HostingRaja Channel Partner

Collaboration is the key to growth and success in today’s competitive world. Our partner program is built to empower our partners with cutting edge products and robust backend systems that will accelerate their business growth.

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HostingRaja Channel Partner Program

Grow your Business & Revenue with us!

This is a great opportunity to enhance your brand’s visibility and capitalize on the same by building on our strength ie. technology, support and systems. You can sell all the cloud products to your customers via your website. So its Your Brand, Your Price and you decide Your Margin while we remain hidden. We enable our partners with a ticketing system where their customers can raise tickets while we support and a CRM / Billing software along with upto INR 20,000 worth of free credits as you get started with us.

Standard Partner

  • FREE Rs. 10,000 Credit
  • Monthly Commitment 10K
  • High Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Premium Partner

  • FREE Rs. 20,000 Credit
  • Monthly Commitment 20K
  • High Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise Partner

  • FREE Rs. 30,000 Credit
  • Monthly Commitment 30K
  • High Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Benefits to our partners

Channel Partner Dashboard

Your Clients – Your Portal

We understand that trusting client relationships are built over the years. So we ensure that all the transactions / billing and support are routed through your website to serve your customers.

Channel Partner Pricing

Transparent Pricing

We have a transparent pricing policy as we know that transparency builds trust. It also helps you to earn better margins on various products we offer.

Channel Partner Reward

Enjoy Free Credits

Use the free credits with offer to maximize your margins on the products you sell. We have a credit points program that runs through the year. Start your partner account with upto INR 20,000 worth free credits on select plans.

Channel Partner Support

24/7 Expert Support

Our expert technical support team is available 24/7 to handle your customer’s concerns via our smart ticketing system.

Your Partner Dashboard

Once you sign up as a channel partner with HostingRaja, you will get a dashboard to manager your clients, servers and hosting accounts. It will be in your company name ex.

What your partner dashboard looks like?

  • On sign up you have to update your company logo and site name in the account section. Thereafter, your dashboard will look like the below screenshot :
    Channel Partner Login Page
  • On login, you can see the statistical representation of your account..
    Channel Partner Dashboard
    Channel Partner Dashboard
  • The partner portal enables you to Add/ Manage your clients. You can create a client account that will enable your client to manage their servers via your dashboard too.
    Channel Partner Manage Client
  • You can easily create cloud/VPS/dedicated/hosting server accounts for your clients using the dashboard.
    Channel Partner Add Server
  • The dashboard also allows you to create your own invoices and decide on the pricing you wish to offer so that you can maximize your earnings and profit.
    Channel Partner Create Invoice
  • Mark invoices as paid after a client has paid you and add transaction details for your records
    Channel Partner Manage Invoice
  • Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate your client server in case of non receipt of payment or other issues.
    Channel Partner Manage Server
  • Raise a support ticket to HostingRaja on behalf of your client. You or your client can use the same ticket to correspond with the Hosting Raja tech support team.
    Channel Partner Manage Server

HostingRaja channel partner FAQ’s

To become a channel partner, you can typically apply through the company's website or contact their partner program representative for further information and enrollment procedures.

By joining a channel partner program, you can gain access to the company's products, marketing resources, training, sales support, and potentially earn revenue through commissions or discounts on products/services.

Channel partners are responsible for actively promoting and selling the company's products/services, maintaining product knowledge, assisting customers with inquiries, and fostering positive relationships with clients.

The cost structure varies among companies. Some programs may require an initial investment or minimum sales commitments, while others are free to join. It's essential to review the program details and any associated costs before joining

Commissions or discounts are typically calculated based on predetermined percentages or structures outlined in the channel partner agreement. This information is often shared during the onboarding process or program documentation.

Yes, in many cases, channel partners are allowed to represent multiple companies simultaneously. However, it is important to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest and to comply with any exclusivity agreements if applicable.

Reviews from Channel partner Customers
  • Profile


    11 Jun 2023

    Trusting client relationships are vital to my business, and HostingRaja’s Channel Partner Dashboard has taken that into account. All transactions, billing, and support are seamlessly routed through my website, enhancing the customer experience and strengthening my brand reputation. Their 24/7 expert support team ensures that my clients’ concerns are addressed promptly, fostering a sense of reliability.

  • Profile

    Pratap Singh

    09 Jul 2023

    Kudos to HostingRaja for their Channel Partner Reward system. The free credits they offer as part of the program have allowed me to maximize my margins on the products I sell. It’s a fantastic way to boost profitability and provide more value to my clients. The credit points program they run throughout the year is a great initiative that truly benefits partners like me.

  • Profile

    Ram Jain

    31 Jul 2023

    Being a HostingRaja customer has left me thoroughly impressed by their Channel Partner Program. This program presents an amazing chance to elevate my brand’s recognition and increase revenue. With their advanced technology, robust support, and efficient backend systems, I’m enabled to provide cloud products to my customers directly from my website, all while maintaining authority over pricing and profits. The program’s additional perks, including free credits and personalized support, have truly transformed the way I operate my business.

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