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Expand into the Private Cloud of your choice

HostingRaja is an expert in setting up private cloud setup to our customers, in their preferred choice of platform. We have setup more than 100+ private cloud to customers in India using various technologies such as VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, and OpenNebula. We not only setup and train your team on cloud technology, We also take care of 100% support & maintenance.

Your Private Cloud - Your Choice

Agility Without Sacrificing Control

  • Single-tenant Private Cloud

    HostingRaja offers custom-built dedicated, single-tenant environments in which to run, migrate and extend your on-premises workloads.

  • Software-defined Storage

    We use Enterprise grade SAN storage with SSD drive to give the top performance needed for your business.

  • Cloud Management Platform

    Each cloud setup comes with CMP (Cloud Management Platform), Using which you can easily manager your cloud infrastructure.

  • End-to-end Automated Lifecyle Management

    Improve efficiency by easily reducing sprawl and right-sizing resource utilization.

  • Rapid Delivery of IT Servies with Blueprints

    Automate delivery of virtual machines, multi-tier apps and custom IT services with pre-built components and drag-and-drop design in VMware vRealize® Automation.

  • Dedicated Bandwidth

    Each private cloud comes with dedicated bandwidth of minimum 50 mbps, Scalable up to 1000 mbps,will be charged separetly

HostingRaja Can Help You Achieve Software-defined Outcomes

  • Reducing Complexity: HostingRaja the cloud solutions specialist eliminates the burden of infrastructure management, and allows yout IT team to focus on higher value problems such as automating service delivery and improving quality of service to their partners in the lines-of-business that they serve.
  • Fully Managed Private Cloud: To manage a private cloud, any company need to have set of people skilled at various tech vertical. You can offload all your cloud management to HostingRaja at affordable price. As we handle 100 of cloud setup, our experts are good following best practices at all level.
  • Fully Secure Cloud: Your private cloud will be running on fully isolated physical servers ensuring 100% data security. You will have a separate control panel to maintain and use your private cloud
  • Security Matters Most: HostingRaja Manages Security provides deep expertise, leading technology and advanced threat intelligence tailored to your business needs, for a 247365 defense - all at a significantly lower TCO over internally developed security operations centers and comparable managed security service offerings.

HostingRaja Has Years of Expertise @ Private Cloud

Pain Free Cloud Migration

We migrate your web application for FREE to our HostingRaja, If it loads faster and performs better stay with us.

High Availability

Our cloud platform is designed to be High available across all the components in the cloud. Starting from bandwidth, switches, router/firewall and compute servers, all are setup for high availability.

Highly Scalable

Scale your platform when ever you need. It could be disk space, processing capacity or other instances.

Compute / Storage / Networking Simplified

We have simplied the cloud for our HostingRaja's customers. We setup your cloud infrastructure and guide you enough, optionally you can also go with managed service.

Superior Support

We have gained a good reputation for being one of the best supporting company for hosting/cloud. We ensure to give your great support.

Fully Managed

HostingRaja offers fully managed cloud hosting solutions. You can relaxed that, your cloud is handled by one of the top cloud experts in India.

Powered by VMware

Our cloud is powered by one of the world's most used platform VMware. Its is well known in industry for its robustness.

Dedicated Bandwidth

You can opt for dedicated bandwidth for better performance, else each cloud instances comes with shared bandwidth.

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