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Magento is an eCommerce platform that is built on open-source. It contains various options such as cart option, control over the content and its appearance, and other functionalities. Magento server should be optimized properly to withstand all its features and so here we provide an optimized Magento server for all our users. Magento server plans are quite different from other shared plans. Magento servers need to be optimized properly due to the MVC architecture and other performance measures. We provide an optimized Magento website platform to all our users so that their website loads faster than their competitors. We highly recommend a dedicated server or VPS hosting for any Magento website because if you run a Magento on a shared plan it does not suit well due to many practical reasons. However, If you need to host your website online and light up your business, We will be happy to assist you.

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Magento Premium and Unlimited Plans

When you purchase any unlimited or premium plans you will get free installation and setup from us for your Magento eCommerce website. Our Unlimited or any of our plans are 100% optimized for your Magento websites. The free installation and setup option is not available for the starter plan or gold plan. In an unlimited shared plan, you will be having various advantages such as Free SSL Certificate, Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer, you shall have any number of products and images. We strongly recommend having a look at our Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud Plans for your Magento Website.

Magento VPS

Magento VPS is more secure than any other platform plan. We provide highly optimized Magento VPS Hosting plans for our users because of the high resource utilization and intensive processing requirement needed for the Magento eCommerce platform. We also highly recommend VPS or a dedicated server for Magento platforms to give exceptional performance. We suggest at least 4 GB RAM or 4 core processors for any good performing Magento eCommerce platform. Each of our VPS or dedicated or cloud services are completely secure and isolated platforms that give a better efficient performance.

Each of our VPS or Cloud is provided by
Server Brand: Cisco / SuperMicro / Dell servers
Processor: Latest Intel processor with dual proc and 16 core or 24 core in total
Harddisk: SSD cache optimised with SAS drive
RAM: Each of our servers are loaded with 256GB RAM
Firewall: Your VPS is protected with industry standard firewall.
Bandwidth: Each server is connected with 100mbps link

We have many years of experience in building Magento platform-based Ecommerce websites. We are one of the most cost-effective Magento VPS hosting solutions in India. You don’t want to manage everything on your own when your online business is growing. Going ahead with an experienced team like HostingRaja, will not only help you with your Platform and also, will add value to your technology side when you need assistance on the Magento platform. Get your Magento server deployed and optimized in minutes and a free Magento transfer by our expert with 24/7 Technical Support.

Extreme VPS

Premium Ecommerce VPS


VPS Plan Specifications
₹2613 Save 35%
1699 /mon
₹6152 Save 35%
3999 /mon
₹8460 Save 35%
5499 /mon
CPU 4 Core 4 Core 6 Core
RAM 4 GB 5 GB 6 GB
Disk Space
Bandwidth 4000 GB 10000 GB 20000 GB
FREE Domain Yes Yes Yes
Magento Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Full root/ssh access Included Included Included
Enhanced Security for Magneto Yes Yes Yes
Magento PHP Vulnerability Check Yes Yes Yes
Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer Yes Yes Yes
FREE SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
High Priority Support Yes Yes Yes

Magento Cloud

If you are looking to build an eCommerce website then the Magento platform is the best to create. We are the best platform for Magento also, we have gone through 100’s of Magento problems and we have out a way how to fix Magento website partners. Therefore we understood how to handle the issues over the years with a consistent solution. Among tp Magneto specialists, we provide Magento eCommerce with Cloud Hosting with upgraded security, super-quick performance with an optimized solution for you. We additionally give Free Cloudflare CDN whenever required.

We highly recommend having at least 4 GB RAM and 4 Core processors for your Magento Platform. You can also have a separate cloud instance for the web and DB server, which is highly preferable. And this gives better performance.

Memory vCPUs Transfer NVMe SSD Scaling OFFER
4 GB 2 Core 2 TB
50 GB (Upto 55% OFFER)
8 GB 2 Core 4 TB
50 GB (Upto 55% OFFER)
16 GB 4 Core 5 TB
50 GB (Upto 55% OFFER)
32 GB 8 Core 6 TB
100 GB (Upto 55% OFFER)
64 GB 16 Core 7 TB
200 GB (Upto 55% OFFER)

(Upto 55% OFFER)

Magento Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

Magento Dedicated hosting provides the best of all plans as it is not shared with any other websites. We give free migration and we have award-winning Magento 24/7 support for all the solutions. Holding a Magento dedicated hosting for your business grants full access to your server and you can optimize your website very easily. We are the experts in handling Magento websites and you can run your website on an SSD powered virtual dedicated server and attain better performance. We have a fixed price so there won’t be any change for a surprise invoice.

