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cPanel - A simple tool to Manage and Organise Websites

A cPanel is the most simple tool when it comes to managing a web hosting account. Our hosting plans comes with a pre-installed cPanel making it easier for our customers to control their website through a single hosting cPanel account. cPanel is the best way to organise the website in the most effective way.

cPanel with number of features makes the experince easy

Cpanel-hosting is Designed to provide the best in class convenience factor to the one who has to manage the server related aspects. The Cpanel provides the easy front-end interface by which you can perform various operations.

Linux Hosting Plan is Optimized using

  • Cache Optimization
  • JS/CSS compression - faster loading
  • GZIP Compression
  • Static content - 5x faster than Apache
  • Dynamic file - 10x faster than Apache
  • Built-in page caching
  • Built-in anti-DDoS
  • Keepalive Timedout Optimized
  • PHP up to 3x faster than Apache
Note: Available only in new hosting accounts

Hosting with cPanel

Cpanel is the web hosting control panel which lets the users you manage the website. and hosting options using graphical, web-based interface. It lets you manage an unlimited number of website, email accounts and even to make a new website. It make your work easier.

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linux with cpanel - makes your life easy to manage all your websites

cPanel is one of the best choices for control panels amongst web host providers. The reason why it is the best choice is that cPanel is one of the easiest ways to host any webpage. cPanel also has some of the basic features that a web admin is looking forward in his website. With cPanel it is much easy to control and manage your website. And the reason why most hosting providers choose to use or go with cPanel is that it is a trusted source and very handy.

unlimited cpanel hosting - A very good plan to host few websites of low traffic 

It is very essential to have a cPanel account to managed multiple websites. cPanel comes with tons of features which is very difficult to live with it. Without cPanel it is impossible to maintain a website. Many cloud providers dont provide cPanel nowadays. HostingRaja always gives cPanel for FREE with all linux plans. Web hosting with cpanel is default standard what we follow with HostingRaja.



Eshant Gajra

March 19, 2018

Is it possible to check my bandwidth through the cPanel and also is there any option to check whether the cron jobs which I have set are executed properly? Sometimes when I search on the Internet, I am been redirected to cPanel. Why does it happen? Can I manage two domains on a single cPanel account?



March 27, 2018

Yes, you can check your bandwidth with the help of cpanel, you will find it in the homepage of the cpanel. You will be able to check your cron job by using the error_log file with that you can check whether the cron job is executed properly or not. You have been redirected to cpanel because you would have set the redirection from .htaccess file or you can manage the redirection from cpanel redirection option. Yes, you will be able to manage two domains from one single account.


Nithin Richard

April 6, 2018

What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting services?
I planning to host my website, so which OS will you suggest me? I am new to web hosting, will you assist me in each and every step? And how doe money back policy work?



April 18, 2018

Windows and Linux both are two different types of operating systems available in the market. Windows hosting provides specific windows technologies like ASP.NET, Microsoft Access and MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server). Linux hosting is suitable for PHP and MySQL and it supports scripts like WordPress, phpBB, Zen cart and much more. You can choose any of the operating system based on your requirements. In HostingRaja our support team will be available 24/7 to assist you in each and every step. We offer 30 days money back policy on all our plans.

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