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Maximize your website’s potential with our professional loading time optimization service. We understand the crucial impact of a fast loading time on your business revenue. Trust our experts to minimize each second of loading time, ensuring a seamless user experience that drives conversions. Experience the difference of a lightning-fast website and unlock your business’s full potential.

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Say goodbye to slow-loading websites with our guaranteed loading time improvement. Our expert team is dedicated to optimizing your website for lightning-fast performance. Experience the difference as we significantly reduce loading times, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Trust us to enhance your website’s speed and leave your visitors impressed. Simply buy Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting or Dedicated from HostingRaja, We provide FREE migration.

With our proven techniques and advanced tools, we can significantly improve your website’s performance. Our goal is to deliver a seamless user experience by reducing loading times to an impressive 4 to 5 seconds. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to a speedy website that keeps your visitors engaged and satisfied. 

Check our website loading time, After we have increased the speed of the webpage loading, We have seen a 15% increase in our sales. In 2021, page speed and loading time of your website is the most important and critical SEO ranking factor. So it is very important to have your webpage to load within 2 seconds

Note : We charge a minimum of one lakh rs for loading time optimization. (If Hosted with other’s server.)

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Note : We charge a minimum of one lakh rs for loading time optimization. (If Hosted with other’s server.)

We price no less than one lakh rs for loading time optimization. Our hourly billing rate is Rs. 2000/hour.


Load Time Affects User Satisfaction

  • Research has shown that download speed is the most important Web design feature to Web users.
  • Site speed is one of the most important factors affecting visitor’s sense of flow on a site
    flow meaning:
  • An optional experience where users are fully engaged in an activity.
  • A 2009 Forrester study found that 23% of dissatisfied online shoppers attribute their dissatisfaction to slowly loading web pages.

Performance Affects Shopping


47% of Consumers assume an internet web page to load in 2 seconds or less

server loading

40% abandon a internet site that takes extra than three seconds to load server loadingd

server loading

79% of buyers who’re upset with internet site overall performance are much less probably to shop for from the equal webweb page again

server loading

52% of on-line customers kingdom that brief web page loading is critical to their webweb page loyalty

Every Second Counts in Website Loading Time

  • Slow loading webweb sites frustrate customers and negatively effect publishers.. In our new study, “The Need for Mobile Speed”, we found that 53% of the mobile site visitors are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • AlieExpress an online shopping website has claimed that when they reduced the loading time of their website by 36% they saw an increase of 10.5% of website traffic and an increase in conversion rate of 27% for new customers.
  • Abandonment rates increases by 87% if there is a 2-second delay in the loading time of the website. This rate is much higher than the baseline abandonment rate of 67%.

Why Does Google Cares about Loading time?

Recently Google announced that the website speed is now part of its search ranking algorithm – which means that if your website needs to rank better in the Google search results then it should load faster. Because take considers that users don’t like a website that loads slowly and will affect any website ranking. Moreover, if your website is loading faster then there are a lot of SEO benefits for your website.

Try Us to Optimise Website Loading Time!

standard loading

Optimize your website on the server

  • Host Your Assets Separately
  • Compression with Easy Gzip
  • Minimize Your Re-directs
  • Reduce Your DNS lookups

Optimize Assets Through CSS, Jscripts, Images

  • Easy Merging of multiple Java Scripts into one
  • Compress Of Javascript & CSS
  • Easy Customize Caching/Header expiry
  • Easy Offload the assets

If you want to do the website optimisation by yourself or your web developers. Here is a very very simple and 4 steps to follow. Once you do this 4 steps, and even after doing 4 steps, If your website is loading slow. You can contact us.

Step 01: Visit Google page speed and optimize your website score to get 80 marks and above.


As shown in the image below, For HostingRaja website, We have achieved 80+ score.

Page speed

IMPORTANT : If your TTFB (time to first byte) is more, It means that your web page is loading more products from the database or involves in more database query which is delaying the page creation time. You should optimize or remove all unnecessary queries.

To check the speed of the server create test.html and use the test.html in the Google page speed. (If that test.html is loading slow, then contact us, We will help you.)


Step 02:Reduce the number of .css and .js files to maximum of 4. I.e you can not have more than 4 js and css pages in any page of your website. If your website(any single web page) is having more images, the size of all the images put together, cant exceed 1 MB in total size. If the size of all the images are more than 1 MB, Our support team can not help you with optimisation.

If you are using WordPress Website, Please use this (Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin) https://wordpress.org/plugins/breeze/ and optimize your website. If you have bought WordPress hosting from us, then by default we install this plugin.

Step 03: Reduce the number of images in the website to less than 10 images. Each image should not exceed 100kb in size.

Step 04: Use https://tools.pingdom.com/ and check the number of requests for your website, It can not exceed more than 20 ~ 30 requests.

Even after doing all the steps above successfully, If your website is loading slow, then you can raise the ticket. Otherwise contact us for the expert service.

