Imunify360 is a Complete Security Suite for Linux Servers

Imunify360 Security is the best security solution for Linux servers. Linux operating system is extremely secure, but the yet the applications, instruments, tools, and configurations administrators install create risks to the environment. Keep your servers secured and running and leave all anti-malware activities to Imunify360. .

Imunify360 Security is an all-in-one safety solution with a strong and robust cloud shelter against the latest malware attacks, and it is prepared immediately within your control panel (cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin). Imunify360 provides Antivirus, WAF, Patch Management, Firewall, PHP Security Layer, Domain Reputation with manageable UI, and progressed robotization.

Imunify360 Security stops vindictive PHP scripts, both new and old, keeping them from running on your servers. Creative PHP Immunity technology makes any web application insusceptible. Furthermore, Imunify360 Security imparts/shares information to WAF and antivirus, giving your servers an additional layer of security.

Features of Imunify360 Security.

  • Robust protection against cyber attacks
  • A significantly lowering false positive rate is a first preference
  • Powerful restrictive technology protects your system from known and obscure malware
  • Hands-Off Integration right inside your hosting control panel, with all-day 24/7 support.
  • Multi-Layered Security for Your Linux Web Server
  • Outside the Box Layered Protection at the Network Level
  • Advanced Web-Application Firewall retains your servers up & running
  • PROACTIVE DEFENSE: No chances for malware on the server
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Near-instant recovery of infected files from backup
  • Centralized threat monitoring made easy
  • File-System Level Protection During File Input/Output Operations

The benefits of Imunify360 at HostingRaja.

  • Next-generation cutting-edge firewall with pack immunity. Qualified of protecting against brute force attacks, port scans, DoS attacks, and many other types of attacks.
  • An intelligent intrusion detection system that reduces the number of false positives and false negatives.
  • A comprehensive collection of policies collected from our network to help block known attacks.
  • Malware scanning and automated quarantine of hostile files.
  • Coming Soon – Intelligent web application sandboxing.