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What is cloud Hosting ?

Cloud hosting is a relatively new format of web hosting that focuses on keeping your website up and allowing it to cope with peaks in usage easily. In other words, cloud server hosting is a network of servers in multiple locations, which share data and resources among themselves. So by using a cloud hosting solution for your business will reduce the server load and thus increases the performance. At HostingRaja we have years of experience in providing best in class cloud server in India and for this reason, we are #1 cloud hosting providers India. We use the latest software and technologies with our cloud server.

How many IP addresses come with my cloud hosting server ?

One IP address are given with each cloud server cost you paid. Additional IP addresses can be purchased by contacting our support team. [Note: Spamming or any illegal activity are strictly banned].

Do you provide managed cloud hosting ?

Yes, We prefer to give only managed cloud server to our customers. It becomes easy for our experts to manage the cloud hosting, rather than by clients. Most of our clients are having good experience in managing the web application part of the cloud servers, but when it comes to OS level problem or any complex issues, they depend on our experts hosting customers.

Do you secure my cloud server ?

This is a very good question. In fact, this is the unique features available with HostingRaja cloud hosting. We can proudly and very confidently say that, Our cloud Hosting in India are more secure than any other competitors. You can buy our servers with more confident on security.

Do you give discount on prices ?

We give up to 44% ~ 55% discount on the cloud price listed in our website. You may get lesser price from other companies hosted in USA. There are many things, you have to consider, We provide free control panel worth Rs. 7200 + Get better support + Indian cloud server from Indian Data center + Secure Server and the list goes on...