Our optimisation service will cost you between 15K to 1.5 lac based on the amount of work needed. We can guarantee you 2 to 3 seconds loading time. Please contact our team by filling up this form below.


Did you know, Every One Second Delay in Website Loading, Costs You Around 7% ~ 12% Loss in Revenue? Most of the Online/ e-Commerce business owners in India spend most of their money and time in bringing the traffic to their website, but they don’t have any clue on why the revenue is not increasing. As a leading web development company/cloud hosting company in India, we have researched and found out that if the website loading time is slow the visitor will abandon the cart and go to any other website which loads fast and never to come back to the site again.

Our In-house team of Web Optimization experts will help you in setting up the server and load your website faster than before. In depth analysis and optimization will be charged based on the amount of time required to do the work. Please contact our team to do the loading time optimization. We are the only hosting company in the world to provide web site optimization at affordable prices.

Our optimisation service will cost you between 15K to 1.5 lac based on the amount of work needed. We can guarantee you 2 to 3 seconds loading time. Please contact our team by filling up this form below.

If you want to do the optimisation service by yourself, We have written in great details, Please check it yourself with the following links.

On behalf of Akamai, Forrester Research has made a study where they have identified two seconds as the new threshold for acceptable web page resposnse times.


Effects of Poor Loading Websites

A slow performing website leads to lost in Online Sales

  • 79% of disappointed shoppers have less chances to buy from that website again.
  • This percentage is upto 17% from those customers who were surveyed
  • A whooping 75% is less likely to visit the website again
  • This numbers are increasing on a daily basis as the number of options have increased.

Majority of buyers left the intended purchase in the Checkout process this directly impacted the sales.

There is an growing fashion withinside the respondents who’re inclined to, and do abandon the purchases. The percentage of customers who intend to make a purchase but leave after the checkout process is up from 18% in recent years.

A survey conducted by Forrester asked ” What was the last time when you visited an online store, where you were planning to purchase a product and at what point of time did you leave the website?”

  • 35% of intended buyers abandoned the website before starting the checkout.
  • 65% of intended buyers abandoned the website after initiating the checkout.

The Overall Brand or Image of the Company Will Also Suffer

When confronted with a dissatisfying purchasing experience:

  • 79% are less likely to buy again
  • 75% could be much less probably to go to the internet site again
  • 64% might buy from any other on-line store
  • 46% of on line customers are much more likely to increase a bad notion of the company
  • 44% might actively inform their buddies and own circle of relatives approximately the awful experience

Impact of Data Center Location In Loading Time

Often people try to fix performance issues by trying to “thin out” their site (decrease page weight). But many problems lie outside of your data center.


The farther visitors are from data center where the site is hosted, the more response times degrade. Your performance may be 2 seconds at your data center in India, but 5 seconds when hosted on Singapore, and even longer for international visitors.

Contact us to load your website faster – Done by our experts


HostingRaja Loading time optimisations FAQ’s

Loading time optimization is crucial for providing a positive user experience. Faster loading times lead to higher user satisfaction, lower bounce rates, increased engagement, improved search engine rankings, and higher conversion rates.


Loading time optimization involves various techniques such as code optimization, image and file compression, caching mechanisms, minimizing HTTP requests, and improving server response times. These methods aim to reduce the overall page size and decrease the number of network requests required to load a web page.


The effects of loading time optimization can vary depending on the specific optimizations performed and the current state of your website or application. In many cases, you can start to notice improvements in loading times shortly after implementing the optimization techniques. However, it is important to continuously monitor and fine-tune performance to ensure sustained results.


Yes, loading time optimization can significantly impact search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines, like Google, consider page loading speed as a ranking factor. Websites that load faster are more likely to rank higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.


Yes, loading time optimization techniques can be applied to various types of websites and applications, including static websites, dynamic websites, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, and web applications. The specific optimization strategies may vary depending on the technology and architecture of the site or application.


Loading time optimization techniques are generally safe and beneficial. However, improper implementation or excessive optimizations can potentially cause issues such as broken functionality, compatibility problems, or reduced visual quality. It is important to perform thorough testing and work with experienced professionals to mitigate any risks.


There are various tools and metrics available to measure the effectiveness of loading time optimization. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as page load time, time to first byte (TTFB), and overall page size can be tracked using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, or various analytics platforms.


While some loading time optimization techniques can be implemented by website owners or developers, it is often beneficial to seek professional assistance. Expert optimization specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in identifying performance bottlenecks, implementing advanced optimizations, and ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.


Loading time optimization is not a one-time process. Websites and applications require ongoing monitoring and optimization to maintain optimal loading times. Factors such as content updates, new features, and changes in user traffic patterns may necessitate regular performance evaluations and adjustments

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    I’ve tried various methods to improve my website’s loading time, but none were as effective as HostingRaja’s optimization service. Their team of experts knows exactly what they’re doing. Since implementing their recommendations, my website’s loading time has significantly reduced. This has led to happier visitors and a better overall user experience. HostingRaja has truly unleashed the power of lightning-fast loading.

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