Jenkins-Servers “Jenkins: Open-Source Automation Server for Continuous Integration and Delivery” * It continuous delivery (CI/CD) of software projects. It provides a platform for automating the building, testing, and deployment of applications, making it easier for development teams to integrate code changes and deliver software efficiently and reliably. * At its core, Jenkins is a Java-based […]

Why backup is important not optional

Why backup is important not optional Everyone thinks that it is not required to backup your data, such as database, emails, and source code. You might have spent a considerable amount of money on building your website, what if your website is hacked or deleted by someone accidentally? then you have to spend all the […]

Importance and Uses of feedback form in your website

Table of contents What is a customer feedback form? Why is customer feedback important? What is the purpose and uses of collecting feedback on your website content? Get Genuine Customer Data to Make More Informed Business Decisions Most ideal Ways To Collect Customer Feedback Importance and Uses of feedback form in your website  What is […]

Website on WordPress influence SEO

Does Creating a Website on WordPress influence SEO? Table of contents Introduction to WordPress WordPress & SEO WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO The most used & popular SEO plugin for WordPress Why Google loves WordPress Some of the most popular websites are using WordPress Introduction to WordPress Few years back, creating a website […]

How to Migrate Server

How to Migrate Server  Table of contents An Introduction to Server Migration Why should I think of a Server Migration? Advantages of Migrating to Hostingraja Steps to Migrate Server in Windows Things to Check after Migration Data Synchronization after Server Migration Adding Email Accounts on the New Server Creating a Back-up of the Website Files […]

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated

Shared Vs VPS Vs Dedicated When you are looking for web hosting to host your first website, the choices can be more. There are a lot of different options with many different buzz-words attached. Shared Hosting Reseller hosting Virtual Private Servers Managed Dedicated Servers Collocation Linux Web Hosting Etc… There can be many other hosting […]

Free Logo Maker in India

Free Logo Maker in India Table of contents What is a logo? Elements of a logo Characteristics of Logo Types of Logo Purpose of a logo Why is it better to use an online logo maker? What are the options for users to make logos? What logo is important for your business? Important things to […]

Free Hosting India

Free Hosting India (Using IPv6) We provide FREE hosting with IPv6 IP address and these experimental servers do not come with IPv4. This is done as an experimental and promoting IPv6 activity in India to adopt new technology. Get FREE IPv6 Hosting Note: For security, client KYC & authentication purposes, we collect Rs. 100 non […]


Domains Top 10 TLD’s in the World .jobs Extension .game TLD .film Extension .global TLD .IO Domain Name Extension FREE Free Logo Maker in India Free Hosting India SEO Website on WordPress influence SEO Migration How to Migrate Server Website Importance and Uses of feedback form in your website Website Registration process Cloud Fixed Cloud […]