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How can I renew My domain? Can I do it by myself?

You can renew your domain yourself just enter your login details and go to cpanel from there you can renew your domain name in just few clicks.

What do you mean by Domain Registry Key?

It is a unique password issued by Indialinks to your Domain name. It is helps in direct management of your Domain name through Domain Cpanel. Every domain name has its own unique domain registry key.

My domain name is in redemption period what does it mean?

Once your specific period for which you have purchased domain name is over you are given a grace period to get your domain name renewed but if have not renewed in this grace period your domain name goes in Redemption period. Even during this period you can retrieve your domain by paying redemption fee+ Renewal Amount.

How does Domain works?

When a user enter your domain name in the web browser, Browser uses your domain name to obtain associated IP address in order to get your website. Domain name is given as user cannot remember the IP address associated with your Domain name.

How to lock and Unlock the registered domain with HostingRaja

The Procedure to lock and un-lock a domain is.
1. Login into your Domain Control Panel
2. Click on "My Domains" and click on the "Edit" to access the domain.
3. In Registrar Lock - Click the check box to Enable and Disable the Domain Lock.
4. Click on save changes.

How to transfer ownership of a domain?

The current owner should send us a an email at our contact address stating domain ownership transfer request from his authorized email ID (email ID registered with us) and also provide new owner's details. We will contact new owner and validate the request. If needed, we might request the new owner to send us a confirmation email agreeing to accept the ownership of the domain. Once all these formalities are completed, we will transfer the ownership.

How to log into your Domain Control Panel?

To Login into your Domain Control Panel Please visit the below link
Please enter the user name and password- which has already been sent through Email- Sub:Welcome to Hosting Raja
In client Login- Enter your user name and password
User name : Email ID
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