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The .film is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) associated with ICANN’s New gTLD Program. This film industry domain was successfully delegated to the root zone on March 24th, 2015. By October 6, 2015, the TLD reached General Availability. To register a .film domain name, registrants must be members of a film organization. The film industry is a vast business sector, generating huge revenues worldwide and employing numerous individuals. Whether it’s animation organizations, production studios, distributors, or more, the .film domain name extension communicates to internet users that your business is related to the film industry.


The .film domain name extension informs web users about your identity and the nature of your business. It is widely used by film studios, directors, producers, writers, technicians, photographers, actors, and film associations. The .film domain name enhances your business by affiliating it with the film industry. As a restricted domain, only members of the film industry can register the .film domain name. All .film domain users are verified, signaling to the world and future users that you are a reliable source for film content.

Important benefits of .film Domain:

The .film domain name is short, professional, easy to remember, and aids in improving search engine ranking by incorporating SEO keywords directly into the URL. If someone is searching for film-related content, they are likely to click on a link with a .film domain name extension. The future of the internet is new and precise domain names that allow customers to understand the brand before visiting the website. Establish yourself as an industry leader, enhance your online business, and distinguish your brand from competitors with the .film domain name extension. The .film domain name will be instrumental in promoting your film content and any information related to the film industry.

The .film domain name extension is an excellent choice for registrants interested in the film industry, and it is an effective way to attract more customers with enticing offers. Moreover, if you allow yourself to film your thoughts, you will find that commercial applications are just a part of the .film domain. The .film domain will enable people and companies to understand your business and ensure you run a film-related business by choosing the .film domain name.

Reasons to choose a .film domain name

Unreleased films or movies can utilize a .film domain name extension to attract a larger audience.

As .film is a restricted domain name, audiences will have a better understanding and trust in a website with this ending.

‘Film’ itself is a strong keyword, hence it will integrate the extra space in the URL.

A note about restrictions

To register a .film domain, you must be both:

An active member of the film industry (e.g., producer, studio, director, writer, actor) or provide goods or services to the industry (e.g., lawyer, agent, financier, PR firm), and Closely related to the domain name you’re registering. For example, the domain includes:

  • A portion of your name or your organization’s name
  • An event you organize
  • A film title to which you hold the rights
  • A profession that you or your employees practice
  • These rules are set by the Motion Picture Domain Registry Pvt Ltd, the company that owns .film
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