We strongly recommend you to go with at least 4 GB RAM and 4 Core processor for your magento Website. Preferably you can have a separate cloud instance for web and DB server. This provides better performance and isolates the database and web server.

Server Plan Specifications
Value Server
₹10210.64Save 53%
4799 /mon
Silver Server
₹13331.37Save 49%
6799 /mon
Gold Server
₹20383.93Save 44%
11415 /mon
Disk Space
CPU 4 Core (9.60 GHz) 6 Core (14.4 GHz) 8 Core (19.20 GHz)
RAM 16 GB 24 GB 32 GB
Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 15 TB
FREE Domain Yes Yes Yes
FREE Varnish Server Yes Yes Yes
FREE Website Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Spamassassin Included Included Included
Full root/ssh access Included Included Included
Realtime Malware Injection Scan Yes Yes Yes
Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check Yes Yes Yes
Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer Yes Yes Yes
FREE SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
High Priority Support Yes Yes Yes

Magento Solutions

We are one of the most trusted hosting and server providers in India and we give the Magento Solution for our eCommerce customers. With high security with more suitable performance on a wide range of products and services. By developing your Magento Online Store with us, you will be more safe and secure. We provide free installation and setup with migration.

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Most Popular / Simple Architecture Useful for moderate traffic websiteLocal Balance with 2 Web Server to Handle more Web Traffic

Magento solutions at Very Affordable Price

Magento is the simplified platform for the webapplications that are designed for the e-commerce. You can easily add the different functionalities with the available number of plugins. Since Magento is an open source platform you can customise your website the way you want. We provide the Magento platform at the very affordable price compared to others.  We will take care of the setup of complete environment. You can install the Magento on your server with some simple clicks.

Magento Supports Multiple Page Fronts

With the Magento admin panel, you can manage your e-commerce website with ease.  You can add, delete or perform any of the options, you will have access to the orders placed etc. Magento is strong in terms of security it follows 14 critical protection criteria. The best advantage of Magento serversservices is that it supports multiple page fronts. With this, you can manage multiple stores under a single panel.With the quality of support offered hostingraja is also known for its outstanding support.

Magento solutions with High Security

A normal of nearly 30,000 websites are hacked every day globally. Our Perpetual Security estimates assist with keeping you from turning into the following casualty! That is the reason your account incorporates free HackScan Protection to help with obstructing hacks before they can cause harm to your site. KernelCare rebootless updates, brute force defense, a double firewall, and various other security highlights are as of now set up to assist with keeping your site secure when you pick HostingRaja. Our Reinforced distributed denial of service (DDoS) Protection even further develops the probability your webpage will stay online even the most modern conveyed disavowal of service assaults.

We provide the Custom Magento Plans

It has a 24/7 dedicated team for every kind of service that it provides. The support team has excelled in understanding the client’s queries and issues and providing the quick solutions. It was honored with a number of awards for doing this. To raise the level of convenience to the client we also provides the custom plans in case the quoted plans does not fulfill the client’s requirement. For more details about the plans and features offered simply navigate to

Why should I use Magento Hosting?

Magento delivers in-built customer assistance with its eCommerce software. Overall Magento is designed and powered for eCommerce platform where customers can utilize Magento to create eCommerce website. Businesses using magento to built eCommerce website is benefit from products and customer hunt. While using magento marketing and promotion can be done easily with incorporated services. Sales are managed firmly and efficiently with Magento.

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    19 December 2020


    HostingRaja team has a good experience with everything from small Magento stores to big enterprises. Plans provided by HostingRaja are scalable and these plans comes with a bunch of custom features. Actually after taking their services my website is able to handle the traffic spikes. Moreover I have contacted them few times as I had few questions and I got correct answers for each of my question. Though there isnt much knowledge base but with a good support from them I was able to get all the support from the team managing the Magento hosting services.

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    Kiran Raj

    27 March 2021

    I am highly satisfied with their Magento hosting basics with a blazing fast server cofiguration, best security as well as speed optimization tools. I take backups frequently as it is useful for my online store. When I purchased a VPS server I also got a free domain with the package. I am happy with their support as well as they have always been very responsive. All in all I have recieved a fantastic support from HostingRaja.