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Free Hosting India (Using IPv6)

We provide FREE hosting with IPv6 IP address and these experimental servers do not come with IPv4. This is done as an experimental and promoting IPv6 activity in India to adopt new technology.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) as the name suggests is the sixth revised edition to the Internet Protocol and is the successor of IPv4. IPv6 is the most recent updated version after IPv4. All the devices that use the internet are using its own IP addresses and zip codes in order to mail the letter.

  • The whole world was happy with IPv4 and there were around 400 crores of IPv4 addresses available to everyone in 1981.
  • At that point of time it was more than sufficient to serve the whole world with an existing set of IP addresses.
  • When more and more people started using mobile phones, devices, websites and servers. The number of IP addresses started to diminish.
  • There was an increasing demand for IP addresses.
  • That’s how IPv6 originated.
  • At present there 340282366920938×24 Zeros IPv6 addresses.
  • There is a possibility that using IPv6 we might never run out of IP addresses.
  • Hence HostingRaja wants to become the brand ambassador in the promotions and use of IPv6 in India.

Benefits of IPv6

IPv6 as the name suggests is the sixth revised edition to the Internet Protocol and is the successor of IPv4. Most of the functions of IPv6 are somewhat similar to IPv4 however the main difference is that it uses a 128-bit IP address.

Some of the Major benefits of IPv6 are shown below:

  • No Network Address Translation
  • Diminished Private address collisions
  • Superior multicast routing
  • Easy multicast routing
  • Better and Simple routing
  • Privacy Support and authentication
  • Easy administration

Example of IPv4 address

IPv4 addresses are 32 bit integers which can be expressed in hexadecimal code. Here the numbers can be anywhere between 0 and 255. One of the IPv4 addresses is given below.

Example of IPv6 address

An IPv6 address has a format of y:y:y:y:y:y:y where y is the segment and is separated by colons and not periods. Here the hexadecimal value is in between 0 and FFFF. One of the IPv6 address is given below:


Why is free IPv6 hosting in India?

Being the leader in the latest technology we always welcome the latest technology in India. As IPv6 is the latest technology in the queue we have introduced it to our customers absolutely free.

The major reason of providing free IPv6 hosting in India is discussed below:

  1. As there is more and more usage of IPv4 availability has become much more limited and costlier.
  2. We as a hosting company have to buy IPv4 at a very huge price and when we sell it to our customers, this affects the customers and company also in terms of price, Whereas the ipv6 is available for FREE of cost.
  3. As we are the technology leader in India, we were the 1st one in India to introduce Ovi Panel, multilingual support, cloud linux, smart ticketing system, chat bot etc. Hence in a similar way are looking forward to promoting IPv6 in India.
  4. As a company we are eager to learn new things. Hence it is like a trial run for our developers and makes our infrastructure ready for IPv6.
  5. We want more and more people to know about IPv6 technology and its usage.

Note: We do not provide support for our IPv6 customers, as it is provided for free to our customers. Hence we would request you to contact your Internet server provider (ISP) if you face any issues.

Common Problems while deploying IPv6

  • Current ISP does not support IPv6 – If your current ISP is not offering IPv6, you can check the following alternatives to change the ISPs:
    1. You can hire an ISP to provide a second line for IPv6 communications from your website. This method is however expensive.
    2. Getting a virtual ISP is another option as it provides the website with IPv6 but with no link.
    3. You can use a 6 to 4 tunnel over the ISP to another IPv6.
  • Emails will not work with some of the ISP’s and you might face problems in sending and receiving the emails.
  • In some cases even the website will not work on some ISPs and hence you might see a downtime in the website.

List of ISP supporting IPv6 in India

The following list of ISPs support IPv6. If you are connecting or accessing your website using anyone of the Internet service provider who is still using IPv4, then your website will not work.

  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
  • Bharti Airtel Limited
  • Tata Communications Limited

If we have missed any ISP, which is providing IPv6,. Please let us know.

Free hosting only on Linux

Note: This experimental website hosting is available only on linux shared server. You can run any PHP+MySQL related websites or any open source applications and NOT any website which requires Windows OS related such as .NET, ASP.NET, IIS server specific. As it is common for any shared plan, this too comes with a set of limitations.

No Refund / No Indemnification

The security deposit you make towards authentication and security towards your usage is not refundable and by using this service you agree to indemnify HostingRaja (Ovi Hosting Pvt Ltd ).

Note : We can stop at any time without prior notice

This experimental service may function properly or sometimes may not work as expected due to the technical challenge involved. We might need to run specific software upgrades or do some improvement on the system which might affect the uptime of this service. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY UPTIME GUARANTEE FOR THIS SERVICE. We can stop this service anytime without any prior notice and may not continue the service in future.


Can I contact support ?

We do not provide support for this FREE hosting, as we can not afford to provide support which is very expensive. The only support we provide for this kind of shared plan is to make sure that your server is up and running.

What happened to IPv5?

Version 5 of the IP family was an exploratory protocol formed in the 1980s. IPv5 (also called the Internet Stream Protocol) was never widely deployed, and since the number 5 was already assigned, this number was not evaluated for the beneficiary to IPv4. Several proposals were offered as the IPv4 successor, and each was allocated a number. In the end, the one with version number 6 was chosen.

Why pay Rs. 100 if free hosting?

As we are a web hosting provider having a large number of customers, There is a chance that there might arise some legal complications as the websites can be used for different illegal purposes. Keeping this in mind we are charging Rs. 100 as a non-refundable amount. When we receive the Rs. 100 payment using an online method such as ccAvenue or PayTM, it acts as a KYC and customer authentication, When there is a request for customer data from the legal entity, then we provide the same to competent government authority.

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