production Process Manager in the production environment. PM2 also allows you to keep your applications active forever and reloads them without any downtime. Production Process Manager(PM2) helps you with logging, monitoring, and clustering in the application.

Grunt is a command line Javascript task runner which is using Node.js platform. Basically, it runs on custom defined redundant tasks and manages process automation. So the main job of the grunt command is to load and run the version of Grunt you have installed locally to your project, irrespective of its version.

Gulp.js is a task runner which is built on Node.js and npm, and used for automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks which are involved in web development like minification, concatenation, cache busting, unit testing, linting, optimization, etc.

Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler. And the main purpose of webpack is to bundle the JavaScript files for usage in a browser, and it also has the features like transforming, bundling, or packaging of any resources or asset. In webpack it takes the modules with dependencies and creates static assets that represent those modules.

Express is one of the minimal and flexible Node.js web application frameworks that provides a robust set of features to develop web and mobile applications. It promotes the rapid development of Node based Web applications.

Why use Express.js for web application development?

Express.Js is a ready-made NodeJs framework, it is a cost-effective and performance-based web application. Also, Express.js inheriting the functionality of Node.js expands the functionality of features to invent web applications and improve performance.