Top 10 TLD’s in The World

HostingRaja’s Top 10 TLDs in the World

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Top 10 TLD’s in the World

Check out the list of top 10 TLDs in the World, a list prepared by our team of experts after analyzing the publicly available data. TLD stands for top-level-domain such as .com, .in, .org, .io, .ai, etc, basically in layman terms “in the domain name whatever comes after the rightmost DOT is called domain extension”.

What is a domain extension?

According to a fixed scheme Web addresses are being structured. The name resolution through DNS confirms that Internet users reach the website they like to reach – without enclosing to enter bulky IP addresses (a series of numbers is extensively more challenging to recognize than “”, for example). To accomplish this translation, a URL is structured hierarchically. First, you’ll see the subdomain on the far left (after “https://”), which in most circumstances is www, but can also include “blog” or explicit language versions (es or en). This is observed by a freely picked domain name. The address is constructed by the domain extension, a top-level domain.

A difference is made between top-level domains that guide to a specific country, such as .us for the USA – known as ccTLDs – and those that are generic gTLDs, such as .org. TLDs are (for the most part) managed internationally by ICANN or IANA. Although there are currently bunches of various domain extensions – and there are frequently new top-level domains – specific TLDs are more famous than others. This has resulted in a booming domain trade, where domains can market for high costs. When picking the right domain, you’ll also have to maintain a specific budget in mind.

What is TLD?

A top-level domain in one of the most advanced levels in the hierarchical Domain Name System. In simple terms, a Top-level domain indicates the last part of a domain name or the character which is right after the dot symbol.

The top-level domain names are installed within the root zone of the namespace. For all domains in lower levels, it is the last portion of the domain name, that is, the last nonempty label of a fully qualified domain name.

Example : .org, .biz, .com, .net, etc. Certain extensions, which are displayed after the dot of a URL, are called as top-level domains (TLDs).

A top-level domain was designated to further distinguish a characteristic of a website, such as its owner, its purpose, or geographical source. It also increased the number of available domain names, since is not the equivalent of

To know the list of all top level TLDs visit Wikipedia.

There are three types of TLDs:

  • gTLD– Generic Top-Level Domains(Eg: .org, .net, .com etc)
  • sTLD– Sponsored Top-Level Domains(Eg: .gov, .mil, .edu etc)
  • ccTLD- Country Code Top-Level Domains(Eg: .in, .uk, .ru etc)

1. gTLD – Generic Top-level Domain

The gTLD is the most popular of all TLDs. Some gTLDs that you may have come across are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .xyz
  • .club
  • .biz
  • .top

The list of gTLDs is ever-growing. The recently added gTLDs are known as ‘new gTLDs’. Nowadays all websites are recognized only by their domain name. Therefore they prefer to suffix a unique gTLD (Eg: .host, .name, .biz, etc.) instead of the usual .com to serve their website’s purpose.

sTLD is the kind of top-level domain that is taken care by private organizations, businesses, or the government.

To register your website following an sTLD, your domain should endure by certain rules. Some common sTLDs are:

  • .edu – for educational institutions
  • .asia – open to individuals, companies, and organizations connected to the
  • .mil – primarily US military

3. ccTLD – Country Code Top-level Domain

A ccTLDs are county-level top domains such as .uk (for the United Kingdom), .in (for India), and so on.

Here are some examples of ccTLDs available:

  • .in – India
  • .UK – United Kingdom
  • .us – The United States of America
  • .va – Vatican city-state
  • .cn – China
  • .ke – Kenya
  • .eg – Egypt
  • .भारत –India
  • .台湾 – Taiwan
  • .ایران- Iran

As per the statistics here we have listed the top 10 TLD’s

Extension of top TLD Percentage of share Since When ? Where is it used mostly? Who is the registry of TLD?
.com 52.8 January 1, 1985 Worldwide use in all countries Verisign
.ru 5.5 pril 7, 1994 Mainly popular in Russia Coordination Center for TLD .RU
.org 4.4 January 1, 1985 Worldwide use in all countries. Public Interest Registry
.net 3.2 January 1, 1985 Worldwide use in all countries. Verisign
.ir 1.9 1985 Mainly popular in Iran Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
.in 1.8 1989 Mainly popular in India INRegistry
.au 1.7 1999 Mainly popular in Australia Australian Government and the authority of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
.uk 1.6 24 July 1985 Mainly popular in United Kingdom Nominet UK
.ua 1.2 December 1, 1992 Mainly popular in Iran Hostmaster Ltd
.de 1.1 1986 Mainly popular in Germany DENIC


Internet Tends to grow about 36,68,00,000 Domain Name Registrations on the Completion of the First Quarter of 2020. As of April 2021, 52.3 percent of global websites work using the .com, top-level domain. And the .ru TLD remained in the second position with a 5.9 percent market share.

The Top 10 TLD’s in the World

.com – 1st tld on top

The Most widely used domain extension, Helping over half of all website

.com – A .com domain extension stands for “commercial.” The dot-coms are the most famous top-level domain in use today. As their names are intimate, they were initially intended to differentiate commercial organizations. During the early stage, .coms were limited to commercial entities, later .com was intended for eCommerce sites and after the ’90s those limitations were uplifted, beginning the registration floodgates. While the internet stretched its growth in utility and fame, dot-coms soon became the most commonly utilized top-level domain. Today, it’s the most widely-used domain extension, helping over half of all websites. It’s observed by numerous people as the default domain extension, and its ubiquity presents it as the go-to selection for most online businesses, personal websites, organizations, and blogs.

(Note: All the country domains below are position on top according to statistical data)

.ru – 2nd position ccTLD on Top of other TLDs

Country code Top Level Domain of Russia

.ru – It is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Russia. The (ru) is the Latin alphabet/script country-level top domain (ccTLD) for Russia introduced in 1994.

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