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Note: In HostingRaja we provide free migration from other service providers like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud etc.
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How can you save 55% cost with us, Example scenario
Example Scenario: Number of VMs 4
Others HostingRaja
Managed Support Per VM Support cost with others 2250 600
Managed Support Cost Total for 4 VMs 9000 2400
Saving on Managed Support / month 6600
Backup / Restore / Snapshot Backup / Restore / Snapshot cost Per VM Cost for backup/restore 1500 0
Cost for 4 VMs 6000 0
Charges for Outgoing bandwidth Other players charge you around 0.02$/GB bandwidth. HostingRaja provides unlimited bandwidth for FREE. Imagine a scenario where you use 4TB bandwidth per month.
Bandwidth Cost Per VM 1536 0
Total Bandwidth Cost 6144 0
Offer on Compute Node Cost saving per compute node 8gb RAM, 4 CPU, 200gb Disk (Approx Calculation) i.e You pay approx 2440 per VM extra per month 2440 0
Total cost saving on 4 compuete node 9760 0
38630 9600
Overall Cost Difference for 4 compute node scenario 29030/month
Buy cheap and best cloud hosting at low price | HostingRaja India
When it comes to cloud computing HostingRaja takes care of your A-Z needs. It includes free setup, free migration with 24/7 expert support.

Technical Specifications

Powerful NVMe SSD Storage Make your business online with the greatest and enduring NVMe SSD hosting servers, which allow quicker load times for your website. Pre-Integrated Caching Your page intent to load from the cloud Server at a lightning-fast rate due to optimal caching setup! Fully Managed All server configuration, patching are handled by us. You are just required to handle your website and scope from cPanel like you would accomplish in any shared hosting environment.
AutoScale Cloud Features

Choose Your Cloud Architecture

We Setup & hands hold you to kick start

Know the advantages that you get from HostingRaja:

1. We help customers stay focused on their business/organization by reducing their operational costs and we charge only for what they utilize. This makes us remain the best cloud hosting provider in India at the lowest price.

2. With our cloud server hosting, We endeavor hard to give the best and most recent innovation utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software. We guarantee you more than 10G web availability between every hub/VMs and the cutting edge reinforcement and reestablish answers for each cloud occasion with multiple incremental back-ups.

3. By opting for our solution you can save time to set-up or install. Because our technology works faster when compared to other technologies.

4. Our solution is fully automated and there is no need for you to hire a team for managing the related task. You can contact our support team and they will provide you the best solution to all your related concerns.

Learn More About Cloud Server

There is no clear explanation given by any standard organization for what is cloud hosting, the generally trusted terms are a) availability of sources on demand and need basis to meet the surge in the traffic b) CPU, RAM, Compute, Storage and other resources should be easy to scale down or up based on the customer’s need c) A dashboard to monitor the resource usage and do it by myself style for clients d) Auto scale cloud in terms of vertical or horizontal. We are happy to provide cloud hosting in India, which satisfies all the above conditions.

Do you provide cloud solutions or consulting for my project ?

Yes, We understand that cloud solutions can be complex at some times and normally need some hand-holding on the way to get cloud hosting, so we provide cloud consulting for FREE. Over the years we have worked on 1000s of cloud-based projects and our technical and practical knowledge allows us to offer powerful consultancy for your projects. To get a cloud server you just need to contact our sales team and explain your requirements for your projects and our support team will get in touch to discuss and deep understanding of your project.

Do you provide website optimization ?

Yes, our advanced control panel provides MySql and website optimization. However, this does not include modifying or working on your source code. We will optimize your website on the server level and could guide your project development team on tips to optimize your website.

What is caching?

Caching is a service that allows websites to load much faster. HostingRaja caches static elements of your website using NGINX Plus, which will accelerate your website to load faster during times of high traffic.

Do you provide one-click installation scripts?

Yes, we do provide one-click installations through Softaculous for Cloud Hosting India. You can establish web applications like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, and considerably more with just one click!

How much additional RAM and CPU is available?

You can go for additional RAM of up to 8 GB and 8 cores to your Cloud Hosting Plan.

Is Cloud hosting better than Shared hosting?

Cloud hosting is generally considered to be a preferable choice over shared hosting because of its ability to handle higher traffic compared to Shared hosting, high availability, better resources, and security.

Can I install my software (XYZ) in your cloud server? Does it support XYZ software ?

We work on the philosophy that if it is possibly supported by someone or somewhere else, then it will be supported @HostingRaja too. You can install any software in both Linux and Windows operating system.

What is the bandwidth speed on any choosen cheap cloud server plan?

Bandwidth speed is based on the plan/packages you choose. Higher plans enjoy better speed on bandwidth.

What is the technology used ?

We use multiple technologies such as KVM, ProxMox and VMWare.

Where is your data center ?

Our servers are located in multiple data centers in India. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore.

What are the main advantages of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Storage Can Save Costs ,Fully Managed ,Data Redundancy and Replication ,Dedicated Resources ,Data Tiering for Cost Savings ,Regulatory Compliance ,Ransomware/Malware Protection ,Easy-to-use
HostingRaja Customers who saved money on cloud infra structure
Moved to HostingRaja, Feb, 2019 Airfield Express,Specialization in Delivery Shipment of Pharmaceutical Company in INDIA
Cost Saved 36% with us
Moved to HostingRaja, Oct, 2018 Softec is a product and service provider on various technology
Cost Saved 55% with us
Moved to HostingRaja, March, 2020 Pratinidhi Media Solutions is the Best Political Campaign Management/Marketing Company.
Cost Saved 45% with us
Pro pluse
Moved to HostingRaja, Jan, 2020 A Technology company providing technical solution to 100s of customers.
Cost Saved 53% with us
Moved to HostingRaja, Aug, 2020 Faith streaming provides service on Video Conferencing, Live Stream, Stream Music and Learning Management System (LMS).
Cost Saved 62% with us
Moved to HostingRaja, Nov, 2018 A successful event management company based on Bangalore.
Cost Saved 46% with us
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