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Top 10 Distinctive reasons why HostingRaja is the preferred choice for resellers in India
Exceptional technical assistance tailored for Linux VPS and Linux Dedicated platforms. A significant majority of our clients have remained loyal to us for over half a decade.
An optimized reseller platform is designed to deliver enhanced speed and superior performance, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient management of sales operations.
A partner who comprehends the reseller world like no other
We don’t provide offer or discount on reseller plans, But we provide quality support
Seamless migration between plans, Such as moving individual client account to VPS or cloud
Extended help in migration with less downtime, We don’t provide support for coding related issues
We are one of the top company in India for providing good quality reseller plans with low price and great support
Most of the reseller servers are placed in other countries such as USA, Europe, all our reseller servers are placed in India
All technology in one place, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Servers, AngularJS, Zend, and another top 25 PHP frameworks.
Our reseller customer base grows through word-of-mouth and personal references, underscoring the reputation and trust we’ve established in the community.
82% of the web developers choose HostingRaja for shared plans due to developer friendly technical support .

Reseller Shared Hosting Plans

Starter – cPanel
₹750 Save 30%
525 / month
Select Duration
Sign up
Silver – cPanel
₹1715 Save 30%
1200 / month
Select Duration
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Gold – cPanel
₹3535 Save 30%
2475 / month
Select Duration
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Reseller Server Hosting Plans

RESELLER – Server-1
₹932 Save 25%
699 / month
Select Duration
₹1284 Save 30%
899 / month
Select Duration
₹2613 Save 35%
1699 / month
Select Duration

We have 7800+ happy reseller customers, One of them is,

I was looking for a secure and trusted company to provide a reseller for my IT consulting business. My previous hosting provider was not up to the mark to provide user-friendly service to support my needs and was helpless to provide a smooth upgrade process for their reseller plans. After all this frustration, I looked for a different hosting provider, I am glad I found HostingRaja. I would like to thank them personally for their excellent service in assisting me with my problems, and the support team personally assisted me with transferring my site and set up on their servers.

Easy configuration for your Linux Reseller Hosting

Venture into web hosting with HostingRaja’s Reseller Hosting, a unique opportunity to kickstart your web hosting venture. Our Linux Reseller Hosting plans offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to craft tailor-made hosting packages with limitless disk space and bandwidth. Each plan includes WHM/CPanel, empowering you with an intuitive interface to effortlessly manage websites and deliver top-notch customer support.

Blazing Speed with Our Linux Reseller Hosting

Your website’s speed will be improved with Cloudflare CDN. This will increase the likelihood of your website moving up the search engine rankings. Our low-density servers and cutting-edge hardware give your sites the boost they need in the SERPs!

Unlimited Reseller Hosting with Unmatched Benefits for you

HostingRaja is renowned for delivering top-notch reseller web hosting services in India. Our company stands out from the competition by offering a unique benefit: free SSL certification for all domains. This exclusive feature sets us apart as the only provider in India that provides complimentary SSL certification.

In addition, HostingRaja goes above and beyond by offering a free CONTROL PANEL for easy management of your reseller hosting in India. We understand the importance of data security and provide an optional backup server, ensuring that your valuable data is safeguarded.

One of the primary reasons why resellers choose HostingRaja is our unwavering commitment to exceptional support. Our dedicated technical team is renowned for their expertise and friendly approach, ensuring that resellers receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently.

Experience the best reseller web hosting in India with HostingRaja and join our thriving community of resellers who enjoy the benefits of unparalleled support and technical expertise.


How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Reseller hosting allows you to buy server resources in bulk.

  • You divide these resources into smaller hosting packages.
  • Sell these smaller packages to your own clients.
  • You act as a middleman between the hosting company and your clients.
  • Typically includes a reseller control panel for easy management.
  • Billing and support often your responsibility, unless white-label support provided.
  • Suitable for web designers, developers, or those willing to start a hosting business.
  • Scalable, upgrade resources as your customer base grows.
  • You set pricing and package details.
  • Hosting company handles server maintenance and updates.

Hostingraja Resellers hosting FAQ’s

You can refer our reseller plans and pricing tab.

Note: We also provide custom reseller plans related to Linux platform.

As for as unlimited hosting is concerned, it is practically impossible. Still, We do give unlimited reseller accounts to customers for both Windows and Linux OS in India. And as long as the customer does not violate or abuse, unlimited hosting will be given to the reseller plan.

We will be able to help all our clients by providing an excellent support. Our average TTL (time to resolution) & time to respond is the best in the reseller industry. We also make sure that you will not be having any issues with your reseller account.

We provide WordPress as most of our clients prefer to work with it instead of any other website builder. WordPress is so simple as a word processor like MS Word. We provide WordPress with one-click installation so that anyone can build their website using it. At first, WordPress is used mainly for blogging as it is a content management system (CMS). The goal is to help you to make yourself more familiar with WordPress and build websites on your own.

Absolutely! With our reseller plans, you can enjoy the benefit of installing free SSL certificates for all your websites, ensuring secure and encrypted connections for your clients' online presence.

No, We dont charge extra for every account created, You can create any number of accounts. But, make sure that resources such as RAM, CPU, Disk supports. If you overload with too many accounts, server might be sluggish.

With our reseller plans, you not only have the ability to install free SSL certificates for all your websites but also enjoy the advantage of complete root access. This means you can securely login to the server using SSH and have full administrative control over your hosting environment, allowing you to customize and optimize it according to your specific requirements.

In the event that you are a Web Developer/Designer, you can deal with your sites/customers inside one Reseller Hosting package as opposed to dealing with numerous Shared Hosting packages. This would likewise altogether lessen the expense of hosting your site. Moreover, you can likewise resell hosting as a worth-added component to your current customers or as a separate entity.

We understand the importance of website security, which is why we offer free SSL certificates with our reseller hosting plans. This means you can easily install SSL certificates for all your websites, ensuring secure and encrypted connections for your clients' peace of mind and improved search engine visibility.

Reviews from Reseller Web Hosting Customers
  • Profile

    Saurav varma

    22 Feb 2023

    I recently purchased reseller hosting from HostingRaja, and I must say it’s been a highly cost-efficient solution. From server performance to their managed support services, I have been impressed by the overall affordability and value they provide. Moreover, I have successfully hosted multiple domains on the same hosting plan without any issues. Working with their server has been a fantastic experience primarily because of the constant availability and responsiveness of their support team. They have consistently provided me with prompt and effective solutions, allowing me to resolve any concerns in a remarkably short time.

  • Profile

    Rakesh kumar

    29 May 2023

    When there was a cPanel hike throughout the hosting industry, HostingRaja was the one that provided the alternative OviPanel at a lower price compared to others. They have always been my go-to tech support team, being polite, understanding, and quick to grasp the issues and offer the best solutions. I had a positive experience with HostingRaja, and as a result, I have referred more than 8 customers to them, all of whom are very satisfied. Occasionally, there may be some hiccups, but whenever I contact CRM team member Venkat, he promptly helps us on WhatsApp. Additionally, having a good account manager would be an added advantage.

  • Profile

    Chetan singh

    19 Mar 2023

    The best tech support team hosting raja holds, as the managed support pricing is quite affordabale and their team is well mannered, they stand on the shoes of the customer to understand the frustration of us and gave me solution if given them their time without pressurising.

  • Profile


    01 Jun 2023

    It’s always been a pleasure being a customer of Hostingraja, I must agree that there can never be a permanent solution for anything in life, but when reached to them they have always been the best support they have tried to give a solution when required.