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When you buy any domain, Most likely you may have some plan to launch a website or any business. HostingRaja helps you to launch your website with FREE domain when you buy any hosting plan such as Unlimited or Premium hosting. Even this free domain offers are available when you buy VPS or Cloud and Dedicated servers. We not only help you with hosting and domain, We also help you in setting up your Email for your business communication. We strongly recommend you to buy both hosting and domain together and make use of the FREE offer available today.

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Why buy domain with hosting & Its advantage.

It is very important to buy both domain and hosting at the same time with the same hosting and domain service provider. There are hundreds of advantages of buying both domain and hosting from the same service provider. First of all you get free domain when you buy hosting and you can save lots of money and it is certainly are very economically wise decision for any buyer. When you buy hosting and domain name together you get a bundled package of both hosting and domain already set up and ready to use condition.

Tech support for both domain and hosting from the vendor helps you very much

Gain advantage of buying together with bundle


If you buy domain and hosting separately, you have to configure both domain and hosting to connect each other and work together. If you buy separately from different vendors, then you have to configure the nameservers and MX records. Another common problem faced by customers that, When you website does not work, Domain service provider might say that, It is a problem with Hosting. Hosting service provider might say that, Your domain is not configured correctly, Please contact your domain registrar. To avoid this problem, We strongly suggest you to buy both domain and hosting from the same vendor.

What makes hosting raja a special option

  • 1. 12 language client oriented service support
  • 2. hosting with 99.99% up-time
  • 3. Advanced in-package software's like Database manager, Security features, Free control panel etc...
  • 4. Free CMS installation and Themes
  • 5. Cutting Edge Server Technology
  • 6. No Hidden charges or Deal-breakers
  • 7. India's trusted web host with an experience of 6 years
  • 8. One of the most reliable affordable web hosting option
  • 9. Also buy a domain from India's authoritative domain registrar's

Find Out more about Domain Hosting Cost & Domain and Hosting Price


HostingRaja provides one of the best deal when it comes to the cost of domain and hosting together. Most of the hosting providers or domain providers, charges you differently. We provide one of the cheap and best domain with hosting solutions. If you calculate the domain with hosting price of what you get from HostingRaja, you will save more money with us, than any other service providers.


Are you website traffic too much fluctuating due to an unstable hosting? Are your web host making you over pay for its services? Does your web host comes without in-package software's to monitor and modulate the hosting parameters? If yes comes as an answer to any of the above questions, then hosting raja comes as your best alternative.

We are a host with clear priorities and directions

Our services built for meeting the unique demands of Indian businesses and private websites. With the on-ground understanding of the customer-demands and capacity to provide them, hosting raja is India's fastest growing web host provider.

Save Cost on Both Domain and hosting Bundled Packages

Domain and hosting is a bundle of things which always stick together to provide a website services for our customers. Customers prefer to buy both domain and hosting from any web hosting company together in the same place. So that you can get better support for your both domain and hosting. It is tailor made for Indian market to support the domain and hosting charges expectation of Indian customers we provide domain and hosting as a packages in a much cheaper and affordable prices. We are very happy to provide domain for FREE with hosting plan.


Get domain of your choice with unlimited hosting

We provide domain for free when you buy unlimited hosting or premium hosting from HostingRaja. We believe from HostingRaja that you deserve a good domain name for your business which is going to stick with you for longtime. Whenever you buy single domain and hosting or multi domain hosting, Our domain hosting charges are so cheap that you can buy both hosting and domain name for rupees 199 only. You can buy online domain and hosting with HostingRaja it includes all your hosting and domain needs.

 Choose the right option

Hostingraja is preferred destination for buying hosting and domain. We have customers all over the India, you name any city in India we have at least 100 customers from each city in India. Whenever you buy a domain name from India as a Indian, you should prefer to buy .in Domain extension. Most of the developed countries they buy domain specific to their country that is rather than going for .com, .net. When you buy a country specific domain extensions you have much better advantages in SEO ranking.

Learn More About Hosting and Domain + SSL Certificate

Having SSL certificate for your website is very critical and essential now in 2017. Now we are living in 2017, if you do not have SSL certificate for your website you mostly lose your SEO ranking and you're not going to gain the better trust from customers.

In recent update from Google Chrome Browser and Internet Explorer browser and other web applications, if your website is not protected with SSL certificate then your customers will get an a warning message. So you have to have a SSL certificate to gain the trust of the customers and to provide a better service to your customers. We at hostingraja very well understand that all the small and big size companies may not be able to afford to pay for a SSL certificate, that's why we provide SSL certificate for free and also we set it up for you free of cost.
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