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What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting can be defined as a service which is provided by us where you will be able to sell the web hosting service with your own label. In our reseller hosting plan you will be given an opportunity of making money in the business for hosting websites. The best part of our reseller hosting plan is that you will not have to maintain the hardware or any hosting by yourself. You will be able to choose the type of service you want to provide.

In the majority of the hosting packages, control panels are offered to the end users. But all the end users of reseller hosting might not be having the same level of technical expertise that other customers receive from directly from well reputed web hosting companies. Hence account owners of reseller hosting don't have compulsion to have extensive knowledge on web hosting.


What are the different types of packages you offer in reseller plans?

You can refer our reseller plans and pricing tab.

Note: We also provide custom reseller plans related to Linux platform.

Do you provide Linux reseller & Windows reseller Plans?

Yes, We provide both Windows & Linux based cPanel reseller plans.

Can you give me Unlimited Reseller plans in India?

As for as unlimited hosting is concerned, it is practically impossible. Still, We do give unlimited reseller accounts to customers for both Windows and Linux OS in India. And as long as the customer does not violate or abuse, unlimited hosting will be given to the reseller plan.

How can you help reseller's customer like me?

We will be able to help all our clients by providing an excellent support. Our average TTL (time to resolution) & time to respond is the best in the reseller industry. We also make sure that you will not be having any issues with your reseller account.

Do you provide any good website builder as part of reseller plan?

We provide WordPress as most of our clients prefer to work with it instead of any other website builder. WordPress is so simple as a word processor like MS Word. We provide WordPress with one-click installation so that anyone can build their website using it. At first, WordPress is used mainly for blogging as it is a content management system (CMS). The goal is to help you to make yourself more familiar with WordPress and build websites on your own.

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