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What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server refers to the exclusive use of all the resources like RAM, CPU and Disk space to a particular customer. Resources are not going to be shared with any other clients like in shared and VPS server. Nowadays servers are being replaced by the cloud server, but still, there is a requirement for dedicated host. Dedicated host are preferred by numerous companies over cloud hosting because of the security, and good control over the hardware.

Is there any restriction on my servers such as the number of websites and Email accounts?

No restriction on the number of a website hosted or email accounts used by you. Your dedicated box can be completely used by you. And can also include as the number of websites as needed based on your preference.

Will I be able to add additional storage to the Dedicated box?

Yes, we will assist you in adding extra storage on your dedicated plan. If you need we will add additional disk space on your server or we will migrate your server within Indian data center.