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Can I get root acces to my Windows Dedicated Server?

We provide the server root access by default when you buy server from us. For more information about root access you can check the Welcome mail which we sent Intially.

Will I have managed services for my Dedicated Server?

Mostly will provide Managed Service to all of our customers who bought dedicated servers. It will help to managed servers from our side instead of managed server by clients. Many of our clients have good technical knowledge to managing the web application. But when it comes to OS level issues or any other complex problem they need some server experts to reolve it. Because of this reason web are taking care of Managed Service.

What is a Windows dedicated server?

Windows dedicated server hosting is a hosting platform where quite a few sites can be hosted. In Windows dedicated server hosting the client leases an actual physical server running on Windows operating system. That entity can use the server for different purposes and practices it totally for its business. Windows servers are essential for sites that are made on the Microsoft advances of ASP.NET and MSSQL database.

How Many IP address I can get from my Dedicated server Plan?

Usally will give one IP by default with each dedicated server. If you need any additional IP address you can purchase by contactin with our support team. Important thing is Spamming and illigal activity are strictly banned.

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