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There is a saying “Customers is King” We consider that working on customers complaints makes us a better Indian Hosting Provider each day. We have created this page for customers to leave their valuable feedback. Whatever your grievances or complaints are, feel free to contact us.

In search best hosting company people search for feedback, to choose one. There are many websites where you can find and read their company’s complaints. In our case, most of the customers reach us immediately so that we can provide a solution at the earliest time possible.

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HostingRaja Customer Complaint

Whenever you make any investment is the best practice to know about the place where you will be investing. No one of us wants to burn their money knowingly. There shouldn’t be any difference when you choose your provider as well. A website’s success is partly in the hands of a provider.

There are few things that you should remember while choosing a provider. Some of them are discussed below:

Knowing the kind of host you really want

There are different types of services accessible like Virtual Machine, Cloud Machine, Dedicated and shared solution. So today assuming you have a little site with less web traffic and need fewer assets you can go with shared service and on the off chance that you have a greater site with enormous traffic and needs more assets you can pick a VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated service. .

Types of Hosting

Choose the host package according to the website platform

If you have a blogging website built on wordpress you can choose a WordPress service. Whereas if you have an eCommerce website you need to go with an ecommerce service. If you feel that your website is big and will need more resources in the near future you can go with a dedicated server as well.

Bandwidth Requirement for a Website

Bandwidth is the amount of data which is downloaded or uploaded from a website. Bandwidth provided in a package will also determine how fast a website visitor can navigate your website. Hence always choose a web hosting package which will provide sufficient bandwidth for your website.

These are some of the important points that one needs to remember while picking a solution or a service for your website. We make sure that we provide exceptional service to our customers, But through this journey few of our clients may feel dissatisfied. For us even our dissatisfied customers are very precious customers. For those dissatisfied customers we have created this platform so that they can contact us and provide us with their complaints.

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    Madan Nandeesh

    May 21, 2021

    I love hostingraja services as they offer easy to use control panel and affordable servers. And also hostingraja servers come with reliable features. I started with the value vps server and it is almost a year i do not have any complaint to mention about their services. Hostingraja maintains good relationships with their clients by offering quality service. There are one of the best server provider. And their team members are capable of fixing the server problem very soon. Their servers are recommended for all kinds of business.

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    Aushotsh Kumar

    June 29, 2020

    I am using hostingraja servers from past 1 year for my multiple websites. I highly recommend their servers to everyone. Their servers are fast and reliable. Hostingraja support team members are very helpful towards all my problems and solve it as soon as possible. The price of their servers is very affordable and worth for the money. Their team members provide amazing guides that have made my hosting services simple and easy. Moreover, they go above and beyond the call of duty to help troubleshoot any kind of issues faced by me. Highly recommended services.

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